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Jessica Simpson Weight Loss: Jessica Shows Off Her Amazing Weight Loss

Maintaining and losing weight is a challenge for many people, including celebrities. That is why when they achieve visible weight loss goals, it is news and inspires many people. Jessica Simpson’s weight loss has stunned so many. The reaction is due to her specific methods that she used to reach her goals. Jessica Simpson worked to shed her post-pregnancy weight. After reaching her weight loss goal one month ago, the artist is blowing people’s minds with her fantastic Daisy Duke-prepared body. What’s her secret? A healthy eating regimen and exercise, along with a few secrets tricks, have made her successful. Knowing her specific diet and workout routine helps those of us who want to shed some pounds, too. However, you do not always need to follow celebrity diets. You can decide to go on a vegan bodybuilding diet. You can use these tips and some of Jessica Simpson’s tips and have a great diet plan. That can help you when you include some of the suggestions of Jessica Simpson’s diet.

Jessica Simpson’s weight loss transformation

Jessica Simpson’s weight struggle has been in the public eye for the last ten years. When Jessica was in her late teens, she maintained an unbelievable fit physique. But like many of us, throughout the years of a chaotic celebrity life, she had high points and low points and had gained some weight. Like many people who struggle with their weight and dieting, her weight went up and down.  Recently, the 35-year-old celebrity revealed a smoking new look and she looks better than ever. Need to know what Jessica’s secret is? Weight Watchers. She stuck to the Weight Watcher’s diet and was focused and dedicated and reached her goals. She was a Weight Watcher’s spokeswoman. Many people have been inspired by her determination and success in losing weight.

How Jessica Simpson’s weight loss was achieved

In only a half year in 2014, the vocalist, fashion designer, and reality star went from sloppy to incredible. In the wake of having her second child Maxwell in May 2013, Jessica gained 60 pounds. After having the infant, she decided to change her body back to the pre-baby weight and focused on that goal. That concentration truly paid off, with Jessica losing 60 pounds. In addition to improving her eating habits, Jessica had another secret weapon, her fitness coach Harley Pasternak.  With the help of her coach, Jessica did the following;

  1. Changed her diet.
  2. Found a way to make sure workouts was incorporated the healthy way.
  3. Kept motivated to follow the plan Harley developed for her.

Harley has worked with other celebrities to achieve the look they want. He is full of tips for different programs and goals.  He has used those tips for Hollywood A-Star celebrities including Megan Fox and Jennifer Hudson. All of his experience helped Jessica get her body back. Another way people lose weight is following the carb cycling diet.

Jessica Simpson’s Workout Routine

  1. Stage One: Cardio Warm Up

Following 5-minutes of medium paced jogging on the treadmill, Jessica would perform one minute of high knees followed by a minute of butt-kicks. She’d then do one minute of skipping.

  1. Stage Two: Upper Body Strength Training

Harley would put Simpson through a routine that worked around free weights, which worked her whole upper body. These would incorporate the seated squeeze, twisted paddling, lateral pull-downs, and deadlifts. To hit the smaller muscle, the artist would perform barbell twists and tricep dips. For each exercise, Jessica would do four sets following a pyramid plan.  For the smaller muscles, every set would be done three times. Jessica Simpson’s motivation for weight loss wasn’t just from her coach. She had personal motivation and support. The use of weight loss apps helps many people. Jessica’s motivation kept her focused and in check with her good habits.

  1. Stage Three: Lower Body Strength Training

Harley would begin the lower body workout with full squats, using a full-size Olympic regulation barbell. She would perform reps with the pyramid method, from one to six and then six to one. The next activity was dumbbell jumps. She would do three sets. This built up the glutes and thigh muscles. From that point, Jessica would perform reps on the glute ham designer (GHD) machine. She’d go for a full expansion on each rep of the three sets. This probably seemed like hell for Jessica. However, her results have shown all of us that this workout is effective.  If you are looking to supplement your workouts, read information about other diet pills or supplements and you will know the clear side effects of phentermine.

Stage four of Jessica Simpson’s workout

Stage four of Jessica’s weight loss work out process was the main focus of her training. This stage was significant in helping her reach her goals. You can see how this stage helped Jessica achieve her goals. Also, being centered was helpful for Jessica; it helped focused her energy. She used many different exercises to lose weight and even incorporated picking up her baby as an exercise. Here’s the program that she and Harvey did each session.

  1. Split Lunge Jump: start with your feet together. Jump into a lunge with your right leg forward. Use both feet to jump to bring your legs back together. Then, repeat with the opposite leg. Do 12 reps for each leg.
  2. Halo Deadlift: Grab a light dumbbell and bend at the waist while carrying the dumbbell. When you stand, bring the dumbbell around your neck in one direction. On the second rep, move the dumbbell around in the opposite direction. Do 12 reps for each side.
  3. Dumbbell Rotational Reverse Chop: Start with knees shoulder-width apart and slightly bent. Hold the dumbbell at your right side and pull it up to the opposite side of your body. Do this 12 times on each side.
  4. Plank Row: Get into the plank position with dumbbells on the floor where your hands are. Grab the dumbbells, and one arm at a time, lift the dumbbell to your chest. Repeat each side 12 times.
  5. Mountain Climbers: Start in a push-up position, keeping your core tight. Bring one knee to your chest and put back to the starting position. Rapidly repeat this with each leg. Keep your butt down and maintain the pushup position. Complete 12 reps
  6. Plank: Lay on the floor and prop yourself up with your elbows and on your toes. Your body should be parallel to the floor with your butt down. You can stare at the floor or look forward. Hold this position for 30 seconds.

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