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Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Diet: Her Plan, Pills as well as before and after pictures!

Who is Khloe Kardashian?

Who doesn’t know the Kardashians, the number one family on TV on practically every continent? Their reality show has attracted millions and millions of viewers and followers from all over the world. It’s a family made of attractive and healthy women who just wanted to have fun and live their lives to the fullest. Khloe is an actress, model, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. She is the sister of Kourtney, Kim and Rob Kardashian. She is also the half-sister of Kylie and Kendall Jenner. Kim, or Kimberly, Kardashian is the one that brought this family to the fame. After being the friend of the stylist of Paris Hilton, she was all over the news with the appearance of a sex tape she had with her former boyfriend. That’s when the wild model and her entire family started appearing on television. The same year, they signed the contract of the reality show that brought everyone to the show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. This show initiated many others and this family was under the microscope of all the media, worldwide. Recently, Kylie and Kendall began their modeling journey and being as wild as their half-sisters, they gained as much publicity as the latter. What a busy, spirited and determined family!

Khloe’s life had a few mishaps. In 2001, she suffered from long-term memory loss when she had a car accident that resulted in her traumatic brain injury (TBI). In 2009, she married Lamar Odom, an NBA Basketball player. Their marriage did not last long, and the anticipated divorce took place in 2016. Now, she is expecting her first child from her recent partner who also happens to be an NBA player. Khloe certainly seems to have a preference for basketball players. Speaking of which, have you heard of Kyle Lowry’s weight loss plan? This superstar thought he was an embarrassment to himself and decided to change his lifestyle and start a healthier one.

In a family of supermodels, Khloe was the fat sister, and she never cared about her image. This nickname does not apply to her anymore as she turned herself into an amazingly fit and healthy woman. What is Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss secret and what weight loss plan did she follow?

What is her Weight Loss Plan?

The star lost about 40 lbs., and that was enough for her dazzling transformation, unlike the critical factors of the intensive Anant Ambani weight loss plan that lost him more than 200 pounds. In 18 months, Khloe was positive and optimistic. She planned a slow but steady weight loss program for women. So, no harsh bodybuilding and no restricting liquid diet weight loss plans. She was doing it the right way.

This super-hot star’s daily diet consisted of 7 meals. Most of these were fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, Khloe will have some whey proteins and almond butter; then, of course, she picks fruit and blends them whole into a smoothie.

As a morning snack, Khloe gets to have the fruit of her choice: one fruit only! Come lunch, her high-iron meal brings her more than the necessary satisfaction: think along the lines of a grilled chicken breast with a beet and spinach salad. Her 2 afternoon snacks consist of either some celery and almonds or an egg with some vegetables. Dinner was her biggest meal consisting of fish, some grilled vegetables, and a salad.

Finally, she would finish off her day with a piece of fruit as a night snack. While most people indulge in carbonated beverages, this determined young woman decided to replace any drink with pure water. But, despite the perfect dieting plan, Khloe did treat herself, occasionally, to a pizza or an ice cream. What can be better than having seven meals and ending up with a smoking body? Definitely worth a try!

What is her Weight Loss Workout?

When Khloe went through depression following her filing for divorce, she did not know how to deal with her feelings. So she headed to the gym. That was the first thing that came to her mind. She did not get too tied up with her thoughts, but just started working out. That’s when she realized that she was losing weight. So she became more aware of what could be, and her weight loss journey started!

Khloe focused on training and working out her buttocks, abs, legs, and waist. With the help of Gunnar Peterson, an expert from Beverly Hills, she started her weight loss and strength training. Her hard work let her lose 40 lbs. in one year. This bombshell did not need to head to the gym every day. Her routine consisted of a 2 to 3 times a week of heavy training. Her method comprised of a single dumbbell clean and press, a banded four by four walk, an overhead crunch rotation, a row of mountain climbers, and, finally some lunges. Despite her short workout of 30 minutes, she was training intensively and losing more than 500 calories.

Did Khloe use any Weight Loss Pills?

The answer is obviously going to be a big YES! Just like many stars and celebrities, Khloe’s weight loss pills were not new to the market. Aside from her perfectly crafted dietary plan and her intensive yet effective training workout, the 32-year-old businesswoman picked the ‘skinny pill,’ otherwise known as Garcinia Cambogia. This latter is a fruit originating from Indonesia and looks like a pumpkin. It is green in color and has been in the media for quite some time now. The Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pill can have another positive effect on a person’s health, such as maintaining an average blood sugar level and a regulated cholesterol level.  This pill helps the body burn more fat cells and suppresses appetite. So you will end up feeling less hungry while it is doing its work on the existing fat in your body.

Before and After Weight loss: Pics and Images

With the incredible transformation of this one-time ‘fat sister,’ Khloe is proud of what she became. The before and after pics and images show off the great effort this young, determined celebrity pursued. Her transformation was noticeable as she shifted from a weight of 163 lbs to 123 lbs. The 5’9” star had a bust of 35”, a waist of 29” and a hip of 40”: the perfect measurements.

Khloe is a real inspiration to every woman who thinks she needs a new version of herself. She proves to everyone that a merely well-planned regimen can do wonders. The most important thing is to be committed and patient. One should never give up. According to the star, strength training can help make your body less weak as well as benefits repairing weak tissues. For her, what you end up doing will lead to what you will end up feeling.

Khloe now has her special TV show called Revenge Body, where she helps others lose weight and get fit and healthy. This outgoing girl is now known for her fantastic body, and this is what she has to say:

  • Keep yourself surrounded by people like you who would encourage you to keep going
  • Having oatmeal and eggs for breakfast is the best option to stay full for a more extended period.
  • Keep drinking tea! This super drink does wonder for the antioxidants it contains.
  • Shake off the bread and replace it with a salad.
  • Never forget about your proteins! Think protein packed shakes, grilled chicken, fatty fish, eggs and non-fat Greek yogurt.
  • Understand your limits when you decide to have a small cheat. Khloe has her eyes set on a handful of M&M’s or a slice of pizza. She would also enjoy a cup or two of alcohol, every once in a while.