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Jennifer Aniston Baby Food Diet for Weight Loss: Plan, Menu, and Secrets.

Who is Jennifer Aniston?

Jennifer Aniston is a 49-year-old woman who just wowed the world with her continuously fantastic figure and excellent acting skills. A woman who is worth 200 million American dollars surely proves her skills. Her debut was in the sitcom friends who caught everyone’s hearts all over the world and still does. This woman also played numerous roles in big movies like Bruce Almighty, The Break-up, Horrible Bosses and many others. This actress was born in California and is the daughter of two actors parents. Her mother was Nancy Dow, and her father was John Aniston. Aniston also has numerous lines coming from Italy, Greece, Ireland, and Scottland.

The jennifer Aniston baby food diet: what is it?

Diets and food fads there are many, sometimes really strange. One of the latest of these diet in terms of insured weight loss is certainly unusual as it is difficult to explain from a nutritional point of view, it is the Baby Food Diet, the homogenized diet. We surely keep hearing about strange diets like the what is the Snake diet; but, an adult following a baby food diet could be more acceptable for us.

Tha fad diet has been launched by great stars like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Lady Gaga and Reese Witherspoon. These famous people guarantee the result: they lose weight with a new approach with the food that means, returning to homogenized food.

Eating small portions of homogenized fruit and vegetables and spread them over the day would help you to lose weight. According to the Baby Food Diet, the daily homogenized rations should be consumed at short intervals and during all the day. You can also check is watermelon good for a diet.

What about solid food? Only one ordinary meal would be admitted, but it must be low-calorie. The Baby Food diet is an idea of Tracy Anderson, she is the personal trainer of a lot of personalities of the VIP world. People like Paltrow, Madonna, Lady Gaga and so on. Anderson thinks that the baby food is better than adult foods: they are always under more rigorous controls and contain lower doses of salt, sugar, and fat (which are classic belly carriers) and baby foods contain fewer calories, about 150 for the package. Then, the diet requires that during the day small portions of food for children are consumed: fruit, vegetables and meat, all at short intervals. Then, an adult meal, but low-calorie.

For Anderson, the system works, managing to bring down the 9-pound scale in 6 weeks. The customers are satisfied,  the notice of Baby food diet has been very popular, at least in Britain, where a local producer has put on the market a special homogenized adult, a sort of tasty baby porridge.

jennifer Aniston diet plan: guidelines

The Baby Food Diet, tested by many people who want to lose weight fast for the summer, was simple and effective. It is necessary only to bring with you in the bag, not the usual fruit, (which in comparison, therefore, seems a calorie bomb) or for someone even the most substantial sandwich, but only some baby food, and you will feel light!

The new diet, in fact, promises that eating 1 or 2 homogenized instead of a normal meal, which is low salt, sugar, fat, and preservatives, you can feed without inflating, losing up to 9 pounds in 6 weeks.

The pioneer of this strategic diet the American Jennifer Aniston, who, in view of the start of the filming of her new film, began eating, on the advice of a dietician, homogenized, which, it seems, she liked so much to get to eat 14 in one day. Let’s see the few simple rules of the Baby Food Diet:

  • A meal substituted with homogenized jars to vary between those based on meat vegetables or fruit;
  • Consume the jars of food for lunch and dinner or replace the snacks;
  • Another meal of any kind as long as it is hypocaloric;
  • Regular physical activity.

But why would homogenized people lose weight? The reasons are essentially three:

  • The ingredients;
  • The amount;
  • The consistency.

The ingredients of baby food, you know, are very balanced; and the choice of raw materials is very accurate (looking at the price of this food you will realize that). In addition, they are particularly healthy because they do not have added salt, added fats, and sugars, and this is not a little.

The quantity of a jar is generally 70-80 gr, even if you want a lot, you would still be very light.

The third reason is the Consistency and from this the consequent very high digestibility of this food. This is not like the Revenge diet plan.

Homogenized, in fact, are foods reduced to small parts, as probably even adults with a normal chewing could eat it. And since the digestibility of the meal, which is very important for weight loss, is closely linked to chewing food, the absorption of the homogenate is particularly simple for the intestine.

jennifer Aniston diet menu: a sample

The plan is extremely basic. In fact, it requires the use of homogenized food every time there is a need to eat. So, her weight loss is based on a few tips and no fancy diets like the JJ Watt diet plan or the green tea detox diet.

Breakfast: As breakfast, you can eat two homogenized fruit, such as banana, carrot, apple or pear. It is not allowed to consume anything else. Fruits are a great ingredient of Aniston’s diet; but, surely not a well regarded one in the Indian diabetic diet.

Lunch: Also the lunch includes the use of five homogenized, but this time 2 meat based, 2 fish based and 1 vegetables based. It is a low-calorie lunch, which is a bit of the trick that allows you to lose weight thanks to this diet. You may also check the Bone Broth diet recipe.

Snack: even the snack provides for the consumption of 2 cans of homogenized. One of meat and one of the vegetables will be at your choice.

Dinner will be the only balanced meal of the day since you can consume 30 grams of bread, 200 grams of grilled meat, boiled vegetables with a tablespoon of oil. However, this is a meal that you will have to consider dietary, in addition to a regime that is already particularly restrictive.

It works? This is a diet that can certainly allow you to lose weight, but at the same time is extremely unbalanced. That’s because the diet offers a loss of fat mass certainly not lasting. If you want to lose weight seriously, you will inevitably have to follow a more balanced regime, which uses food designed for adults.

jennifer Aniston diet secrets

The Baby Food Diet, successfully followed by stars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and many others, has, for the moment, found the consent of doctors and dieticians. In fact, children’s food, notoriously more controlled and rich in all the nutrients necessary for growth, are generally free of fats, sugars and added salts, which allows you to lose weight quickly while eating, however healthy. In addition, the fact of dividing meals throughout the day into small doses, avoids the large binge and sugar dips, encouraging a controlled and balanced diet

One of the first secrets to follow without ifs and buts is the consumption of so much organic fruit, fruit or vegetable smoothies, drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day, sleep well and at least 7 hours a night and eliminate as much food as possible and drinks rich in added sugars.

The true secret of every diet lies in the morning breakfast. Aniston has confessed to preferring an almond milkshake, made with bananas and cherries, bitter cocoa powder or all sorts of antioxidant food. He often has breakfast with a toast with avocado seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Altern this option to oatmeal with whipped egg whites inside.

Another secret of Jennifer Aniston’s diet is coconut oil, this oil has the function of making the skin supple and soft, but above all stop the action of free radicals helping to stay young and fit. Jennifer also recommends taking at lunch and dinner lots of good proteins and fats, such as fish, but especially lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole carbohydrates, as well as physical activity, yoga, and meditation. Jennifer loves to devote herself to exercises, especially jogging and yoga, for at least five days a week. Her workout would take only half an hour a day …

It seems easy, but is it really acceptable to eat baby food? The specialists have strongly discouraged this diet, because the action of chewing, which is here totally by-passed, is instead very important for nourishment in all its facets, including the psychic satisfaction of chewing and enjoy a food, which gives also a sense of satiety that a homogenized would never give.

It is a diet that is based, as you may have guessed from the name, on the consumption of homogenized foods. Talking about baby food and baby food which, according to those who created this diet, would be more digestible and contain a more balanced ratio of macronutrients and would be above all fewer calories than any adult meal.

This is a correct supposition if it were not for the fact that, in reality, it deals with foods that have been studied on the needs of a newborn who faces the first weaning and not on the needs of an adult, who maybe works, does sport and needs something else to keep fit.

This diet is very loved and it works but is definitely rejected and absolutely not recommended by a specialist it is also considered harmful for long periods. If you really want to do it though, get ready for a short period of life a little.