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Christian Bale Weight Loss Diet: Recipes, Plan and Results in Pictures

Who is Christian bale?

Christian Bale is an English actor and producer who was born in 1974 and counts 36 years of his acting career. He started from the bottom, with small movies, and now is known as Batman; not bad! Bale is also famous for his incredible body transformations; in fact, he changed his weight in the past years several times. This man has witnessed weight loss and gain depending on his movies.

Bale is the perfect description of a chameleonic actor. His determination to interpreting a character in films was noted in the psychological thriller The Machinist (2004), where he lost 28.5 kg to play the role of Trevor Reznik.

In six months (from The Machinist) he gained 100 lb (45 kg) to star as Batman, but how was that transformation possible? He opted for a high-protein plan and daily workouts, apparently followed by his personal trainer. In order for Bale to reach his weight goal, he had 2 hours of workouts every day.

What is the christian bale machinist diet? The Apple and Tuna diet

In The Machinist, in 2004, our actor plays the role of Trevor Reznik. The machinist is a character with insomnia, and he tragically loses weight. To fit the Trevor Reznik persona, Christian Bale needed to look thin, so he had to lose 63 pounds, going from 173 pounds to 110 pounds.

To lose such an abnormal quantity of weight, the actor followed a drastic skinny diet. The diet consists of just one can of tuna and one apple, every day for four months.

This type of diet is an insane low-calorie diet, with only 250 calories/day. The meal was completed with coffee and water. In his interviews, Bale explains how tough the diet was. Another tough one is the apple cider vinegar detox diet.

As you can think, this is a drastic diet, impossible to follow for a healthy individual, as a lack of calories can only block your metabolism and bring you to illness. Bale had to lose weight fast, and it wasn’t easy for him. Imagine that he had an intense workout session with cardio. For better weight loss diets, you can take a look at the gluten free diet plan.

Also, he used metabolism booster food; in fact, caffeine helps your metabolism, same as green tea. To protect his health, Bale took vitamin and mineral supplements every day. Vitamins are essential for the regulation of the life of our cells. Also, they help to stay healthy and avoid illnesses. Minerals are also necessary, for a skinny person like Bale’s role in The Machinist. Well, at least he did not tale the Raspberry Ketone diet pills.

Christian Bale Tuna Diet, right for you?

But is the apple and tuna diet the right choice for you? Not really. People who want to be fit do not need a food system like that; a balanced diet is better if you’re going to lose weight and at the moment you are only a little bit overweight. Low calorie diets like that which provide a calorie intake of around 250kcal can be sustained just for a maximum 12 weeks. Also, that type of regimen is not recommended and if you want to try that, do it under medical supervision. This is a superstar diet, and that’s why it is incredible. Remember that a nutritionist can choose better for you.

When you cut down so much on calories, you would significantly cause serious health problems. A low-calorie diet is something entirely different.

Following the guidelines provided by the R.D.A. (Recommended Dietary Allowances), macronutrients must be divided into carbohydrates (60%), proteins (15-20%) and fats (20-25%) in an adult’s dietary needs.

Having a general knowledge in this field can help you lose weight fast and you will have much better results for your health. Another great healthy system is the whole food plant based diet.

Christian Bale, The Batman Diet and Changes

Bale was following some rules to gain weight for the Batman role; in fact, he had meals every two to three hours, and each meal was a balanced proportion of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. His ideal portion was one part of fats, two parts of the protein and three parts of carbohydrates. You can find a lot of recipes for such a system.

That’s about 1.5/2g of protein for weight, and it is a normal and sustainable diet. That’s a simple example of his diet that you can try. You can also check the Khloe Kardashian weight loss diet.

Day 1

Breakfast was around 8 AM: At breakfast, you have to eat a lot, especially if your first workout is in the morning. So you can eat a smoothie with Oats (3 parts), Protein powder or low-fat Greek yogurt (2 parts), peanut butter (1 part). Then, you can add extra calories mixing it with milk; if you don’t want extra calories, water is the best choice. For vegetarians, you can use vegetable sources like Soya Milk and vegetable protein powder. Feel free to check the low carb diet plan.

Snack – 11 AM: First snack after 3 hours, eating 1 part of fats like avocado, 2 parts of protein like low-fat ham and three parts of carbohydrates, like a slice of whole bread.

Lunch – 1 PM: That’s one of the most important meals, brown rice, salmon and some broccoli or cauliflower, in the same proportion suggested before

Snack – 4 PM: If it is your post-workout meal just go for a protein shake and avoid fast food, it will help you to carry protein faster to the muscle.

Dinner  – 7 PM: Whole pasta or bread, a big chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper and a little squeeze of lime, as a side dish you can have bell peppers. Season it with olive oil. This can be a great recipe in the Indian diabetic diet.

Snack – 10 PM: Go for low-fat Greek yogurt and some dark chocolate; this is a delicious dessert.

Day 2

Breakfast: Egg whites as a source of protein, cornflakes with some extra dark chocolate and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Respect the proportion and go for the macronutrients you need.

Snack: It consists of a slice of whole bread with butter and salmon. Remember that salmon is a really good source of omega-3 and proteins. For those who have high blood pressure, you may want to check the high blood pressure diet.

Lunch: The perfect bodybuilder lunch to gain muscle is brown rice, grilled chicken breast, and broccoli. Season as you like but don’t use too much salt.

Snack: If you need calories, but you are not too hungry, you can go for a smoothie, with oats and bananas (3 parts), protein powder or low-fat Greek yogurt (2 parts), and almond butter (1 part). Then you can add extra calories by mixing it with milk. If you don’t want extra calories, water is the best choice. For vegetarians, you can use vegetable sources like Soya Milk and vegetable protein powder.

Dinner: Today for dinner you can have a  piece of grilled tuna with some lettuce and tomatoes, as a source of carbohydrates potatoes is pretty good.

-If you want to gain muscle and weight you have to start with a certain calorie and increase that number every week by 100-150 calories just increasing the amount a little bit the carbohydrates intake. Start with your R.D.A. and increase that every week. It is not easy, but in 3-4 months you will see pretty good results if you also work out.

Christian Bale’s workout

At the base of his training program there is the overload. You aren’t expected to count reps but do the exercises until you are exhausted.

Here we have some exercises to stay fit and aspire to a superstar body. The program is based on the Christian Bale’s training program but with some adjustment for the people who don’t have enough time and just want to stay fit.

Every workout session starts with cardio:

  • 30 minutes of jumping rope

1. Chest and Triceps:

  • 2 set of push-up until you are exhausted;
  • 3 set of 12 reps of dumbbells benchpress with the max weight that you can lift;
  • 1 set of pull-down till exhausted;
  • 3 set of 12 reps french press;

2. Biceps and shoulders:

  • Curl EZ bar, same many as you can do;
  • 2 set of dumbbells flyes till exhausted;
  • 4 set of sit military press with bar;
  • 2 set of lateral raises till exhausted;
  • Curl with dumbbells till exhausted;

3. Quadriceps / legs:

  • Four sets of 6,8,10 and 12 reps of back-squat
  • Three sets of 12 reps of lunges with handlebars
  • Two sets of leg extensions up to the limit
  • Two sets of squats with dumbbells up to the limit
  • Four sets of 6, 8, 10 and 12 repetitions of deadlift with a barbell
  • Wall sit-up to the limit (the position of the chair has to have the back attached to the wall)

4. Back:

  • 4 sets of 6, 8, 10, 12 repetitions
  • Four sets of 6, 8, 10, and 12 repeats of Wide-Grip Pulldown (pushed down)
  • 3 sets of 12 repetitions of pulldown with V bar
  • Push-up at the bar till exhausted

That program is perfect for an intermediate athlete who wants to improve his result. It may not be sufficient for everyone because it is tough and if you’re going to achieve results you have to do better every week. Also, diet is essential, as you have to eat enough to stimulate the muscle gain.