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How to lose weight in your face – before and after results

Any part of the body can gain more weight compared to other body parts. This is mostly caused by the accumulation of fats and retention of water in that specific part of the body.

If it happens that fat is deposited in your face, you may become very aware of this and worry about your appearance. This worry can be worse when it occurs in women.

Unfortunately, there are limited ways in which weight can be lost exclusively in the face. In most of the cases, measures to reduce overall body weight are called for. You may need to get familiar with how many calories should I eat to lose weight.

In this article, we will look at the different ways on how to lose weight in your face. We will also go through some tips which can help reduce sagginess of facial skin.

before and after weight loss for face results

First, you will need to determine if you truly carry more weight on your face. If this is the case, you will need to set some goals to get the face shape that you desire.

You might want to compare your facial appearance with the rest of your body. If the face appears fatter, check for notable distortions.

Some people are genetically predisposed to pudgy faces. You can try comparing your facial features with other family members. You may find that it is a trait that runs in your family. In fact, it may even come to pass with age.

Next, you will need to determine whether your face is puffy or fat. A fat face is mostly caused by fat accumulation. It is common in obese and overweight individuals. Puffiness, on the other hand, is mainly caused by water retention. In this case, measures to transform the face are available.

Before considering weight loss changes in your face, you might want to talk to your doctor. As you will find out, face fatness can be caused by drugs and medications. It can also be a form of edema, which is a medical condition.

How to lose weight in your face

Now that you’ve researched the cause of your face structure, let’s have a look at how to lose weight in your face.

Drink lots of water
When there is not enough water in the body, natural mechanisms retain water in the body. As much as it may help to some extent, it ends up causing side effects such as bloating and puffiness. Always try to drink the recommended 6-8 glasses of water daily intake. You can try detox water for weight loss in this case.

Avoid alcohol
If you notice face puffiness accompanied by face reddening, the chances are high that you have been drinking heavily. In the body, alcohol causes dehydration. In turn, this causes water retention, which we have identified as a leading cause of a puffy face.

Reduce fat intake
Fast food, fried, canned, processed, and sugary foods are the worst foods for weight loss. They contain a lot of fats, which with time accumulates under the skin, the face included.

Reduce sugar and salt
These two substances cause water to be drawn into the cells more than necessary. Too much sugar and salt in diets can cause facial puffiness/bloating.

Review your medications
Some medications have the side effect of face puffiness. Remember that you should never just stop medications. You need to speak to your doctor first, or you could put yourself in an unhealthy and dangerous situation.

Go for calcium
Calcium is a fat burning element. It will help you get rid of fats that have accumulated for a long time. On top of that, the element is involved in cell chemistry that deals with diffusion and osmosis.

Target overall weight loss
The best face before and after weight loss results can only be gained by proportionally losing overall body weight. In this regard, trying diets and specific exercises will be of most help. Some supplements such as pure forskolin extract and slim garcinia cambogia can also help.

Try facial exercises
Exercises such as facial yoga are the best way you can target sliming your face. You can look online for these types of exercises.

Conceal with makeup
You may be interested to know that makeup can do more than adding beauty to your face. It can also be used to conceal marks, scars, and even facial puffiness.

How to lose face weight with exercises

Age, collagen loss, and excess weight are the three leading causes of face sagging, sometimes referred to as double chin. Luckily, various exercises can be directed towards positive face sagging after weight loss effects. They include:

Chin lift
By directing your face towards the sky or ceiling, pout your lips as if blowing a kiss to the heavens. Count to five seconds and repeat the exercise about 15 times.

X and O
Try pronouncing these two letters alternatively as many times as you can. You will feel the muscles of the jaws and cheeks repeatedly being used. Just like any other muscles, the exercises will require energy, which can only be sourced from stored facial fat.

Rotating the neck
This is a very useful exercise that will help get rid of a double chin. It requires that you rotate the neck in both directions, about three times in each direction.

Jaw and cheekbone release
Cheekbones and the jaw play important roles in determining how the face appears. First, hold your lips together and while moving your jaws as if you are chewing. After that, open your mouth as wide as you can, but ensure that the tongue doesn’t leave the bottom of your mouth. Count to five seconds and repeat the process 15 times.

Smiling fish face
This exercise requires that you suck in the cheeks, so you form a fish-like shape with your lips. Hold the position for five seconds and try to form a smile. It is a very energy-demanding exercise.

These are just a few of the many facial exercises you can try. You can try several of them in one session for better results.

How to lose face weight and face sagging with posture

As it happens, maintaining the right posture can play a crucial role in managing sagging skin after weight loss. In fact, bad posture can cause face puffiness even in the absence of weight gain.

A slumping posture is the worst for your facial appearance. Excess fluids tend to flow in towards steeper gradients. If you are constantly slumping, more fats will accumulate on your face, especially on the chin.

The best posture can be achieved by straightening up the spine, holding back the shoulders and taking a deep breath. More like the posture you will need to use when looking a person in the eye.

You can consider posture exercises or physiotherapy to improve your posture.

How to lose weight in your face with diets and supplements

Sometimes, I come across concerns such as how to lose weight in the face with diets and supplements. Here are some foods that can help you lose fat in your face.

  • Vegetables – Broccoli and spinach are good examples. They are low in calories but are stuffed with loads of facial benefiting vitamins.
  • Avocados – The fats in this fruit will not accumulate in your face but rather help reduce the accumulated ones.
  • Chili pepper – It is the capsaicin in these food products that are associated with fat burning capabilities. It also improves skin tone.
  • Berries – Berries are not only delicious but also have the potential to help remove double chin and prevent face sagging after and before weight loss. You can consider raspberry ketones reviews and supplements.
  • Chocolate – Dark chocolate has been touted as a potential face fat burner. Other than that, it contains antioxidants which help maintain collagen.
  • Green tea – Even in supplements, this product is filled with antioxidants that will keep your facial skin tight. It also promotes fat burning effects. You can also try green coffee weight loss supplements if you don’t mind caffeine.
  • Chicken, turkey, eggs – You need to maintain nutrients supply in the body, but still burn some fats, eggs are perhaps the best choice. They are filled with vitamins and at the same time are potential fat burners. Chicken and turkey products are also beneficial. Rather than fat, they will promote the growth of firm facial muscles.
  • Fish – Fish almost appear on every list of beneficial foods. There are almost all types of nutrients in fish. Furthermore, they reduce cravings for quick and sugary foods.

Face before and after weight loss goals

Setting goals is an essential tool and motivator. When it comes to face before and after weight loss goals, they will need to be more oriented towards gaining proportionality.

When you want to lose facial weight, you shouldn’t ignore the rest of your body. The body is a single entity and should be treated as one. In fact, face weight is likely to be lost by the end of a successful overall body weight loss program.

Since weight loss supplements are an inevitable topic to whenever getting rid of body fat is concerned, you may want to review topics like garcinia cambogia results with pictures and such. They may prove helpful to some extent.