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Gigi Hadid Weight Loss: Her diet and transformation with before and after changes.

Who is Gigi Hadid?

Jelena Noura Hadid, also called Gigi Hadid, is one of the most sought-after models in the world. This young bombshell was born in 1995 and is an American fashion model. Now, at the age of 22, Gigi has the most beautiful blue-greenish eyes on a 5ft 10in body. In 2013, this young woman signed her contract with IMG models and started her successful career in modeling. Now, she is among the top 50 models. In 2016, she was the International Model of the Year, according to the British Fashion Council.

Gigi did not start from nowhere. Born in Los Angeles, she is the daughter of renowned model Yolanda Hadid, who is a Dutch-born in the USA. From another angle, her father was a very successful real estate developer with Palestinian origins. Gigi has one sister, Bella Hadid, who by her turn is a world-wide known model. Gigi also has a brother called Anwar who is as well in the same field. A family of models, you might say!

When our blue-eyed model finished her high school education, she moved to New York and was studying Criminal Psychology until she suspended her college courses to focus on her modeling career. As of March 2017, Gigi’s net worth is 13 million dollars.

How did Gigi Hadid lose weight?

Hadid was diagnosed about two years ago with Hashimoto disease, a thyroid condition that put her on medication. Her medicines made her lose a lot of weight and they were to be blamed for her thinner frame. Gigi did not want to look slimmer for her career and she was struggling to keep her muscles in the right places. At that time, and throughout her shows, Gigi was looking really thin despite the fact that she was indulging herself in her favorite food. That was not the case of Khloe Kardashian before and after weight loss results that were the consequence of a well-worked on diet and exercising regimen. Khloe was long considered as the overweight sister and ended up putting her life together by following a healthy lifestyle.

Gigi never tried the over the counter phentermine; she did not need to take any weight loss pills. Her medications even made her skip the phase where she has to count how many carbs a day to lose weight. This top model was not at all into salads and meat. She found this food boring. Instead, she had some baked eggs and bacon, tomato soup with grilled cheese. She didn’t care she was eating carbs or anything else as long as it was healthy food.

What is striking is that the young Victoria’s Secret model was rejected at the beginning of her career for being too fat. All agencies were asking her to lose weight. She has a very athletic body figure with a well-rounded butt and thighs. Regardless, she never accepted losing weight by going on meager low-calorie diets. She believes that a woman needs to be healthy, active and fit. Al these were for her the symbols of being sexy. It was just after she was diagnosed with her auto-immune disease that she started losing weight and ended up on her VS path. Gigi is not the only member of her family suffering from a health condition. Her mother, brother, and sister all have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Gigi Hadid diet and Food choices

This young woman loves to eat and appreciates her cheats. She believes that when you take some meals or days off, you will feel happier especially if you are on a specific diet. For her, cheeseburgers, pasta, and fries are her favorite. But she does understand that she could not take those cheats if it weren’t for her continuous workout regimen. She explains that one can take some meals off, but they have to be compensated for with some good calorie burning exercises.

While she takes her cheat meals, when she has a specific show or shooting, she prefers to stay healthy. Here is what a day looks like in the life of this beautiful lady.

  • Breakfast: For breakfast, Gigi loves to have eggs and bacon with some toast, orange juice, and coffee.
  • Post Workout: After she is done with her routine workout, she waits impatiently for her arugula salad.
  • Dinner: This young woman loves sushi! She eats it with a drink. Otherwise, she would stay home and cook herself a nice healthy dinner. She enjoys cooking and mixing ingredients her way.
  • Snack: Gigi believes in snacking, and she loves her snacks fresh and tasty. One of her favorites is acai berries. Before working out, she can have some hummus with carrots or some chips with guacamole.
  • Drinking a lot: Gigi understands the concept of staying hydrated, so she drinks gallons of water and juices. Drinking has been a very important step for those who want to follow a candida cleanse diet. However, this latter believes in the need to reduce sugar, white flour, yeast and cheese. These were one of the favorite food choices of Gigi.
  • Other cheats: Gigi loves ice cream, and this is one of her allowed cheats.

This VS model does understand the importance of following a healthy diet accompanied by a great workout. She does not drink a lot of alcohol to end up looking for ways about how to detox your liver. This sexy young woman eats well and healthy food. She cooks her meals despite her tight schedule. She is making the efforts to be healthy. For those days where she was too busy to prepare a meal, Gigi heads to Juice Press and Spicy Citrus that are located near her house. She is not too secretive about her diet and weight loss secrets.

Gigi Hadid workout regimen

Gigi was losing weight, despite her good eating habits. It was all because of her thyroid condition that led her to take certain medications. On the runway, she was looking thinner, but she wanted to keep her muscles; so she was working out too. Her routine consisted of one hour a day of combined exercises comprised of:

  • High cardio kickboxing: This is the perfect calorie burner that builds up endurance.
  • Donkey kicks: These activities focus on the muscles of the lower body like the core, lower back, legs, and butt. You just have to keep your upper body still while doing them.
  • Bicycle crunches: These are the perfect exercises for trimming and shaping your obliques and rectus abdominis.
  • Biceps curls and triceps extensions.