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Eddie Lacy Weight Loss: The Plan, Results and Recipes

Who is Eddie Lacy?

Eddie Lacy is an American who became a well-known football running back for Seattle. He started his NFL career after being discovered in Alabama where he was planning on college football. He was drafted by the NFL in 2013. This young 27-year-old man was the NFL offensive rookie of the year in 2013. He studied at the University of Alabama. He did not pay for his tuition as he was offered an athletic scholarship. Today, he is one of the top running backs with a reputation for strength and running without getting tackled.

Eddie is still playing for the Seahawks, and they finally got him to lose weight. They paid him $385,000 to lose just a few pounds. The funny thing is that this money was divided into the six weight check ins. He earned his first $55,000 in early registration until he was 250 pounds by the off season. He managed to lose 17 pounds. This task was a tough one for him, but he succeeded! For every month he weighs less than 245 pounds, this running back gets his bonus $55,000, and this goes on until the end of the season. This Chinese-food lover did do his very best; but what was his method?

Eddie Lacy Weight Loss Plan

Eddie Lacy evidently proved to his team that his willpower could overcome his love for food. He told the media that when he was asked to lose weight, he felt like it was a challenge, a positive one for his life. Well, the entire village was supportive of this man. Coaches, players, and nutritionists teamed up to make it happen for him. And, it worked out! He followed the p90X workout system.

The p90X is a rigorous system that gets done within 90 days. It was developed by Tony Horton and combines a lot of workouts like martial arts, yoga, ab work, plyometrics and body-weight training among others. The system also consists of a nutrition plan. The food plan is divided into three phases. During the first period, he needs to go on a high proteins intake. This is intended to power up his muscles and let him lose fat. So, a high protein/low carbs diet is how he started his weight loss journey.  When you cut down your carb intake, your body will start using its fat reserves to burn into energy. So you start losing weight and shaking off your excess fat. The second phase is having a balanced mix of carbs, proteins with a little bit of fat. This targets enhancing your performance. Finally, the third step will fuel the workout by giving the body some complex carbs and lean proteins.

The system consisted of 22 minutes of hardcore followed by his workouts. These included:

  • Pull-ups and Pushups: he kept doing these until his arms became numb.
  • Plyometrics: he did these at least twice a week.
  • Cardio: once a week to burn calories

He then explains that at least three times a week he was doing the plyometrics, and working his heart, lungs, and legs. On other days, he was going for resistance workouts like body weight, balance, speed, and functional fitness.

His trainer even explained that this workout included everything. He also made Eddie go for yoga and boxing classes.

What made Lacy lose weight was his lousy season that was affected by his weight. That’s when he realized that he needed to take off that extra weight and go back to his old goals.

Diet wise, this man cut down on alcohol. His weight wasn’t why he decided to stop one of his favorite vices. When he discovered the effect it has on his testosterone levels, he had to cut back. He also added vitamin D and fiber supplements. He gave up his love for junk food, especially for Chinese cuisine. In the facility where he trains, they are offered three meals per days. He was eating salads with a protein source and a couple of carbs. He was not counting calories but just eating lean and healthy. Once a week, he allowed himself to eat lobster mac and cheese. That was his big cheat.

Lacy never knew that healthy food could taste so good. He was eating things like:

  • Pork Chops
  • Pork and beans
  • Fried chicken

All these were prepared by his father. When Eddie needed to lose the weight, he started understanding the new ways to eat his food: more colorful! He started beating egg whites with plenty of chopped veggies for breakfast. It did take him some time to lose that weight, but he evidently feels happier and lighter. Eating healthy, cutting down on alcohol and taking supplements all benefited this running back.

Other ways to lose weight

While Eddie went on a rigorous athlete-specific weight loss journey, others pick a more flexible system like the food lovers diet plan. This regimen uses the fat-loss plate. You are allowed to have a high consumption of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits. You are also allowed to indulge in very lean meats, think eggs, soy, fish, legumes, and non-fat dairy. Your diet also will enable you to have unsaturated fats like olive oil. The menu is not a strict one and helps your body burn fat by speeding your metabolic rate. It gives you the control and power to pick your plate the way you want it as long as you only have what you are allowed to have. Many who used this system to lose weight are very satisfied with the results. They state that they never felt as if they were dieting.  The system works and can be followed over an extended period. Results have shown that those who picked this diet system succeeded maintaining their weight loss.

Another successful weight loss system is the fast metabolism diet review that explains this happy way to lose weight. Following this regimen, you get to eat more and burn more. The system understands that by eating three meals per day accompanied by two snacks, you can shake off that unwanted weight. No food group is banned and it is not a low carb system. The meals are carefully planned to make you feel full and boost your metabolism. The system works for everyone and doesn’t pose any health risks at all. It is all in how you mix your food. You will feel full, satisfied and full of energy. You can even follow it on a vegetarian path or gluten-free. This is a system completely different from the Paula Deen weight loss plan where you fast some days and pig out on others. Paula was eating less than 500 calories on some days while drinking a lot of coffee and eating a lot of pickles. She thinks that when you surprise your body by using this system, you will succeed in losing weight. Do not take metformin pills that were originally intended to treat diabetes. Many have been using these medications to lose weight.