Who is Kirsten Vangsness?

Kirsten is an American actress born in 1972. She is as well a writer. Her biggest role was when she played the role of a technical analyst in the FBI. The drama series is called Criminal Minds.

Criminal Minds is a series that talks about an elite squad of FBI analysts that work on solving criminal investigations by studying criminal minds. Each one of the team pinpoints certain aspects of the criminal. The show features many well-known figures like Shemar Moore, Mathew Gray Gubler, and A.J. Cook.

The 45 year old actress was born in Passadena, California. She is currently engaged to Keith Hanson. Daughter of Errol Leroy Vangsness and Barbara Mary, she comes from Norwegian descendants. In College, she did a great job and ended up graduating from California State University in Fullerton.

In 2006, she was dating Melanie Goldstein and ended up getting engaged to her. The relationship didn’t last. That was the period when she was living a lesbian life. Later on, she shocked her fans by getting engaged to a man. The media still thinks that the actress is exploring her sexuality.

The actress was involved in many movies like A-list, Scream of the Bikini, Sarina’s Song, The Chicago 8, Kill Me Deadly, Axis, Dave Made a Maze. She was also a part of many television shows like LAX, Vampire Mob, Pretty the Series, Shelf Life and Good Job Thanks.

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss

This woman has made a massive transformation by shocking the world with her change. Ever since she was a teen, she was considered a timid kind of girl. This side of her did not last, and she ended up being on stage and performing in front of a big mass of people. She received many honors by playing in theatres in LA.

When she was on the show Criminal Minds, Kirsten was considered to be an overweight woman. She was adding up pounds and damaging her body more and more. One day, she decided it was about time to make a change. So, she went on her weight loss journey. In 2014, the woman appeared 50 pounds lighter. The young woman did not comment much about her weight loss diet plan.

What is for sure is that the actress did not follow the bulletproof diet menu. The latter is a very special diet that was embraced by many celebrities. You first have to start your day with a special kind of coffee. From another angle, you are expected to replace fruits that are high in sugar with vegetables or even low-sugar fruits like blueberries. The system has no problem with fat as long as you pick the right kind of fat like coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, and even butter! The system believes that the human hormones are made of saturated fats; so, when you starve your body from this kind of fat, your system will be less stable. The bulletproof system is actually very similar to the paleo diet.

Many celebrities have followed weight loss regimen and succeeded. Check the Gigi Hadid weight loss journey. While Gigi did not need to lose a lot of weight; other celebrities have made massive changes to their bodies and lifestyle. You may want to check the Roseanne Barr weight loss. Roseanne showed the world her dramatic weight loss and explained to her fans that she underwent bariatric surgery.

Kirsten Vangsness weight loss diet

When Kirsten appeared more than 50 pounds lighter, that was not the first time this young woman shocks the public. Kirsten has been shifting in her sexuality for some time now. While she used to be a lesbian in the past years, the young woman is happily announcing her engagement to a man. She cannot wait to get married! Now she has two happy events in her busy life.

The young woman is actually thrilled of her weight loss. She is still doing her breathing sessions and carrying on her spiritual journey. She believes that this major change of her life led her to where she is now. She understands things from a more perceptive mind. From another angle, Kirsten has been vegetarian for the past two decades. All these changes in her life turned her upside down.  For more celebrities’ success stories, you can check the Kyle Lowry Weight Loss.

As for weight loss, Kirsten credits her result to Renee Stephens six weeks weight loss program.  The system is called Full-Filled and is an inside-out plan that changes your relationship with food and life. The program is a series of podcasts that have been downloaded more than three million times. This woman has helped many individuals get over their difficulties in life; and, free themselves from emotional eating. Renee believes that this is the only way to free you from extra weight and achieve your desired body goal. It is enlightenment as much as it is a diet. Her system is more of a spiritual way of weight loss. Renee wants people to accept themselves while forgetting about disciplines and other media words. This woman was once overweight, just like Kirsten, and she learned how to lose weight by eating healthy and becoming more active. She never stresses about when the next meal is coming.

Throughout the three years following her weight loss, Kirsten was able to keep the weight off. She went down from being 200 pounds to 150 pounds. Her fans believe that she looks fantastic and she is cleansed inside out.  The actress is still not talking in details about her actual meal plan. She is not as open as Eddie Lacy weight loss story. Well, nobody is as lucky as Eddie when it comes to weight loss. This player got payed a lot of money to lose just a few pounds. His weight loss was public about his struggles in his weight loss journey.

Kirsten approach to weight loss is far from the rock diet plan. This latter was consumed a large number of calories while having a very intensive workout plan. This man did not become ripped out of anywhere. The actress has a more peaceful approach to her weight loss journey and is twisted towards a vegetarian way of life. So, no meats, no chicken or protein shakes. She is more into clean eating and natural food. While she downloaded these podcasts, the actress never resorted to weight loss pills. You can check for extreme weight loss pills without exercising. There are so many supplements on the market that help you lose weight without requiring you to exercise. Their way of action includes blocking the absorption of fat in the body; as a result, the body will pass out the ingested fat in the stool.

When you are a celebrity, you feel the pressure to look your best. Sometimes, you might need to embrace a certain image for a movie or a role. Many actors and actresses found themselves obliged of food deprivation to reach a certain weight or image. Others have faced chronic diseases and ended up losing weight to be healthy, once again. Many faced diabetes type-2 while others were afraid of cardia arrest as it was running in their family. Kirsten is among the very few that embraced a spiritual path to attain a certain weight. This new path gave her a lot of satisfaction and self-content. No pills, no surgeries; just the bare simplicity of nature.