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Laura Govan Weight Loss: the Diet, the Food and Before and After Results

Who is Laura Govan?

Laura is a famous face in the world of reality TV. Born in 1979, this young woman was born in California where she lived with her middle-class family. When Govan was a little girl, she was in an unfortunate car accident that left her in a coma for three months. She forgot everything, and after she came out of her coma, she had to relearn everything all over again. She has two sisters. Govan has an exciting mixture of roots ranging from Hawaiian to Mexican and African-American.

Govan went to the New Mexico State University where she was exposed to women’s basketball. She demonstrated her amazing capacities and joined the team. After her graduation, she became a basketball coach for a women’s team in Santa Carla University, but she eventually turned down the offer. She was pregnant, along with her NBA star boyfriend. This reality TV celebrity has a master’s in sports psychology.

Govan was with her celebrity NBA player for over 12 years. They did break up and reunited many times, but they are crazy in love. Despite their long-term relationship, they never married. Despite the absence of a legal union, the couple has two boys and two girls together. In 2009, Laura was involved in a scandal where some of her emails to player Shaq surfaced and insinuated an affair. This led to the divorce of the basketball player from his wife.

In 2012, this incredible woman showed the world how to lose weight while managing to take care of four kids.

When she was the partner of Gilbert Arenas who was starting to rise up to fame, Govan was invited to be a reality TV star in a show called “Basketball Wives: LA.” That was the show that paved her way to fame. She was the star of two seasons of this show and then ended up being invited to other ones like “I Dream of Nene: The Wedding” and “BV 365”.

Laura has a net worth of 10 million dollars. Many rumors circulate as to how she got this number, but nothing is known for sure. This woman has shown strength and dedication to her career and family. Being a mother can surely change your priorities; but, for this woman, nothing can beat her enthusiasm for a better future and a higher image of herself.

Laura Govan weight loss

For this woman who has a net worth of 10 million dollars, losing weight was a big struggle. This woman had the body of her dreams; but, it all changed after she had her fourth baby. She was chubby all over. She even explains that her ears were even plump. No matter where she was looking at herself, she was finding fat. So she decided that she could not do this anymore. She changed her mind and put herself on an entirely new route. It is not surprising that this woman included the media in her struggle to lose her baby weight. She has been on the radar for a while, and nothing in her life is kept a secret anymore.

This woman tried her very best to lose the weight by following a strict diet and a workout regimen. When it came to working out, it was a challenge for her as she either had to do it in the early morning before the kids woke up, or at night after they go back to sleep. Laura did not like the gym; so, she found a solution to lose weight with a workout done at home. She kept herself dedicated to this weight loss. She printed pictures of herself at 224 pounds and placed them everywhere around the house and the car. This way, every time she looked at her pictures, she would feel determined to lose weight and look good again. Many rumors talk about her undergoing a tummy tuck, but Govan did not comment anything regarding this matter. This woman has transformed herself from a size 14 to a size four. Now, she is making workout videos for moms who wish to lose weight while staying near their kids. Her way is very unconventional, but it certainly paid off.

Laura Govan Diet

Laura followed an exceptional and unconventional weight loss journey. Her key was to keep herself motivated. While she used to eat two full cakes every week, she had to change her eating habits completely.  She started by drinking a lot of water and eating a lot of green veggies. She was eating spinach, kale, green apples, and cucumbers. From another angle, she had apple cider vinegar that has been shown to have several health benefits. There are different types of vegetarian diets.

It evidently took our celebrity a year to lose the weight, but she now looks better than ever. The most important part is that she did it at her own pace, which might seem appealing to mothers around the world. While she was losing weight, she kept having a lot of yeast infections, so this celebrity decided that she needed to treat them once and for all. So she made more changes to her diet. First, she understood that her body was not able to break down sugar, so she decided to start a sugar-free diet. This was a tough decision she made as many food choices have sugar in them. You may also want to check the alkaline diet food. But she did it. She kept drinking a lot of water and staying away from sugar. Many studies explored the health benefits of the detox water for weight loss. This helped her flush away the toxins. Our body is made of water to a large extent. So, the best way to keep it running the way it should be is to provide it with the needed water. Ever since she made this resolution, she never even had a piece of candy. While Laura had her own ways for losing weight, you may want to also check the Blake Shelton weight loss.

While Laura had amazing results losing weight, many celebrities have embraced the Mediterranean diet dinner recipes. These are healthy and help you lose weight fast. This diet is based on eating a lot of veggies and fruits while focusing on lean meats like salmon and chicken. One of the key elements of this kind of diet is using a lot of olive oil and nuts. You are also encouraged to have wine.

Laura Govan workout

Laura had to keep going with her weight loss goal. She had to couple her strict diet with a good exercising regimen. But, her problem is that she could not go to the gym or have a full workout regimen. With her busy schedule, it was impossible to do it. So, instead, she adopted a workout consisting of 12 minutes of exercises at home in the morning before the kids go to school and 12 minutes at night after they sleep. Her workout consisted of jumping ropes, lifting weights with detergent bottles and doing curls with her arms.

What the celebrity also opens up to is that her breastfeeding to her fourth child also helped her lose weight. While you are pregnant, you tend to forget about adding to your weight a few stubborn pounds. You just focus on being healthy for the baby. Then, when the baby is delivered, you start stressing out over those extra pounds that you hate. Women are always advised to breastfeed their babies for both the sake of her baby and her health. Many studies found a relationship between breastfeeding and losing weight. When you breastfeed your child, you use the fat cells in your body that you built up during pregnancy. You also use calories from your diet, and that is a natural flow of things by which you build up consistent, nutritious milk for your newborn. During pregnancy, some develop high blood pressure. You do not need to worry about this, as your blood pressure will go back to normal after delivery.  If this is not your case, you can check the high blood pressure diet.

Laura, just like any celebrity, wanted to look her best and get her ideal body image. She worked hard and worked around the difficulties to make it happen. This is one celebrity that is satisfied with her perseverance and image.