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DJ Khaled Weight Loss system: Meal Plan, Food recipes and before and after results

Whether you are a regular person or a celebrity, losing weight is something you will be interested in when you are overweight or obese.

Who is DJ Khaled?

DJ Khaled is an American rapper that was born in Louisiana but lived mostly in Miami. This 42-year-old sensation is known for many albums. In 2009, this young man became the president of “We the Best Music Group.” Within a couple of years, Khaled released many albums, such as “Grateful,” “Major Key,” and “I Changed a Lot.”

Khaled was born to Palestinian parents that were also musicians. He has a brother called Alec Ledd, who is an actor. His parents’ genre was different than his. They were in the Arabic type of music; however, ever since a young age, this rapper began his interest in rap and soul music. He got the full support of his family and moved forward with his passion.

Now, Khaled is engaged to Nicole Tuck and has a son, who was born in 2016. He streamed the live birth of his son on Snapchat. In 2017, he was nominated and won the favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Song Award.

Dj Khaled’s weight loss

Despite his long years of success, Khaled had a bit of a weight problem. He carried many extra pounds. Now he is leaner and ready to keep it going. This man built his fame and fortune on his own and through hard work. This producer had several responsibilities such as being an author, a DJ, a record producer, and a record label executive among many others.

Unlike many stars who end up creating and personalizing their diet regimen for weight loss, DJ Khaled wanted to go with a long-known system like the Weight Watchers weight loss regimen.

Up until the birth of his son, DJ Khaled was overeating and leading an unhealthy dietary regimen. When his baby was finally ready to join him and his fiancee, he decided it was about time to shed his extra weight and embrace a healthier lifestyle for his health and the sake of his new family.

Khaled always knew that he was a fat man and was aware of his weight. And then, one day, he decided to challenge himself. He never wanted to be skinny but he didn’t want to be fat either. He started his regimen at 300 pounds. Now, he is 66 pounds lighter. He feels much better and seems to be much healthier. His weight is one of his main successes.

DJ Khaled Weight Loss Regimen

This young rapper had an insatiable appetite and he was oriented towards burgers, sandwiches, bacon, and steaks. He ate out a lot. We all know that food in restaurants can be high in fat, fried, and high in processed sugar.

Now, he switched to a vegetarian diet. He is mostly oriented toward fruits and veggies. As an example, Khaled would start his day with some oats, almond milk and fruits. He prefers nut milk over dairy. He is also happy to have fruits instead of meats. From another angle, he leans toward energy drinks to provide him with the energy he needs. He does not binge eat and eats several times a day to prevent hunger or binge eating. Also, his diet contains a small amount of bread and he drinks his juices with pulp and as smoothies, instead of fruit juices. Khaled is not too much into the Atkins diet plan that relies on a very low carb intake coupled with high protein and high fat. The Atkins diet tries to turn the body to finding necessary energy from the body’s fat stores and fat intake, instead of the carbs we eat.

Khaled wants it real, so he did not want to try the dolce diet meal plan. He wants to have a healthy vegan lifestyle, the simplest possible.

After his fast weight loss in 2016, Khaled is now embracing the Weight Watchers regimen and still losing weight. His new image has made his life much more comfortable as he is enjoying his time with his one-year-old son. The Weight Watchers freestyle diet has been beneficial for him, and he has lost 20 extra pounds following this simple system. So, his dieting day in 2018 looks like this:

  • Breakfast: sandwich with fruits and granola. All this equals 10 points.
  • His lunch would be a corn, cauliflower and lentil soup with a vegan meatloaf. These would account for seven points.
  • His snack can be a cookie that goes for three points
  • He eats an egg white or a small dessert as a second snack.

Khaled is allowed 40 points per day, but he has only been using 28 points. This young rapper does not believe in over the counter phentermine that is used for weight loss over a short period of time.

DJ Khaled Workout Routine

Workout wise, this rapper enjoy his jet skis! They are considered his number priority in the world of sports. Loving the water, he also enjoys his time swimming. Khaled works out three times a week or more. What he goes for are core exercises, body weights and gym.

Here is what he works on at the gym:

  • Arm rotations: a total of two sets
  • Torso rotations: a total of two sets
  • Chest expansions: two sets
  • Jumping jacks: three sets
  • High knees: three sets
  • Elliptical training: 30 minutes
  • Sumo squads: three sets

Most people are suffering from some weight gain. Many want to lose that weight to look better while others want to feel healthier and enjoy their lives better. Whether you are a man or a woman, being obese or overweight is going to affect your quality of life. For celebrities, their lifestyle can be extreme so deciding to change their harmful routine can be very challenging. There are many different ways to shed these pounds off and head on a healthy path. Some go to leading weight loss centers, while others opt for surgeries. Some even go for systems as simple as the green coffee weight loss regimen. This latter, as explained by Dr. Oz, consists of keeping one’s diet and add three capsules of green coffee supplements. He went as far as enlisting one hundred women where half of them received these supplements, and the other half just a placebo. This experiment yielded a more significant weight loss for those taking the green coffee pills.

Another very simple weight loss regimen is the grapefruit diet menu. This system, as its name implies, is a relatively short duration weight loss diet. It consists of eating less than one thousand calories where most of the meals include grapefruits or the juice of the fruit. The menu promises to help you lose 10 pounds in 12 days. They declare that the grapefruit contains an enzyme that burns fat cells. This vitamin C loaded regimen boosts the immune system and can be useful for health. Think of it as a short period detox. Despite all the benefits of the fruit, this method is low in both calories and carbs. This alone could trigger the witnessed weight loss.

Finally, what DJ Khaled, and many other individuals who have been on the wrong path of health, have done is amazing! Deciding to change your life for the better and with the help of a proper nutrition and a good exercising regimen is the perfect way to yield results and adjust your body’s proper functioning. Life is a gift and your health is its most precious jewel. So, make sure you value it, regardless of your fame, social and educational status.