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Is Pilates Good for Weight Loss? Exercises with Before and After Results

What is Pilates?

As described by many professionals, Pilates is an exercise regimen that you follow to strengthen your abdomen and pelvic area. It helps you have an excellent posture and offers you a great mind/body connection. If you are a yoga kind of person, you will enjoy Pilates, but be ready for a more intense workout.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates who was a carpenter and a gymnast. His focus was on helping injured dancers exercise the way they wanted while staying on the safe side. The moves are inspired by yoga and animal poses like swans, seals, and tigers. When you do Pilates, you engage virtually your entire body. In specific exercises, you might use a certain muscle more than the other, but you will end up stretching the others as well. So, your entire body will engage nicely in every movement. Every time you think you are mastering a certain movement, you will find out that there is a more advanced version for the same movement.

So, specifically, what is Pilates? It is a regimen similar to yoga, but that focuses on your core muscles: the abdomen, the obliques, your lower back, inner and outer thighs, and your buttocks. Since you need these muscles to proceed to a more advanced workout regimen, Pilates will help you build up strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Pilates also offers you improved coordination and good posture. Pilates is safe, and you have a low risk of getting injured. You focus on doing the correct form instead of burning calories and speed of workout. This mind-body workout will keep you engaged as there are so many movements. Getting bored is impossible. From another angle, Pilates gives you the skills to know how to use your muscles in your everyday actions. You end up walking gracefully and standing up tall.

Let’s take an example movement: the rolling like a ball movement. These are its steps:

  • Balance rear end
  • Roll backward
  • Rock back in a balanced position
  • Return to the balance point

This exercise looks easy, but it is a tough one. You need to have well-balanced abdominal muscles and a robust low back.

Pilates for weight loss

If you are looking for exercises for weight loss, Pilates can be your answer. While many look at this type of working out in a very simplistic manner, Pilates can help you shake off those extra pounds. Just like any other weight loss method, you cannot do your Pilates workout and eat junk, then expect to lose weight.  This amazing mind-body workout has to be accompanied by a good diet. Feel free to check out the homemade detox drinks. You also need to stay active. Sedentary lifestyles never helped anyone. Check out the Taylor Swift weight loss.

When you think of weight loss, you are coordinating the work of your entire body like hormones, genetics, and organs. You may think of it in a simplistic way like burning off calories. Burn more than you are eating, and you are on the safe side of losing weight. You may want to check the Meri Brown weight loss.

You cannot expect to burn a lot of calories with Pilates as much as you do with cycling or running. For example, a 50 minute workout of Pilates makes you lose about 360 calories. In a more advanced class, you can burn even more. To lose a lot of weight with Pilates, you have to have a well-balanced diet and some additional aerobic workouts. To lose weight, expect to do four to five exercises a week. Every workout has to take over 45 minutes of time. For other ways of losing weight, you can look at the Mariah Carey article.

Pilates at Home

The cost of having a Pilates’ workout depends on whether you decide to do Pilates at home or sign up for a class. If you want to do it outside your home, then the price of the sessions vary between $50 for a private lesson; or, around $10-30 for a group session. If you have a lower budget, then you can just buy yourself a DVD for $15 and pull out your mat. If you decide to do it at home, then you cannot exercise in the open air. You need to have a TV set. You might even be lucky and find a good workout on YouTube. Feel free to take a look at the Parineeti Chopra weight loss plan.

The most important thing is for you to understand that you should always start with basic exercises and with time, you will get better and start trying the more advanced movements. For beginners, you have to keep in mind that Pilates is a gradual type of workout, and you need to be patient to succeed. Many celebrities embrace different ways for losing weight. While some go for a very calorific intake like the caveman diet food, others choose eating a well-balanced diet with a good workout. When you want to lose weight, the easiest way is to stay away from junk food and sugary drinks like carbonated beverages. Fatty meats and buttery foods will no longer be an option. Some people also look at structured diets where you eliminate a certain group of food like carbs or fat. Whatever you pick, make sure you do a combination weight-loss regimen and you will reach your desired goal. Feel free to check the Kelly Clarkson weight loss secrets. Many celebrities adopt several ways to lose weight. Some do it to look good while others embrace a healthier lifestyle to feel good.

Pilates’ movements can be tailored according to your limitations; so, if you have any injury, you can still do this type of workout. Pilates is actually a great addition to your regular aerobic workouts. This type of workout does build up your muscles, so start slow and listen to your body’s limits. It is a structured type of workout and needs discipline and a coordinated movement and breathing methods. You may accompany Pilates with a specific anti-inflammatory diet meal plan.

If you are pregnant and are used to doing Pilates, you may want to check with your doctor first before proceeding with your work out regimen. You may be allowed to do the workout for the first trimester and have some modifications for the following ones. For example, starting the second trimester, you are not supposed to work out lying flat on your tummy. This might reduce the blood flow to your baby. You can look for specific movement for pregnant women. You can look for DVD’S and online videos. Make sure you study all the Pilates elements to understand how the progress will be made.

Pilates elements and exercises

While Pilates works out the entire body and help you tone your muscles and adjust your posture, there are certain moves that can be more beneficial for weight loss than others. But always keep in mind that whatever workout regimen you pick to perfect your weight, you have to couple it with a good healthy diet. Here are the moves.

  • Swimming: you have to lie flat on your tummy with your inner thighs pressed against each other. Next you need to stretch your arms while having your palms facing down. Point your feet out. Lift your feet, arms, head and chest and hold this position. Next you need to lift one arm and one leg from opposite sides while inhaling and exhaling. Keep shifting. Make sure neither your arms nor your legs are touching the mat. As you mimic the swimming position, count till ten.
  • Crisscross: this move requires you to lie on your back while placing both your hands behind your head, laid palm to palm. Next, you need to bend your knees towards your chest. In an alternating way, twist your torso to the left and lift your right knee towards your head and stretching your other leg outwards. Inhale while you twist your torso and exhale while you shift to the other side. This move needs you to control your breathing in parallel with the exercise. Keep shifting and alternating sides while breathing. It will be a good goal to do a set of six twists at a time. Over time, you will be able to do more twists.
  • Jogging knees and heels up: while your elbows are pinned to the side of the abs, start jogging while lifting your knee all the way to the top to reach the level of your waist. After around eight sets, without having a break, start jogging while letting your feet touch your buttocks. Keep alternating these two.
  • Leg pull: sit tall while extending your legs and keeping them tight together. Make sure your hands are laced on the mat in such a way that your palms are facing the mat. Point your fingers inwards. Lift your entire body in such a way to form a plant with your back facing the mat. Make sure your entire body looks like a diagonal to the mat.
  • Plank jacks: this pose is a gradual one that lets you form a plank position and return to a standing position. It is made of many steps with a specific breathing technique in between. You will need to repeat the sequence up to three times and once you have mastered it, you can increase the number of sequences performed.
  • Corkscrew: this move needs you to lie flat on the back while placing your arms long on the mat near your sides. In four poses, you will need to twist your entire lower body while keeping your legs tightly pressed together and lifting them left, right, front and back.
  • Kneeling and sidekicks: this one requires you to kneel on one knee while working out the rest of your body.
  • Rolling like a cannonball: you need to sit on your mat with your knees bent to your chest.
  • Seal move: this move is made of many steps that will let you roll like a seal. You need to repeat it six times.