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How Does The Baby Food Diet for Weight Loss Work? Plan, Reviews and Results

How does the baby food diet work

We surely have heard of many success stories related to the perfect weight. While some were following a regular fat loss diet, some have crossed the regularity line and got themselves into some more complicated fad diets.

Among the crazy weight loss plans,comes the baby food diet. Yes, it is what it sounds like. We all go to baby showers and we all have played at least once a game where you are supposed to eat a baby food jar and guess what is in it. Now, people are starting to eat them for another reason: losing weight. Many before and after pictures prove the effectiveness of this system. While some resort to the Ayurvedic diet recipes, others resort to tiny jars made of single or mixed food items.

This diet is supposed to have started on the internet by someone called Tracy Anderson who is a personal trainer for celebrities. The diet is nothing but a low calorie diet but twisted in a childish way. It is not a new concept like the flat belly diet recipes; but rather, an old way of losing weight by cutting down food. The only difference is how the food was prepared: in jars.

The idea of the diet does not require any complicated chart; all you need to do is replace one of two of your meals, within a given day, by a jar of baby food. These are normally very low in calories and range from 20 to 100 calories per jar. The idea behind this system is to help you maintain any weight loss you might have achieved using other diets, such as the Jennifer Aniston way.

The twist of the baby food diet plan

Just like for any diet, the baby diet plan is twisted in two main ways. These are the following:

  • It seems to be very logical for an adult to end up losing weight when they exchange one of their meal that normally contain more than 300-600 calories, by a tiny veggie or fruit jar that goes below 100 calories. This offers a massive caloric intake reduction and would result in pounds shed. The list of these baby foods is not too long and is normally either single or double ingredients.
  • When you taste baby food, you will understand why it is very simple to lose weight. Unlike the 7 day cabbage soup diet, for example, baby foods do not taste so good. They are pureed and have an unfamiliar and un-addictive taste. So, if you are starting on this diet specifically, you will probably barely eat that small not-so-tasty jar. Talk about limiting portion sizes! If you believe that you will not be able to eat those jars, you can check what is the Volumetrics diet.

The baby food weight loss diet: how difficult is it?

While there are many diets that could be very restricting, this baby food system is considered among the toughest ones to follow. Not only are you giving up your tasty food for one that is not very flavorful, but you are giving up the art of chewing your food.

Sometimes, you might follow a strict diet, but you will still have the open possibilities to be creative with your allowed food lists. In the baby food diet, you are restricted to what the jars will contain. These are normally either one or more veggies, or one or more fruits. So, you are very limited. In case you craved pizza, you will never be able to adjust the ingredients and get yourself a baby food pizza. The diet, on the other side, does not require any dietitian to follow you, or any specific workout.

Finally, you will be able to get yourself some rest. Yes, all you need is to stock up on these baby food jars and put your cooking skills on the side. All you will have to figure out is what flavors are the right ones for you. After all, you do not want to cause any diarrhea or upset stomach while losing your weight. For example, cutting down your food intake and taking in a lot of plum jars is certainly not a fun solution for your gut. So, basically, the pros and cons of the diet system are somewhat balanced.

For those who are vegans or vegetarians, this diet can be adjusted to their needs and preferences. As a matter of fact, most baby foods are either veggies or fruits; however, finding a legume or a plant protein might be problematic as these are normally none-existing in a baby jar. From another angle, for people who have gluten allergies or intolerances, they will still be able to follow the diet. Fruits and veggies do not contain gluten. But it is always a good idea to check the labels.

Some baby food diet reviews

While many Hollywood stars have tried to follow this new dieting trend, people remain skeptical about the validity of such a strange system. Many well-known figures tried it. Some of these are Jennifer Aniston, lady Gaga, and Marcia Cross. But nobody really knows if they actually followed this system or it is just a rumor. The good side of such a diet is that nobody will ever steal your food. Also, you will surely look strange in an office if you open up a baby jar and start spooning it. This could give you a weird self-image. Now, if you are into a soft diet that is organic, you might find it somehow rewarding. But you might enjoy a good greens and tomato salad instead of having a mashed cauliflower jar.

Many who followed this system liked the results but found it tough to follow it for longer than just a few days. Nobody can stay long holding a dozen baby jars while trying to lose weight.

What are the baby food diet results?

In general, here is what you need to know about this diet:

  • When you take out some complete meals from your diet to replace them with baby food, you are leading your body to nutritional imbalances.
  • You are in for a very low caloric diet.
  • You will end up feeing hungry soon after you eat your baby meal.
  • You need to eat many jars to feel full; this might increase your food cost on a daily basis. Every jar is about one dollar.
  • Even if you lose weight, you will probably end up gaining them back. When you lose weight the wrong way, you are disrupting the normal flow of your body. You will probably end up losing some muscles mass and water.
  • This is a diet that you will never be able to maintain for a long period of time. Professionals always advice people to ask themselves the following question: will I be able to eat like this forever? If the answer is a big no, then this diet is not the right one for you.
  • This diet has been proven to help you lose weight, but only in the short run. The issue is that you will outgrow it and end up on a different method of weight loss. So, to minimize your losses and take advantage of your precious time, you might want to start with a god diet from the beginning. Nothing beats a well-planned healthy weight loss system.
  • If you have any high blood pressure or heart conditions, you might want to turn to the Gerber brand that claims to have very low sodium added to their jars. While some are enjoying this new fad diet, others are finding it very unreasonable and cheesy. How can an adult resort to baby food to lose weight while there are hundreds of weight loss systems that could help you lose weight in an easy and more adult-oriented way. While it may help lower your fat intake, you surely can achieve much better results by following a true diet.
  • When you follow this diet, you will need to put an extra effort to provide all the lacking macro and micronutrients from the baby food jars. This will put an extra pressure on you due to eating pureed fruits and veggies. If you want to explore new liquid diets, you can take a look at the lemonade diet reviews.
  • When follow the baby food diet, you are stepping far away from anything pleasurable. This could help the exacerbation of psychologic issues and depression. Food gives us pleasure and happiness. When you replace it with unpleasant options, you are disrupting your entire world of happiness. You can lose weight and still enjoy a good meal. You can check what was the secret of the Christian Bale weight loss diet.