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Kelly Clarkson Weight Loss: The Diet with Before and After Results.

Who is Kelly Clarkson?

Kelly Clarkson is an American singer and songwriter. Born in 1982, she started her path to fame when she won American Idol in 2002. That was when she got to sign and release her first album with the famous song “Before You Love (A moment Like This).” This song topped the top 100 billboard chart. Kelly was born in Texas. She is married to Brandon Blackstock since 2013. Together they have two kids.

Kelly’s parents were an English teacher and an engineer. She has two siblings that are older than her. When she was six years old, her parents split. This split disunified the family, as her brother went to live with her dad, she lived with her mom and her sister went to stay with her aunt. That is one sad split for these kids. Kelly grew up as a believer. She was the leader of the youth group at church and was very close to God. She was raised in a very strict and conservative family. They went to church twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday.

When she was in school, her seventh grade teacher heard her voice and was amazed. That’s when she was asked to audition for the school choir. She ended up performing in many musicals throughout high school, despite the fact that she never received any vocal training.

Kelly has a heart of gold. She is a philanthropist and was involved in many fundraising events. In 2007, she participated in a project that helped people in Africa and the USA. She was also an ambassador for both “March for Babies” and “March of Dimes”. She wants to help raise money for improving the quality of life of moms and their babies.  Kelly is also an active member in an organization called “Houses of Hope.” This entity helps with taking care of kids that are orphans who are linked to HIV, abuse and poverty. Kelly also supports many other non-profit organizations by playing an active role. She was involved in a project aiming at stopping bullying. From another angle, Kelly loves animals. She actually bought a ranch where she welcomes animals that are unwanted like amputees and the blind. She has more than 80 animals that she is taking care of and provides with the necessary veterinarian care.

Kelly Clarkson weight loss

Nobody defines weight loss as much as Kelly Clarkson. This young woman has been facing fluctuating weight over the past years. With two kids, and thus two pregnancies, the singer did gain some weight. In 2002, when Clarkson won American Idol, she was very skinny. When she started touring, she was under a lot of pressure to lose weight and keep her image. She stayed away from the jerry Ferrara weight loss journey.

Kely explains that when she was pressured about her weight, she was near a suicide attempt. Being skinny has made her miserable and she was in a dark place at that time. She explains that despite being overweight, she is actually happy and healthy. The singer explains that in her world, being skinny equals being unhealthy and unhappy. She explains that when she eats, this makes her satisfied and happy. So, for 2018, this young singer is not planning on shaking off pounds.

While she has been facing a lot of body shamers, this young woman knows what she is doing. This is one happy celebrity that does not have to ask about the alkaline diet plan. She does not want to live her life based on other people’s expectations. She wants to concentrate on her music and personal life. Being a mother means the world to our singer and she no longer cares about other aspects of fame. She does not want to undergo depression and end up wondering:  “does Zoloft cause weight loss?” This antidepressant has been looked at for a while now as a way for losing weight. Many health concerns arise when you start resorting to pills that normally treat medical conditions as ways to shake off some extra weight. There are pills that are especially for targeting weight loss. You may want to look for belviq or phentermine before and after.

Kelly keeps away from this messy world of plastic surgeries and weight loss pills; she is a natural person and considers herself a normal human being having a regular life. She wants to step away from fans’ admiration of her weight and shape. She does not want to be unhappy and live her life under stress. Well, for her, that was what dieting is all about. Many celebrities ended up being happier when on a diet, especially when they were trying to reduce any possible chronic condition risk like diabetes type two.

Kelly Clarskon weight loss diet and workout

When Kelly was on a weight loss journey and ended up wowing the world with her slim figure, she was following a personalized workout routine with a personal trainer. Despite the fact that she was miserable, no one can deny that she looked great! Here is what her trainer explained about the workout regimen. For more celebrities workouts, you can check rebel Wilson weight loss.

First, the trainer was with Kelly over a period of five months. Nora Jones explains that Kelly did not want to set any goals. She just wanted to have enough energy and be healthy for her tour. So, that’s what her workout consisted of:

  • Different workouts every day to prevent getting bored from the same routine
  • Boxing is always a good option for exercising
  • Strength cardio is an option that can be very healthy and energy promoting. Nora loves the mix between feeling your muscles working out and your heart rate increasing when on a treadmill

So, the Kelly Clarkson weight loss workout needed a mat, a boxing bag, some boxing gloves, a medicine ball and a bottle of water. It is simple yet effective. Every exercise has to be done till exhaustion and there should not be any rest between exercises. Here is a list of what she was doing:

  • Ball pushups hand to hand. This exercise is a mix of pushups and medicine ball workout. You are expected to do it at least 25 times.
  • Mountain climbers. This exercise can be tough for a person who does not exercise much. But with time you will learn to master it. You are expected to do it 50 times.
  • Crazy 8 lunges. This mixed up exercise has to be done 25 times.
  • Jump squats. You need to have this exercise at least 25 times.
  • Boxing cardio. You need to have a series of boxes into a punching bag. Make sure you alternate hands. If you do not have access to a boxing bag, you can still do the exercise by punching into the air. You need to keep punching for three minutes back to back.
  • Squats with jumping jacks.
  • Erase the board. This is an advanced exercise involving the medicine ball.

As for the diet that Kelly was following when she lost all the weight, it was simple and is not based on any calorie restrictions. For example, she was having a lot of fruits and vegetables. As for her snacks, they were based on nuts and seeds. For breakfast, she would have a spinach omelet made from only egg white with hot sauce to boost the metabolism. Another breakfast option would be the famous oatmeal topped with fresh fruits. Kelly’s lunches were always a big bowl of salad with either chicken or fish. Her snacks were always fruit and some nuts. As for dinner, for example, she would go for some grilled lean protein with a side of quinoa mixed with vegetables. Sometimes, Kelly used to crave sweets, so she was allowed to have a small dessert.

Nora explains that the best approach to food that anyone should have is the fact that food is like a medicine that is needed to cure a certain illness. When you look at it this way, you no longer think of heavy meals and high calorie desserts. Some adjust to this statement and adapt weight loss teas.  You may also want to check the best detox foods.