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Does Acupuncture work for weight loss: Prices, Real Reviews, Side Effects.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a method used by practitioners to stimulate specific areas of the body. It relies on using thin needles and inserting them through the skin. It is a type of Chinese medicine.

This kind of therapy was embraced in the Chinese healthcare system at least 2,500 years ago. It relies on the fact that there are patterns to how energy flows in our body. These are called Qi. These patterns are what makes us healthy. When they are disrupted, the person becomes ill and develops a specific health condition. In the USA, this practice began when President Richard Nixon visited China and was exposed to it.

Many studies have tried to understand how it works. Acupuncture is a group of procedures where you stimulate through the skin the different anatomical locations of our system. In the USA, they use thin solid metallic needles that are either worked manually or electrically. In the USA, acupuncture is no longer an experimental medical device. The FDA approved it and considered it equal to any other surgical procedure.

What does it do? It makes us healthy! Science explains the effectiveness of this practice in addressing many health conditions, for example:

  • Easing the pain of the lower back
  • Calming the pain of the neck
  • Soothing the pain associated with osteoarthritis and knee issues
  • Relieves headaches
  • Tame menstrual cramps
  • Helps fibromyalgia
  • Helps asthmatic people

The world of acupuncture has not yet explained how the brain functions are measured when using this technique. It is a whole new world that we probably would need too long to explain. However, beliefs and expectations do play an important role in the effectiveness of this medicine, according to evidence.

One has to be very careful when picking his acupuncture practitioner as when this practice does not get delivered properly, it can cause serious adverse effects like infections and punctured organs. Some people reported getting viral hepatitis, while others reported contracting bacterial infections where the needles were inserted. Most of the side effects are related to poor practice and not practicing a proper hygiene at the clinic. Just like any operating room, when the tools are not well sterilized and the doctor is not paying attention for any possible contamination, infections will happen.

Nowadays, many studies are exploring the effect of acupuncture on menopause and many other chronic conditions.

Acupuncture and weight loss

When you explore new ways, you have to understand all its benefits. With all the benefits acupuncture presents to the body, there is an additional one that has to be exploited. Acupuncture is also used for weight loss. This practice is being used on dieters to fix some of the body’s meridians. When you gain weight, there might be many underlying reasons like hormones imbalance, low metabolic rate, overeating, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Acupuncture can tap into these problems one at a time in a multi-system approach. Traditional healers believe that when you gain weight, this means that you have a disturbed energy flow to and from the hypothalamus, a section of the brain.

The hypothalamus is in charge of homeostasis. This status is when your body is in the balance for everything to run as expected. It helps to regulate hormones and neurochemicals. From another angle, it governs the body’s temperature, circadian rhythms, thirst, and hunger.

Acupuncture, specifically, regulates obesity hormones, especially ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin is in charge of controlling how much you eat, and leptin is in charge of monitoring your body’s metabolism and how much fat it stores.

So, many success stories outline the beneficial effect of acupuncture on fighting weight gain. This practice can power up and speeding your weight loss journey. Here is what it helps with:

  • Curbs your appetite
  • Tames down cravings
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Improves your digestion
  • Regulates obesity hormones
  • Improves how the body uses nutrients.
  • Strengthen the liver functions
  • Tones your stomach muscles which helps you feel full

When you target the Qi for an effective weight loss regimen, you aim at four points on the ear. These are the hunger points, the Shen men point, the stomach point and the endocrine point. Very small needles are inserted into these channels to tame heat and to trigger the proper release of hormones and neurotransmitters. In certain cases, the needles are taped down and left for many days. Some patients might be given some ear seeds to wear at home. These will massage the specific areas.

When you chose your acupuncture practitioner, is not as easy as picking your fit tea detox. Your care giver has to be licensed. Some might even be medical doctors who are qualified and who have obtained the proper training to perform acupuncture.

When you pick acupuncture as your weight loss regimen, it is advised to follow the entire treatment course, which consists of ten sessions that are spread over a period of couple of weeks. The regime has to be accompanied by healthy food choices and proper exercising. You have to pick the proper weight loss meal plans. Please make sure you do not confuse ear stapling with acupuncture. These are two separate techniques with different methods.  Using surgical staples can lead to ear infections.

Other ways for losing weight

While many might be considering acupuncture for weight loss, some might prefer to use pills like fat loss supplements. These pills can operate by preventing your body from absorbing the fat you eat, and as a result, you will excrete some or all the fat you take in through stools. Many find this method convenient.

Others might stay away from supplements and end up following a clear liquid diet that consists of juicing everything. This is mostly the case of those who underwent weight loss surgeries. This kind of eating doesn’t quench much the hunger of many who end up choosing the slow carb diet results. This system consists of using carbs that are digested very slowly by the body and that will not affect the glycemic index. This will prevent any spike in the blood glucose levels.

The Mitch Grassi weight loss program did not embrace, specifically, this kind of diet. He preferred one that was gluten free. So, he ended up removing anything that originates from wheat from his lifestyle. In addition, he accompanied his diet with an intensive work out routine. Both together made him lose a considerable amount of fat and pounds. Now, he is looking better than ever!