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Day fix challenge diet plan for weight loss: menu, food list, real results!

Why lose weight?

When you are overweight or obese, you tend to take your body on an unwell and undesirable journey. Aside from how they look, a person who does not have a healthy weight might be facing a very long list of health complications, such as:

  • High cholesterol levels
  • High triglycerides levels
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Bone and joint issues like osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea that will cause brief episodes of no breathing
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Psychosocial effects: people may become weak-willed

In general, the reason why you become overweight or obese is that you are eating more calories than what you are burning. It is a simple equation. The energy you have comes from the food you decide to have throughout the day. The energy you expend is from what your body is burning and what your muscles are consuming from your lifestyle. If you have a sedentary lifestyle, then your body is not burning as much as a person who is fully active. To lose weight fast, it is recommended to exercise alongside your diet. For men, their body tends to burn more as they have a more significant muscle mass than women. For women, it can be easier to have a lighter meal. That seems to be a reality!

What is the 21 day challenge diet?

This plan is a genius nutrition plan that will play a significant role, about 80%, in your weight loss journey. Motivation is always a vital factor in any success. It is true that you might miss some foods; but, it will be worth it to take a look at yourself in the mirror and admire the new version of your body.

The 21-day fix challenge uses a set of colored containers. One green cup is for the vegetables, a purple container is for the fruits, the red cup will have your proteins, a blue one has the healthy fats and cheese, and finally there are two orange containers for your seeds and dressings. So you will be given seven containers in total, and each has to contain the right choice from the foods list. Every container has to be filled, and all 7 of them constitute your daily meals.

These containers can be purchased online along with the shaker cup. This system is very effective for weight loss and can put you back on a healthy track.

To calculate, on your own, the number of calories you need to have, you have to do the following calculations. First, start with your current weight expressed in pounds and multiply it by eleven. The yielded number is your baseline number. The second step is to add 400, and that will be how many calories your body needs. Finally, remove 750, and you will get the target calories.

When you calculate your number, you will then decide which of the four categories you belong to and pick the food choices of this group. These will be the foods that you are allowed to fill the containers with.

The system gives you the entire freedom to eat your food in the order you want. It is always recommended to divide the meals into three main ones: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Have two snacks in between. Always remember to drink a lot of water to keep your body well hydrated. You are also free to have some coffee or tea. Many studies link the high consumption of green tea to an impressive reduction in fat cells and cellulite.

In case the food was not enough for you, you can add another green container. So, in other words, you can still have some extra vegetables during the day.

Each category has a long list of items. When you go shopping, try to pick the things that you usually enjoy eating. It is always a good idea to pick the fruits and vegetables that are fresh in the season you are in.

This weight loss diet plan is a well-structured one and offers a wide range of elements and nutrients.

The 21 day diet menu

This system relies on mini-plans, each consisting of 3 days. Think of them as sub-systems. Each is responsible for something specific.

  • The first three days are the orientation and that’s when the body warms up through many pathways including detoxification.
  • The second phase is the switch. That’s when you want to let your body try to break away from the diet it is used to having. In this phase, you offer your body everything it needs.
  • The third phase supplements your body with proteins from different sources.
  • The fourth phase is the flexible one, as it permits you to add some food options that you used to like previously to the start of the 21 day challenge.
  • Phase five is a rigid one, as you will be required to only eat what is essential to your body.
  • Phase six is an adjustment phase where your body starts feeling comfortable with the plan.
  • And finally, phase seven is the most dynamic one, and concludes the regimen.

To make things easier for you, you would want to follow these cheats:

  • Buy pre-cooked chicken or fish from the supermarket instead of cooking it yourself.
  • When you do not have time to cook a protein, resort to a light tuna packed in water.
  • Go for pre-washed and pre-diced fruits and vegetables.
  • Try to look for options you like in the frozen section.
  • A hard-boiled egg can be a great option.
  • Cook enough rice or quinoa to last you many days
  • Keep nuts handy for a snack throughout the day.
  • Pick snacks that can be conveniently eaten outside your home. Snacks have to be ready to eat anywhere you are.
  • Prepare the shopping list before heading to the grocery store.

Other healthy ways

While so many people love the 21 day fix challenge diet, and you can find many 21-days diet reviews where results are very impressive, others feel more comfortable following another system.

For example, there is the green tea detox diet that has been doing wonders. Green tea is a fantastic option and has been found to lower weight and protect the body from an infinite number of diseases.

The paleo diet food list is an amazing one for what it does to the entire system. This diet relies on eating the least processed food in the most straightforward ways of preparation possible. You can follow this and still do the 21 days fix challenge diet plan.

Some even go for a juice detox diet. This kind of cleansing regimen improves your health, mood, and the way you look.

If you are a vegetarian and still want to lose weight, you can check out the low carb vegetarian diet.

Finally, some individuals who want to lose weight try to do it the easy way by picking supplements. One of these supplements may be green coffee diet pills.