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John Goodman weight loss: the diet, his food, exercises and before and after pictures

Who is John Goodman

John Stephan Goodman is an American actor that was born in the USA in 1952. This man won the Golden Globe award for best actor in 1993 after his unforgettable role in Roseanne. He had many major roles in several movies like Barton Fink, Inside Llewyn Davis and many others. He did voice overs in Monsters Inc., Monsters University and The Emperor’s New Groove. John was born in Missouri but has English, German, Welsh ancestry.  When he was in college, Goodman was on a football scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

He discontinued his sports career when he got injured and decided to go into acting instead. His brother helped him get a small apartment in New York where he worked as a waiter and bartender. That’s when his voice found success in small voice over commercials.

John is married to Annabeth Hartzog since 1989 and together they have a daughter. They are residing in New Orleans. This actor reached a weight of 400 pounds before he decided that he does not want to end his life the same way as his father. After facing a heart attack dilemma, John got clean from alcohol, and many years after decided to start clean eating.

John Goodman weight Loss

This once well known potato couch shocked the world when he appeared to be 100 pounds lighter at the age of 63! The comedian decided to lose weight because it was about time to start becoming healthier. He stated that he no longer wishes to keep stuffing his mouth with unnecessary food. According to him, every time he has free hands, he would use them to grab some food and eat. So, he decided to have a significant change in his lifestyle and add years to his life.

John did not want to lose weight the Gucci mane weight loss way; he took it slow and steady. He started by having smaller portions of food accompanied by a workout plan. Also, he invested in an elliptical machine that he brought to his home. He was also doing stomach crunches. This man evidently was starting to get himself into a healthier dietary habit. It all began eight years ago when he gave up drinking. Well, it evidently took some time to get him to make the other healthier changes.

In the earlier years, the 63-year comedian used to go on these short-term diets, lose some weight and reward himself with some junk food. But, when you shock your body with quick fixes, your chances to gain all the weight back are big. This time, he was not looking for a diet or a quick fix; he was looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. As funny as he is, he told the reporter that he used to check the mirror and think to himself what a schmuck he looked and he no longer wanted to deal with this image. He thinks that he wasted the last 58 years of his life being obese and it was a shame. But, the good thing is that he decided to make the change. Better late than never!

John hated to look at himself, even when he was shaving, and he thought that was dangerous. He suddenly felt like he had a purpose to his life and he could not stay the same. He thought it was some kind of spiritual awakening. Apart from suffering from alcohol addiction, he thinks that he was also struggling with food addiction, as well.

John Goodman Diet

This incredible success story shows our actor more than one hundred pounds lighter! I mean, who would have thought that John Goodman will look as if he was the shadow of his old self. Unlike the Adam Richman weight loss regimen, John went on a Mediterranean way of eating. This regimen has proved throughout the years to prolong a person’s life and slowed down aging.

So, what was he eating? A lot of fruits and vegetables like spinach, celery, and others. He was also going high in unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocados, and nuts. This diet does promote good heart health and encourages people to eat salmon. It lowers blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and triglycerides. The Mediterranean system takes some time to give results; but, it undoubtedly improves your health enormously by providing you with fantastic food choices and recipes. He also got rid of sugars from his diet. The Mediterranean Diet is not a system that you follow for a certain period of time that lets you shake off your extra pounds quickly. It is a lifestyle that relies on food and recipes originating from countries of the Mediterranean basin like Greece, Italy, Turkey, and Lebanon among many others. You have things like baba ghannouj, tabbouleh, the tomato sauces, and all sorts of vegetable stews. The food is very colorful as it relies on fruits and veggies a lot. It uses a lot of herbs. The diet allows red wine; but, John just missed out on this feature of the system since he became clean many years ago. So, he will not be enjoying a good glass of red wine.

Forget about thrive weight loss or any other shocking ways to lose weight, the Mediterranean lifestyle is a happy and fun way to be on track once and for all. This is exactly what John was looking for.  His before and after pictures surely show a completely different man: a more satisfied, healthier, happier man.

Just like John, DJ Khaled’s weight loss was to improve his health state. However, he embraced a different approach and is now an ambassador for the Weight Watchers diet system. In addition he went vegan. He wanted to change his lifestyle to the best. With the Weight Watchers system, you are allowed to eat anything you wish; however, you need to stay within your recommended number of points. Every meal has a certain number of points and you just add up the whole.

This actor did not want to go for fat burning foods; he wanted a clean consistent way of life. He does not want to lose weight and go into the yo-yo effect once again.

Exercise-wise, this man was walking 10,000 to 12,000 steps per day. He was working with Coach Mackie Shilstone who understood how to take it easy. At his age and following a heart attack, this man was making it steady and slow. He was also working out on his treadmill and his home-based elliptical.