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Fat Joe and Weight Loss: Surgery with before and after results.

Who is Fat Joe?

Fat Joe is an American-Latino rapper and actor. Born in 1970 in New York, this young hip-hop celebrity has been active since 1992. His singing career is impressive, and his name was beside many other well-known names like Lil Wayne, R, Kelly, Big Pun, DJ Khaled, Jennifer Lopez, Ivy Queen, and Rick Ross.

His acting career included Scary Movie 3, Happy Feet, and She Has to Have It. This year, Fat Joe is enjoying his podcast, called Coca Vision.

This man was born in the USA, but his parents are of Puerto Rican and Cuban origins. He lived in very dire conditions where they were in public housing, and the young rapper was obliged to steal to feed his family. He was also one of the bullies at school. During his childhood, his brother introduced him to rap music, and that’s when he began his success story. Big Fun was his significant influence when he was a teenager.

Now, Fat Joe is married and has three children. He resides in Miami. He has been through many issues with the law. Between assaults, witness to murders, and tax evasions, Fat Joe went to prison many times.

Fat Joe Weight Loss

Joe was known for his massive weight. The scales used to lean toward a weight of 460 pounds. At this level, he reached his heaviest. The truth about this rapper is that he was rich and making a lot of money from his music. His hip-hop success made him feel like he can afford all the fancy food he loves. So he was eating out a lot and was very proud of it. Joe was showing off his weight as the result of being wealthy and affording to eat out in fancy restaurants!

His weight pride changed, and his reality got shaky when, in a period of one year, seven of his close friends died from a heart attack. One of them is his fellow MC Big Pun. That made this rapper feel like all fat people were dying, and at a very young age. Every time one of his friends died, he would picture himself in that casket. It could have been him. So, he decided to start a brand new chapter and start a healthy lifestyle. His daughter Azaryah was his other reason why he needed to put his life together. He did not want to leave her behind and die on her, so that was plenty enough to make him start his weight loss journey.

The result was shocking, and he ended up losing 100 pounds. The rapper had diabetes for a long time. Now that he lost a lot of his extra pounds, he is no longer diabetic. It is true that Fat Joe is turning lean and healthy; but his name will never change to Lean Joe. He will remain the Fat Joe that everyone knows.

Previously, Joe used to go on meager calorie diets where his body basically starved itself. As a result, when he used to stop dieting, this same starvation technique used to push him to overeat. This made him gain back whatever pounds he lost and some more. That’s when he realized that low calorie diets are not his best option. The caveman diet food list was not what he would keep in his agenda!

This rapper did lose a lot of his weight and decided to help others follow his same path. He did inspire many celebrities to follow his lead, like DJ Khaled. Now, Joe weighs 265 pounds, and he looks better than ever! This young man did not go with surgery; he wanted to succeed with his weight loss journey away from anything harsh. He picked simple and chose to educate himself about health lifestyles.

Fat Joe Diet and Food Options

The new approach that Joe embraced was a very sensible one, unlike the Anant Ambani weight loss. He did get the help of a nutritionist who helped him develop a method that would be maintainable over an extended period. Here are the predominant factors of his new weight loss regimen:

  • High proteins.  Joe shifted from a high carb diet into a high protein diet, where proteins accounted for more than 60% of his food intake. This method was an excellent one to let him eat fewer calories without having to lose his muscle mass. After all, proteins do fill you up. He never felt hungry between meals and never felt the need to snack between meals. The proteins that were his friends were: eggs, lean beef, chicken, oily fish like salmon and mackerel, and protein powders.
  •  Joe started having five meals per day. He was not eating the big three meals anymore. Meals and snacks were at least three hours apart. His meals were the same size. All five meals were accounting for around 400 calories each.
  • Ditching carbonated beverages. Joe stopped drinking sodas, energy drinks, and fruit juices.
  • Alcohol no more. Our rapper stopped alcoholic beverages.
  • Drink switch. The rapper was advised on his new weight loss journey to start drinking green tea, which is the best detox tea. He also had lemon juice and water. This shift dramatically reduced his sugar intake. Now his body is well hydrated, and the water with lemon juice was enough to keep flushing the toxins out of his body. He did not decide to follow the cayenne pepper detox. He did not want to go spicy in his drinks. Instead, he picked the lemon water drink.

Fat Joe Workout

Aside from his weight loss regimen, Fat Joe needed to have a good workout. His regimen was meticulous. When you are big, like 400 pounds big, it will be hazardous to run or walk fast. A huge man can never skip ropes and jump. He would be putting a lot of pressure on his joints.

So, Joe started by being just active. Since it was not advised for him to exercise appropriately like others, this rapper was merely walking for few minutes every day. He started with 30 minutes and then escalated it to one hour per day. Over time and when he started feeling lighter, Joe began increasing his walking speed. After three months of walking, he started doing some bicycling. He just got a home bike and began to exercise while watching television. He was riding it for 45 minutes every day without being bothered by the time spent.

Within six months, Joe has already lost fifty pounds. That’s when he began circuit training. This system relies on a buzzer that keeps turning on every minute telling you to move to the next exercise. So, from a hefty man who was trying to talk his minutes out, to a healthier man who was walking every morning, bicycling every night and doing the circuit workout twice a week, Joe was trimming down and wowing everyone.

Now he wants to help big people lose weight and get encouraged to start a healthy lifestyle.  His motto is that he is Fat Joe, and if he was able to do it, that means that anyone can achieve such results. You will never have to think: does phentermine work?