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Forskolin Pills For Weight Loss: Diet Plan, Dosage, Reviews, Side Effects

Weight loss surgery like liposuction is the only way that weight can be lost overnight. It is normal for individuals who don’t want surgery to turn their attention and money to a product that promises magical weight loss. And for the icing on the cake, products promising this magical weight loss also claim that no significant lifestyle changes are needed.  Thrive weight loss products are good examples.

But if you dig deeper to find out if a product really works, rarely will you get a confirmation that it does. But why then is it that so many advertisers and TV personalities praise these products?

The main reason behind their praise revolves around the fact that such products work in some respects, but maybe not as expected or claimed. In studies, a comparison of people using the product saw positive effects while the placebos did not.

In 2014, Dr. Oz brought forskolin to the attention of the world through the promotion on his show. The product was advertised as a magical weight loss pill. In this article, we will focus on how effective forskolin is and possible complications.

Forskolin for weight loss reviews and results

As it stands, two main studies have been conducted in the direction of determining exact effectiveness of forskolin for weight loss results.

One study involved a random selection of 30 obese men. Half were given 250 mg forskolin pills containing ten percent of the main ingredient, two times a day. The other half was given placebos. The experiment ran for 12 weeks.

By the end of the test period, the former group was observed to have achieved a significant loss in body fat. However, no significant changes were observed in weight.

The second experiment involved obese women. The women also took 250 mg forskolin pills containing ten percent of the main ingredient, two times a day. The results showed that women taking forskolin did not gain weight. There were no major changes in the initial weight readings.

These two scientific studies suggest that in men, forskolin can be used to reduce accumulated fats in the body. In women, forskolin can be used to prevent any further weight gain. In regards to magical or even gradual weight loss, forskolin will not come close to the beneficial promises said in advertisements and promotional shows.

Other forskolin pills benefits and results

It is good to know other probable benefits that can come from this product. As you will find out, forskolin provides additional benefits aside from weight loss.

Increase in Testosterone
Men taking this dietary supplement were observed to have an increase in the hormone levels of testosterone. This hormone is responsible for many functions, but the part that relates to weight loss is that this hormone encourages the buildup of lean muscles and is a key player in metabolism.

May prevent cancer
There are four main ways in which cancer cells form in the body. Limited evidence show that forskolin may help in two of them.

The compound may work by activating a protein which may slow down the growth of malignant cells and metastasis. However, the research is not thorough on this topic.

Aids in blood pressure management
Even before forskolin gained the popularity it currently enjoys in regards to weight loss, it was traditionally used to manage hypertension. All the same, a doctor’s advice is essential when trying to treat conditions such as hypertension. A good way to control hypertension is to avoid foods that raise your blood pressure, such as alcohol, sugars, and caffeine.

Eases asthma
Taking forskolin has been noted to improve air circulation in asthmatic patients. Allegedly, the compound works by expanding the lungs to allow more air in. In fact, this is one of the most ancient users of forskolin. While natives in India may not have tried forskolin for weight loss, they understood that the compound could be helpful in easing asthmatic symptoms.

Treats glaucoma
It is said glaucoma can be treated with forskolin with eye drops or injection. You will need to consult a doctor to learn about treating glaucoma.

Can treat Alzheimer’s disease
Forskolin is supposedly able to help manage Alzheimer’s disease at its early stages. There is no conclusive research to confirm this idea yet. Currently, studies have only shown success in experiments conducted in rats.

Forskolin diet plan and results

Unlike what some advertisers will have you believe, a diet plan is essential for a weight loss regimen.

For weight to be lost, there must be a deficit in the number of calories that find their way into the body. If the body uses 1,800 calories per day, an individual must eat less than that if weight is to be lost. Achieving this reduction in calories is why following diet plans is essential. It is the primary way you can ensure that a deficit in calories occurs in the body.
Let’s have a quick look at a generalized but effective forskolin diet plan:

Cut down fats
The reason as to why some men and women have pot-like bellies is because a lot of fat was deposited in that area. If these fats were to be broken down, a lot of weight would be lost.
One way for fat to be broken down is by using fat burning supplements. For it to work, very few fats should find their ways into meals.

Eliminate processed foods
The food products you see in cans or ones that have been baked or fried should be avoided if forskolin or any diet is to work. Such foods are rich in processed sugar. When eating processed foods, the body takes in excess calories that will eventually accumulate as fat if they are not used as energy.

Try vegetables and fruits
Any health-related program will refer you to these two types of foods. They for one ensure that digestive processes work efficiently. They also will keep you full and are sources of good natural sugars.

Don’t forget to exercise
Forget some purported professionals referring you to a product that will help you shed some pounds without exercise. That is garbage.

For one, exercise uses a lot of energy. Assuming that you are on a low-calorie diet, the only other option available will be to burn fats for energy.

Another way that exercise helps is by exposing the body to movement. Some conditions, like arthritis, are helped by moving joints with light exercise. If a person is going to walk every day, that movement will help their joints and also help them lose weight.

Forskolin for weight loss dosage; how to take the supplement

Forskolin supposedly works by heating up the organs and is thought to burn off fat cells as a result. More like ultra garcinia cambogia, it is claimed that users will also experience an increase in serotonin, which can elevate your mood. With continued use combined with diet and exercise, you could lose weight.

An officially declared dosage is rare with any dietary supplement. However, available trials provide some light into this direction.

In regards to forskolin for weight loss dosage, 250 mg is recommended in most cases. This is assuming that the forskolin pills being used contain ten percent of the main ingredient.

Other reviews provide different information on how to take this product. This is mostly attributed to the concentration of the main ingredient. In fact, as low as 100 mg dosage can be recommended.

The product is also available in the form of powder. Here, it can be taken at 10 mg dosage.

Pills often come with specific guidelines on how to use. This is provided by the manufacturer and varies based on the chemical combination of the ingredients used to come up with the pills. Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or pills.

Where to buy forskolin for weight loss pills

Online stores are the best sources of not only forskolin but also other supplements. For example, you can make an in-store or online garcinia cambogia Walgreens or forskolin purchase depending on your preference. You also have the advantage of doing a customizable search online. For example, supplements to help lose water weight can be purchased on sites like Amazon.

The most important thing is to know what you are looking for. Ensure that you have browsed through a couple of genuine reviews. Also, look for other products that can be used alongside supplements. Essential oils are a good example.

Forskolin pills side effects

It is quite sickening when a manufacturer promises fast transformations and no side effects. A pill that would produce no side effects is more than magical. It seems nearly impossible to find a pill that doesn’t have any side effects. Always talk to your doctor before starting any weight loss program or taking any supplements like forskolin.
Although it is a natural product, there are a couple of complications and side effects that can result from the use of forskolin. They include:

  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Increased heartbeat
  • Problems with bleeding

Medications that manage or treat blood pressure interact with forskolin and should not be used together.  Also, blood thinners can prove fatal when used with this dietary supplement. Talk to your doctor if you have diabetes or ulcers.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women are advised to steer clear of any over the counter supplement or drug.

Forskolin has been found to interact with more than 80 drugs and medications. It is for this reason that you are advised to let your doctor know especially when under prescription drugs or other supplements.

Final thoughts
Garcinia cambogia extract is yet another dietary supplement rowing in the same boat in regards to weight loss use with forskolin.

Regardless of which product you decide to try, major transformations in lifestyle encourage that a calorie deficit must be incorporated.

Before using any dietary supplement, ensure that you have learned all there is in regards to its use, expected results, and possible side effects. In fact, search for available reports from clinical trials performed on the product and talk to your doctor. That way, you will know how long to wait and what to expect.