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Graham Elliott Weight Loss: the Diet, Recipes and Before and After Results.

Who is Graham Elliott?

Graham Elliott is an American celebrity chef who was born in 1977 in Seattle, Washington. His young years characterize him as a “navy brat” who traveled the world and visited all 50 states in the USA. Since his youth, Graham was interested in food and music. These two passions were the reason why he picked Johnson & Wales University. He graduated in 1997 while receiving many awards and acclaims.

When he turned 27 years old, Graham was the youngest four star chef. He had the privilege to cook for President Barack Obama on his 49th birthday. In 2008, Elliott opened his restaurant, that served French cuisine, in the middle of New York. A year after, he was featured in Top Chef Masters.

His personal life is quite calm. This young man is married to Allie, who is not just his wife but also his business partner. They live in Chicago and have three kids together. At home, Elliott likes to sing and play guitar. It is very rare to see a celebrity enjoy a healthy family lifestyle. Usually, when you are a known person, you end up having a hectic schedule, several television appearances, among many others. Graham knew how to keep it simple and happy for himself, his partner and his kids.

Graham’s weight loss

Weight loss is a never a new trend in the world of celebrities. You keep hearing about a particular well-known person undergoing a specific makeover. The truth is, when you are a celebrity, you face a lot of stress and judging from your fans and from haters. You are expected to look your very best all the time. While many do it to look better and dress better, others go for a weight loss regimen to feel healthier. That was the case of Graham who had a BMI going through the roof. At first, he considered going for the duodenum switch where his body will no longer have a capacity to process dietary fat. But, for a famous chef, this method does not make sense at all. This young man needs his full abilities to taste recipes. When you are a chef, you are in need to taste the food that you are cooking, especially if you own a restaurant. You need to keep an eye on the recipes and the application of what is being prepared and served.

So, instead, he went for a gastric sleeve surgery where the size of the stomach is diminished and so is his capacity to eat a big meal. This weight loss surgery was the primary method why he lost all this weight and looks his best now. From a BMI of 50 to a BMI of 29, you have to be proud of yourself! After this massive weight loss, the celebrity cook lives a healthy lifestyle and is fit. Also, now that he lost all that weight, his blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normalized. Also, he is no longer obliged to wear a sleep apnea device.

Graham participated in the marathon run of 10K and was able to finish the race in one hour and 16 minutes. All this weight loss was extreme for Graham, who was expecting to have a loss of 60 to 70 pounds the first year. He did not imagine that he would lose most of the weight the first year. Of course, this is not such a bad thing!

Graham Elliott weight loss: the first week

When Elliott decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery, he made sure that it would not interfere with his line of work. This man has to keep testing recipes. The first week was the most exciting one in this man’s life.

When you are overweight or obese, like Graham, you tend to have a lot of restrictions on your social life. This could lead to depression. When you do the bariatric surgery, your lifestyle changes for the better and so do your social interactions. These new changes in the lifestyle of a person who underwent this type of surgery will let him forget about his cravings and food preferences. Some try to use vitamin B 12 for weight loss. Many studies have shown a positive relationship between this vitamin and the capacity to shake off some pounds.

Post-surgery, you will be obliged to follow a liquid protein diet for the first two weeks. After this short period, you will be able to eat pureed food and soft ones like scrambled eggs. Every individual is different from the other, so you need to try and test out how your body will react to it. The tricky part is that within the three months following the surgery, you will have to start experimenting with regular foods and how your body will react to them. Make sure you are not thinking of a significant amount of food. Whatever you cannot tolerate, wait for a month and then try again.

The way Graham Elliott shed his extra weight is not similar to the method embraced by Mathew McConaughey weight loss.  This actor ended up starving himself to succeed in a role. He had the help of actor Tom Hanks who went through the same situation when he played the role of a man stranded on an island by himself in Cast Away. Mathew had to lose all the weight to play the role of a man infected by HIV. Such news does not surprise anybody. We are used to having celebrities follow very restricted diet plans to lose weight to fit a role in a movie. You can also check the Chris Pratt weight loss diet. This latter lost 60 pounds in as little as six months. This is one significant transformation that encourages people to go forward in their weight loss plans. He did show the world that you can lose a lot of weight in a reasonable amount of time. This man had discipline in his choices. In his mind, he would pick a salad over a burger to keep going. He does understand that every calorie you eat is either used to fabricate energy or transforms to fat.

Graham Elliott weight loss tips

Before his surgery, Graham reached a weight of 400 pounds. The young man was having difficulties stepping out of a car or tying his shoes. He was even unable to play with his kids. He could not hug his wife and sleep without the mask. One day, the sleep apnea mask broke, and he had to stay awake for two days as he could not sleep at all without gasping for air. That’s when he suddenly had a wake up call, and decided to make a change to his lifestyle for the sake of his family. So, here are some of the tips he was sharing with everyone:

  • You have to exercise at some point. For a man weighing 400 pounds, it can be difficult to walk. But, as soon as underwent surgery and started losing weight, he adopted a much healthier workout routine. He began with a slow jog that led him to reach a 5K run.
  • Shift away from candies and cookies. Before he underwent his surgery, he used to indulge himself with sweets; but, since the operation aims at decreasing the size of his stomach, he can no longer eat a large meal. So, he opted for a tiny meal that could give him energy. So, instead of feeling bad while eating the cookie, he started shifting into ordering a filling and healthy sashimi.
  • You cannot eat all you want. After surgery, your stomach becomes too small, even as small as a banana. So you have to pick your food carefully.

There are so many ways to lose weight other than undergoing surgery. You might look for what is a vegan diet. There are so many celebrities and people who lose weight when shifting from a menu that is filled with red meat to one that is vegan. There are also many health benefits of such a system. You might also look for weight loss supplements for women. If you want to stay natural, there are a lot of natural food derived supplements that can help you lose weight. These will work by boosting your metabolic rate and suppress your appetite. They have nothing to do with the phentermine before and after.