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Does The Cucumber Diet Work? Plan, Recipes, Reviews and Results

Does the cucumber diet actually work?

Just like any fad diet, some might work while others will not. When it comes to the cucumber diet, the good side of it is that you are eating cucumbers. These veggies are very delicious and highly beneficial for your health. Cucumbers do provide a lot of minerals and vitamins. Cucumbers can help our body by:

  • Treating diabetes; so, they are great options for diabetic people. When you juice this veggie, your body will get a specific hormone that will help your body produce enough insulin. By this, your blood glucose will get regulated.
  • It helps regulate blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Cucumbers are veggies that are high in potassium and Magnesium. They are also very high in fibers. With these three components, cucumbers can help you lower your blood pressure and your bad cholesterol levels.
  • Protects your kidneys. Yes, cucumbers lower the amount of uric acid in your body. As a result, your kidneys will remain functioning perfectly well.
  • Detoxifying your body due to its high water content. Cucumbers can help your body flush out all the toxins that have been accumulated in your body. It also helps breaking down kidney stones.
  • Hydrating your entire body. This veggie will keep your body well-hydrated. When you are providing yourself with enough water, you will keep your memory sharp, keep your skin clear and feel well throughout the day.
  • Providing enough vitamins. Cucumbers and especially their skin, contain a large amount of vitamins such as Vitamins C and B, as well as A. these three will boost your immune system.
  • Offers your body with the needed minerals. Cucumbers are very high in silica, potassium and magnesium.
  • Calming your digestive system and stomach.
  • Speeds up the healing of possible wounds.
  • Keeping your breath fresh. These veggies have a powerful effect on getting you rid of bad breath. You will feel your mouth all freshened up by fighting off against oral bacteria that causes the bad smell. All you will need to do is to chew a couple of cucumber pieces for couple of minutes.
  • Helps you keep up with your beauty. Cucumbers help getting you rid of dark circles around your eyes. All you need to do is to add two circles around your eyes, and you are good. It also helps keep your nails and hair growth at its optimal status due to its Silica content. Your hair will look shinier than ever.

The truth is that cucumbers are veggies that contain 90% of water and only 15 calories for every 100g. When you hear about the cucumber diet, this does not mean that you only get to eat cucumbers. The diet is normally dominated by cucumbers and on the side; you can have some yogurt, proteins like chickpeas, fruits and other veggies. If you want to eat only cucumbers, you can only follow this system for one day only. This one single day will help you lose up to one kg of weight.

If you decide to follow the diet for three days, here is what you need to expect.

Day 1: you would be required to eat about one and a half kg of cucumbers. Also, you can have up to half a kg of tomatoes. On the side, you can take the oil and lemon. Make sure you add 250 ml of yogurt that is low fat. Always divide your meals into five to six meals to keep your metabolic rate high.

Day 2: you would need to eat 1.5 kg of cucumbers. In addition, you are allowed to add one boiled egg for two meals.

Day 3: you need to eat a lot of veggies like cucumbers, radishes, cabbage, lettuce and carrots. Make sure your cucumbers constitute more than 2/3rd of the veggies ingested. At night, you can accompany your dinner with 150g of cheese (cottage cheese is preferred).

The cucumber diet plan

Among the crazy fad diets that have been everywhere around us comes the cucumber diet with its claim to help us lose as much as seven pounds in seven days. If this is the system you picked to follow, here is how you need to plan your days.

Day 1:

Breakfast: you can have a plate of cucumbers salad with two large eggs boiled.

Snack: you can have one fruit of your choice like an apple or a peach.

Lunch: one slice of whole wheat bread with one plate of cucumber salad.

Dinner: a bowl of fruit salad (no syrups or sugar added).

For your cucumbers salad, you can have some cucumbers, one onion, 200 ml of yogurt and a little bit of salt. For those who might feel hungry between meals, you can have a cucumber shake. You can prepare the shake by mixing one cucumber, one apple, some spinach and a small piece of ginger.

Other options are the following:

Option one: you can have cucumbers with steamed eggs for breakfast. Make sure you prepare the egg as an omelet. You are also asked to have a herbal drink. For lunch, you will be required to have two cucumbers with some grilled fish and 100g of steamed basmati rice. Lunch should also be accompanied by green tea. Finally, your dinner will consist of two cucumbers, and 250g of Greek yogurt.

Option two: you can have a cup of green tea for breakfast with a whole wheat toast and some cucumbers. Your lunch would be a plate of stewed veggies and two cucumbers. As for your dinner, you should have some cucumbers and tomato salad along with olive oil and yogurt. Always try to pick non-fat yogurt.

Option three: You can have during this day a cucumber, two pieces of low fat cheese and a cup of green tea for breakfast. As for lunch, you will need a vegetable soup that does not contain any potatoes along with two cucumbers and 300g of grilled fishes. As for dinner, unlike the 21 day diet reviews, you need two cucumbers and 200g of cheese (cottage cheese preferable) and one orange.

The cucumber diet recipes

There are numerous recipes for the cucumber diet. if you are set on following this method for losing weight, you can pick from the below.

  • Cucumber Raita salad: This is a great recipe originating from the Arab world. You will need to bring together two long cucumbers to be diced, one cup of diced tomatoes and half a chopped red onion. The secret of this tasty salad is in its dressing. For the dressing, you will need one cup of Greek yogurt that you can easily replace with full-fat regular yogurt (plain one), one clove of garlic, a very small slice of peeled and diced ginger, a quarter of a small spoon of sugar
  • Greek yogurt Dip and cucumbers: This is a very tasty recipe that originates from the Mediterranean countries. It is very simple and consists of preparing the yogurt dip, the right way. So, you will be set to dip in your cucumbers. You will need five ounces of Greek yogurt, one small spoon of garlic, half a small spoon of lime juice and one and a half big spoon of cilantro. As for the ingredients of the things to dip them in, you have cucumbers, grapes, or even snap peas. The above mentioned ingredients will provide four servings. In every serving, you have 90 calories, four grams of fat, and three grams of saturated fat, five grams of proteins and eight grams of carbs.
  • Cucumbers watermelon Basil Seltzer: for this great drink, you will need three cups of Seltzer water. Also, for the syrup, you need one cup of honey, one cup of water and finally for the fruit concentrate, you will need half a cup of watermelon, half a cup of cucumbers, many leaves of basil and half a squeezed lime. Every cup will offer you 18 calories with five grams of carbs and 0 grams of fat and proteins.
  • Cucumber avocado soup: this is a great recipe if you are a person who enjoys eating avocados and does not get bothered by chopped cucumbers. This is a very healthy recipe that is packed with nutrients and fibers. It is perfect for your weight loss regimen. You will need to puree all the ingredients in a blender and then put the mix and refrigerate before eating. You will need two large cucumbers, a quarter of a cup of mint, a quarter of a cup of cilantro, one avocado, two cloves of garlic, a quarter of a small spoon of cumin, and a quarter of a small spoon of curry powder. You will also need two big spoons of olive oil, a quarter of a cup of Greek yogurt, one and a quarter of a small spoon of sea salt and pepper, and one cup of cold water. You can decorate the soup with some roasted almonds, olive oil drizzle and mint leaves.
  • Cucumbers and chickpeas salad: this is one excellent filling recipe that is high in proteins and fibers. It can be a perfect lunch or even a healthy dinner. You will need about 10 minutes to prepare it and 10 minutes to cook it. The below ingredients will yield four servings. The cooking part is only for the chickpeas. As for the ingredients, you will need one big spoon of olive oil, two cups of canned chickpeas, one and a half small spoon of sumac, a quarter of a small spoon of ground cumin, half a small spoon of lemon zest, one big spoon of lemon juice, one and a half cup of cucumbers, one and a half cup of tomatoes, and a quarter of a cup of red chopped onions. You will also need a quarter of a cup of chopped cilantro, and a lemon juice and olive oil dressing.
  • The cucumber lemonade: this is one great drink that you can have as a snack or next to your meal. It is refreshing in the hot weather and highly hydrating. For this refreshment, you will need four squeezed lemons, five cups of water, one cucumber, two handfuls of mint, and one lemon for decoration. All you will need to do is to mix all the ingredients together in a large pitcher.
  • Cucumber and radish salad: this is a great and very healthy salad that will take 15 minutes to be ready. It is highly ranked by anyone who tried it. You will need one small spoon of caraway seeds, one large fennel bulb, one cucumber sliced very thinly, one handful of radishes, two large spoons of white vinegar, two big spoons of canola oil and some sea salt. The dressing is simply olive oil combined with vinegar. This can be a good option in the Apple cider vinegar diet.

 cucumber diet review: pros and cons

Just like for any diet, especially fad ones that promise you to lose pounds in a short period of time, like the Bulletproof diet results, there are many cons. These are:

  • Your daily meals on this weight loss journey are mostly made of cucumbers. This surely is not enough to provide your body with what it needs from nutrients.
  • This is somehow a kind of a detox diet; however, when it is not the season for cucumbers, you will end up paying a lump sum of money to get your veggie.
  • When you eat mostly cucumbers, this surely is nothing like a Keto diet. You will feel hungry all the time. You will get your flat belly; but, you will be haunted with the hunger feeling.

The cucumber diet results

When you decide on a weight loss system, you tend to scroll all over the net. Some might find the Golo com diet plan while others might be interested in a more liquid diet like the Bone broth diet recipe. Others might even go as far as trying the sirtfood diet review.

Unlike the whole 30 diet recipes, the cucumber diet is a system that relies mostly on one single vegie that is the cucumber. Many who decided to follow the cucumber diet saw results very fast; however, one has to keep in mind that since this is a very restricted diet that is low in calories, you are most probably losing water and muscle weight and not fat. In a way, it may match like an extreme weight loss diet plan.

Whether you are eating a sea cucumber or a cucumber and celery salad, you are still adding very little calories to your diet. Even the cucumber juice is as light as an infused cup of water. This surely is not very filling and most people who tried this system admit feeling hungry most of the time. A smoothie can be a heavy one and filling. These kinds of drinks are not allowed in the cucumber diet. For other low calorie diets, you can check the 500 calorie diet results.