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Extreme Weight Loss Methods, Diet Plans, Recipes, Before and After Results

The process of losing weight

When you lose weight, your body becomes healthier. If you are following the right weight loss regimen, you will end up losing some fat. If you choose the wrong one, then you will lose water and muscle tone.

When you lose fat, most health care professionals believe that the fat leaves the body through either one of these ways:

  • Burn the fat while exercising. So, the fat will be used as a fuel or heat.
  • Excreted through urine or feces.
  • Fat turns into muscles.

The truth is that all these theories can be either wrong or right. The fact is when you exercise, your body uses your fat to increase the respiratory rate and then your metabolic rate becomes much higher. However, when you eat the wrong kinds of food, the entire energy usage can be shifted into a different pathway.

Most people who are obese or overweight have problems with their insulin or leptin. Leptin is a hormone, and its role is to tame your hunger. When the levels of this hormone increase, your body will understand that you are full and no longer continue eating. When your body has issues with this hormone, you end up eating way more than your body needs: you overeat. People who eat a lot of sugars tend to have a compromised leptin level. Fructose is one of the sugars in question. This pure sugar can also block the pathway where fat is burned during weight loss.

When you are overweight and eat a lot of sugars, you will end up having leptin and insulin resistance that will program your body to build more fat and store it.  There are so many shared stories about how people are not able to lose weight when on a specific regimen.

What are extreme weight loss methods

When you are looking for a very quick and intensive weight loss program, it makes a lot of sense to pick a system that will be reasonable and stay away from fad diets. You do not want to follow a system that makes false promises. The best way to lose weight fast would include having the proper number of calories and providing your body with the required nutrients. Losing weight is not worth it when it starts affecting your health negatively. Your meal plan has to be efficient and healthy.

An extreme weight loss diet can include many weight loss tips:

  • Cutting down on sugar and starch: Researchers show the relationship between insulin levels and carbs. When your insulin levels are low, your body has a better chance of burning fat. So, when you go on a very low carb diet, you can lose up to ten pounds during the first week. This weight loss is due to losing both fat and water weight.
  • Eating proteins: you need to understand that every single one of your meal has to contain proteins. You can have some lean meats, seafood, and fish, as well as eggs. When your meals include such proteins, your metabolism tends to burn more calories. You will also feel full for a more extended period.
  • Studies show that, those who eat an enough amount of proteins, have a lower tendency to obsess over food. They have a lower tendency to snack at night. After all, protein is king in the world of weight loss.
  • Eat enough veggies: You need to take vegetables that are low in carbs. These include spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, Swiss chard, lettuce, cucumbers, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. These food options are very low in calories that you can eat a significant amount without feeling guilty.
  • Take in healthy fats: These include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, butter or tallow. The last two are not a very healthy option. Many people are afraid of eating fat. The truth is when you are on a low carbs diet; you have to provide your body with high fat sources. This way, your body will shift, when using energy, from carbs to fat. If you have issues with your heart then you might want to exclude butter and maybe look at the low cholesterol diet.
  • Exercising three times a week: this is not mandatory but, if you do it, you will see faster results. When you exercise four times a week, you can stretch, do some cardio and even lift some weights. This light kind of workout will help you burn calories and boost your metabolic rate.
  • Do not go too low on calories: when you go on meager calorie diets, you tend to gain back the weight that you lost. For women, if you go down to 1200 calories, you can still be on a healthy track; for men, it will be 1800 calories.
  • Eat a full meal: Make your plate full. When you want to lose weight, you should have consistent meals. Stay away from junk food, sodas, chips, and processed meats. Opt for lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. When you are on a high proteins and high fat diet, you will not even need to eat whole grains. Veggies are high in fibers and nutrients.
  • Do not skip meals: you need to start your day with a consistent breakfast and end it with a full dinner. You cannot skip meals. Make sure your breakfast has proteins in it. Eggs is considered a top breakfast option.
  • Water: keep in mind that you need to drink enough water. Having them before meals will help you lose weight faster.
  • Eat soluble fiber: so many studies linked this type of fibers, that is found in oatmeal, nuts, beans, apples, and blueberries help you feel full for a more extended period. This kind of fibers will help you maintain a stable blood sugar level and a healthy heart.
  • Drink coffee and tea- Green tea, specifically: several studies explored the positive effect of green tea on weight loss.
  • Use small plates: you will have a tendency to eat less when you eat in small plates. It’s all in our mind. When you see a small plate overwhelmed with food, you will feel as if you ate a large portion meal.
  • Have a good night sleep: a poor night sleep will mess up your entire system. Those who sleep less, have a tendency to gain weight.

Other ways of losing weight

While some prefer extreme weight loss, others prefer a more stable and slow one like the Adele weight loss diet. This famous singer wanted to go on a healthy journey. She wanted a steady and progressive weight loss. Her mission started when she delivered her baby boy. That’s when she realized that she had a purpose in life. So, she went on a journey where she was eating healthy, almost vegetarian, and exercising very often. She lost an enormous amount of weight and looks better than ever.

On the other hand, the bulletproof diet menu dictates you to go low on carbs and high on good fats. The system wants you to split your calories as follows: 60% of them from healthy fats, 20% from protein and 20% from veggies. So, in other words, there is no room for any carb source. You can only have one to two servings of fruits per day and forget about gluten and sugar. In this regimen, you are also advised to have their special coffee blend. Yes, you can still diet plan recipes.

For those who are suspecting to have some yeast infection and do not wish to treat it with medicines, you can do it by going on the candida diet recipes and plan.

The ABC diet plan, on the other hand, can be very tough to follow and somehow unreasonable. During this regimen, there are three kinds of caloric intakes: many days you can have up to 500 calories, others you can have between 400 and 500 and some between 100 and 200 calories. This system is a very unhealthy one and can promote anorexia. As a matter of fact, the developer of this regimen believes that anorexia is not a condition but a lifestyle and therefore should not be judged. This is one extreme diet, not like the hmr diet. This latter consists of shakes, entrees, bars and soups. It does cost more than other systems and has been proven to give positive results.