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Kevin Smith weight loss: His diet, His food choices and before and after results.

Who is Kevin Smith?

Kevin Smith is an American actor, comic book writer, filmmaker, and author. Born in 1970 in New Jersey, Kevin is married to Jennifer Schwalbach, and together they have one child, Harley Quinn Smith. This actor comes from a decent family where the father was a postal worker and the mother a homemaker. He and his two siblings were raised in a Catholic milieu. Because of his father’s work and how it affected Kevin’s life, the actor grew up hating what his father was doing. He took it upon himself to never have a job that will impact his life negatively.

In high school, Smith was a B and C student; he was more of a gamer, and was doing some kinds of comedy sketches. He was overweight and ended up becoming a comedic observer. This is his way to socialize with his friends.

When he turned 21, the actor went to watch Slackers. That was the reason that pushed him into starting off his career. So, he decided to become a filmmaker. He went to the Vancouver Film School for four months. He did not carry on with his education as he wanted to save money to start his first movie. So, Kevin went back to his hometown where he took a job and planned for his movie Clerks. The actor financed the film himself by maxing out many credit cards and selling his comic books. He ended up raising $27,575. The movie was a success and ended up screening at the Sundance Film Festival. He won an award for Best Filmmaker. Soon after, the video went to Cannes International Film Festival and won the “Prix de la Jeunesse,” and the “International Critics’ Week” prize.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

Kevin Smith is one of the success stories you keep hearing about. This young man is super proud of himself for shaking off more than 85 pounds! He is so happy about it and wants the world to know about this new version of him. The director posted a before and after photo of him. He is one proud celebrity and an excited dad who cannot be more satisfied of the results of his efforts. He is proudly posting photos of himself with his daughter as a “Before and After.”

This 44-year-old man took it upon himself to lose weight after a sad but true incident he faced while flying on the Southwestern Airline. He was actually kicked off the airplane because he was too fat! The airline said that he was too big for one seat; so they had him leave the airplane! How inconvenient can this be for a man like Kevin! So, he decided to lose weight and become more fit.

One year following the airplane incident, he declared in an interview that he lost 65 pounds! Despite his weight loss, he kept going and lost more pounds. This man believes that even though he lost weight, he will always side with big people. The producer told Men’s Health that Fed Up was a major wake up call for him that directed him, the director, into a healthier journey.

Kevin grew up allowed and allowing himself to eat whatever he wanted. When he saw the documentary, he got scared of dying at a young age. The film explained how the body stores sugar and what the consequences of this process are. It was scary for Smith. He was on a high sugar lifestyle; but, he never really understood how things happen inside the human body. He was just 44 years old and was not done with this life. He did not go for the forskolin amazon pills. So, he simply ditched sugary drinks: no more carbonated beverages and other sugar-filled drinks. His beginning was a little harsh. For a person who is used to eating fatty food and junk all the time, it will be a significant change of taste when you shift from that to a thin grilled piece of fish with grilled veggies!

Amber Portwood weight loss is another celebrity success story about a young girl who adopted going healthy after living one disaster after another. Her wake-up call was when she went to prison. That’s when she opted out of drugs and drinking and shifted her life into a clean-eating one. She succeeded in losing so much weight that she is unrecognizable now.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss Secrets

From a hefty man, Kevin transformed himself into an 85 pounds lighter guy who is full of life and happy about what he accomplished. His secret is a simple one. All you have to do is to stop sugary drinks and stay standing up! That’s the simple rule of the director who lost weight while making his movies. While filming, he is never sitting down. He is either standing up or walking around. When you keep walking and moving, your metabolic rate will increase. You can check more about fast metabolism diet plan. He even invested in a Jawbone bracelet that counts his steps. He was walking as close as five miles per day! He never walked that much previously. That’s the benefit of owning one of these bracelets, you start to count your steps, and you get excited to get a bigger number. So, while Kevin was behind the scenes of his daughter’s movie, he was easily shedding off the pounds! Here are a few of his additional tips on how to lose weight:

  • Stop sugary food. For Kevin, sugar is your enemy. His logic comes from the fact that this white granulated powder comes from the ground, so it has to be bad for you!
  • Read the labels. When he decided to cut down sugar, he started reading labels on his previous food and drinks options. He realized that it is all sugar and water. There was nothing down his preferred aisle that does not have added sugar. He used to love sodas and juice. Now, he knows that soda is out of the question; and as for juices, well, you have to pick the natural ones that do not add anything to the pure juice. This will take some time to find. When Kevin became aware of this sugar trick and started reading the labels, he sorted his drinks out and that’s when he noticed that pounds were flying away. At least, he did not have to go for the warrior diet meal plan.
  • Kevin started juicing at home. He blends the food choices that he would never normally eat and just juices them. He felt more energetic than ever. Mixing fruits and veggies to get yourself a good juice is a pure and perfect way to keep yourself healthy. For Smith it wasn’t about following low carb diet recipes. He was fine with fruits.

Kevin Smith Diet and Food Choices

Kevin was very careful about what he was eating, and he was reading all the labels of everything he ate. His eating habits transformation had a rough start. He was having headaches and physical discomforts. His body was in sugar withdrawal mode and all his dopamine, the happy hormone, was crashing. Kevin did miss jelly beans and sugar gums.

Kevin had the help of his friend Jeff Anderson who shared with him a great weight loss recipe for a great juice. The drink contains spinach (about eight fistfuls), half an apple, half a cucumber, half a lemon, and a dash of ginger. That was one terrible tasting drink for Smith. But, he did pinch close his nose and drank it. When you do it fast enough, you might be able to get it in your system. Kevin started improvising with his juices as long as they are all natural and healthy. He would add half a beet, or half a carrot. These two can make significant changes to the taste of the drink. But, the feeling was still terrible, and he had to force himself into drinking it for the sake of his health and a new journey.

Kevin was determined to live long and stop the sugar from building up in his system. He did succeed in losing 85 pounds, and that is one big success story. Talking about successful weight loss journey, you may want to check the Melissa McCarthy weight loss.