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Gina Neely Weight Loss: Her Diet, Food choices, Workout with before and after results

When we think stars and celebrities, we always picture perfect looking men and women. In our mind, they have to have a beautiful face and a slim body. But, if you think about it, you will realize those famous people are like us. They have their lives, their problems, their families and their issues. They can gain weight or lose weight. They can have health issues. More or less, they are facing a lot of stress and pressure from the public opinion to look as perfect as they are featured on TV or in a specific movie. While some have faced their public with total indifference to expectations and therefore decided to enjoy their lives like any one of us, some became depressed. All in all, every one of us need to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect-looking person at all times and at every stage of their lives.

Who is Gina Neely?

Gina is a 52-year-old celebrity chef. She was well-known as she was battling a problematic marriage, along with taking care of her kids while being famous and working very long hours. After a 20 year marriage, this woman is single again and ready to mingle.

This woman was famous for her cooking show on Dish Network called Down Home with the Neelys. From another angle, her intensive success, made her open a parlor in New York that brought to this busy city the taste of the southern cuisine. In 2013, Gina launched a new line of cookware. She is a famous and beloved host who has been sharing her cooking recipes, and ideologies on love, relationships and professional growth for women. She is a philanthropist and a motivational speaker as well as an excellent mother. She loves her family, and she loves cooking. These two along with her love of life brought her to her success. Now she lives in Atlanta with her two daughters.

Gina Neely Weight Loss

When Gina announced, in 2014, that she was on the verge of divorcing her husband, she shocked the world. A marriage that lasted 23 years was about to end. That’s when Gina started her life makeover. The celebrity got her motivation when she was doing her annual doctor’s visit and ended up discovering that she had very high levels of cholesterol. At the same time, she was offered the opportunity to be a part of the George Foreman Grills Weight Loss Challenge. All these reasons were enough to let Gina take a healthier approach in her life. She was ready to be healthier and ready to fix the problems.

When Gina moved to a healthier direction, she ended up losing 50 pounds by enjoying her workout that included Cross Fit and pole dancing, and watching her food. For other transformations, you can check the Rick Ross before and after weight loss. According to the celebrity, any weight loss accounts for 20% of exercising and 80% of what you eat. Her first changes were removing beef and pork from her diet. She was only eating chicken, fish, and turkey. She was leaning towards fish because she felt it was a light option and is suitable for her as it contained more omega-3. You can check more about food that is beneficial for your heart: what is a low cholesterol diet?

According to Gina, your first step towards a proper change gets in sync with your mind. What comes next is cleaning up your fridge.  It makes no sense to go back home after a long day to find all sorts of high-fat meals. It is a lot of temptations, and sometimes you might feel weak. When you diet, your home has to be clean for you to remain clean. The second step is for you to create your meals and appoint a time for exercising. If you fall behind one day, you have to forgive yourself: you are, after all, only human.

Gina started her lifestyle makeover when she was 45 years old and swore that she wasn’t going to accept her weight until she turned 50. Throughout her changes, she kept having faith that she is going to make it. This woman was positive and kept moving forward. She told Wendy Williams during their interview that you have to accept whatever life throws at you. She knows that life is life and that you do not start crying and stop living every time something terrible happens. You just keep moving on. And that is what this gorgeous woman did. She kept moving on, happier than ever and more satisfied with her accomplishments!

Gina Neely Weight Loss Diet

Gina Neely started her weight loss journey understanding that her foods are what will make her feel better. For this food lover, she had to change her recipes and her cooking methods. For example, she gave away frying and ended up grilling instead. She would season her food differently to taste just as great as when they are prepared using the unhealthy recipe. Also, you have to keep drinking water, and use healthy fats instead of fried ones. You can pick olive oil, coconut oil or even sesame oil.

Her weight loss journey was not an easy one, especially with her hectic schedule. While so many believe that healthy food does not taste right, they need to understand how to use their seasonings. It is all in the spices and herbs. People should love the food they eat, but they need to find the right balance. You can eat what you like, but you need to eat it the right way. Gina believes that you can enjoy your food and still lose weight. For example, one of her favorite recipes is the Mango Peach Lettuce wrap. This recipe is made of boneless chicken breasts well-seasoned with salt and pepper, three big spoons of mango-peach jam, one large spoon of soy sauce and some lettuce. The lettuce is used to wrap the cooked chicken along with the rest of the ingredients. This recipe can offer you 320 calories per serving and only 5g of fat.

Another good recipe is the Grilled Caesar salad. This recipe contains romaine lettuce, salt, and pepper with some shaved parmesan. You top the salad with some grilled salmon. As for the dressing, you need to blend ¾ a cup of Greek yogurt, one big spoon of olive oil, two big spoons of lemon juice, and one big spoon of mustard. You also add the salt, pepper, and garlic. Make sure you grill the salmon. You can check some dash diet recipes.

Gina did not need to take phentermine, she was full of life and wanted to work hard to reach her goals. Many celebrities have found themselves digging new ways to lose weight. While some followed the Atkins diet plan, others were looking at wheat belly diet reviews.

Gina also incorporated a few rules to her new weight loss journey like:

  • Do not skip breakfast
  • Always drink water
  • Keep yourself loaded with healthy snacks
  • Your meal has to start with a plate filled with veggies. You can check the best vegetables for weight loss.

Gina Neely Weight Loss workout

When you want to lose weight, you do not go towards raspberry ketone drops; you plan a workout regimen. Gina’s challenge was to incorporate exercises into her already packed routine. Gina loves running, but she also does CrossFit, long walks, Zumba and even pole dancing. The celebrity focuses on strength training with the help of a personal trainer. She does full body workouts. When you work out all your muscles, you increase your BMR, which leads to more fat lost. This woman wants her life to be happy, so even her workout has to be fun and diverse. She is against routine and boring lifestyles.