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Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet: Menu, Supplements, Before and After Results!

Who is Chris Pratt?

Who hasn’t heard of Chris Pratt, the famous American actor who has been wowing women all over the world by his most beautiful face and fantastic physique? Born in 1979, this hunk lives in California. Married to Anna Faris, Pratt has accumulated tons of achievements. Starring in Jurassic Park, Passengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and many other great movies, Pratt is a true leading man!

Born in Minnesota to a Norwegian mom, Chris moved to Washington and entered many wrestling competitions in high school. That’s when he discovered his passion for fame. He didn’t know what he was going to do with his life, but he wanted to be famous. He ended up dropping out of college and working as a salesman and a stripper; he ended up being homeless and sleeping in a van in Hawaii. In his many interviews, Pratt honestly shared that being homeless was a fun stage of his life where he used to drink, use weed and barely work.

Following this strange stage of his life, he began waiting tables at a restaurant where he was discovered by the director Rae Dawn Chong. She gave him his first gig in a horror movie called Cursed: Part 3. That’s when his career picked up!

In 2011, he was reading for a role in the movie Moneyball; but he did not get the role due to being overweight. He had put on 40 pounds at that time. Pratt blamed his girlfriend for his weight gain as he stated that he loved her cooking. He decided to lose the weight, and ended up taking off 30 pounds. This weight loss landed him the role. After that, he gained weight, once again, and then, once again had to lose it to take the part of a NAVY seal.

Pratt got married to his girlfriend and ended up divorcing after many years. They have a son together.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss

Chris is among the stars that have been famous for his yo-yo weight. He gains some and ends up losing it for a specific role. This once-chubby actor had to lose up to 60 pounds to get his part in Guardians of the Galaxy. He did it in only six months. Pratt is 6’2’’ and weighs 223 pounds. Before these measurements, Chris weighed 300 pounds. The way he succeeded in this weight loss is that he had the help of two amazing people. His trainer was Duffy Gaver, who assigned him a very intense workout regimen. His nutritionist was Phil Goglia, who developed the perfect diet plan for him. As for working out, he did it four to five times a week. The first two months, he was doing bodybuilding sessions. The next two months, he did bodybuilding and conditioning. The last month, he was more focused on conditioning and was climbing mountains, swimming and doing a lot of cardio workouts.

Chris Pratt workout regimen

Here is what his workout consisted of:

  • Warm-up exercises that included running at a speed of 5.0 over 10 minutes. Then, he would go for three sets of pull ups, three sets of push ups, and three sets of squats.
  • Back workout: these consisted of six sets of lat pull downs, five sets of dumbbell rows, six sets of barbell curls, and three sets of DB concentration curls.
  • Chest workout: This consisted of four sets of bench presses, four sets of incline sets, four sets of hammer strength, four sets of weighted dips and four sets of standing cable flies.
  • Leg workout: It consisted of seven sets of squats, four sets of deadlifts, one set of leg presses, four sets of walking lunge, three sets of leg extensions, three sets of leg curls, and three sets of standing calf raises.
  • Shoulder workout: These were seven sets of military press, four sets of Arnold press, four sets of barbell shrugs, three sets of lateral raise, three sets of front raise, and three sets of rear delt flyes.
  • Arm workout: These included three sets of skull crushers, three sets of preacher curls, three sets of French curls, three sets of hammer curls, three sets of triceps rope press down, three sets of wrist curls, and three sets of reverse wrist curls.

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Diet

With a rigorous workout regimen, Chris needed the perfect diet. He ended up on a high calories diet with high consumption of water. This ripped man also gave up on all the wrong habits. He was having a lot of veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

He was on a high protein diet that consisted of steak, fish, chicken breast and eggs. He also had his system low in carbohydrates like brown rice and sweet potatoes. He indulged in berries, spinach, and oatmeal. He opted out of dairy food and went towards the healthy kinds of fat like avocados, nuts, coconut oil and grass-fed butter. He never asked himself what is a vegan diet. He was not ready to opt out of his lean steaks.

According to Chris, following a proper diet could be a little costly, but it will not be as expensive as all the junk food that you will buy. According to the ripped actor, it makes a lot of of sense to invest in a good nutritionist and an active trainer.  He continues that when you lose all the unwanted pounds, you will put in a lot of energy to accomplish such a goal. For him, six months were too long, but once he got the results he needed, he felt much better physically, spiritually and mentally. It was all worth the effort, time and money!

He drank too much to the point that he was losing a lot of water through urination. Chris did not follow the wheat belly diet food lists.

Other stars weight loss success

Just like Pratt, many stars had similar success stories. For example, Kyle Lowry’s weight loss was a massive one and transformed the life of this famous basketball player. He wanted to be unique, and he succeeded in achieving this.

Khloe Kardashian weight loss diet, on the other hand, was more of an easy going one as she wanted to live healthily and have a good workout regimen. She never believed in restricted calories. Jerry Ferrara’s weight loss was more than fifty pounds shed. He declared in an interview how life changing this transformation has been. He wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t for the doctor’s warning. He feared for his life, so he decided to change it. He does believe that deciding on losing weight is very tough.

None of the weight loss journeys were even similar to that of the Abby Lee Miller weight loss surgery. Her dedication to weight loss was a surprise to her after a series of unfortunate events happening in her life. It all started with her mom’s sickness and having to stay in hospitals to care for her; then, she was diagnosed with diabetes. Finally, she had to be stuck in a filming set where there was no AC in deadly hot weather. These events accentuated when she had to travel to Australia and change her diabetes pills, which made her sick to her stomach and made her throw up every day! These events caused her to drop sizes. Following this transformation, she decided to go for additional weight loss and ended up doing the surgery.  It was fortunate she did not have any yeast infection. Otherwise, she would have had to follow the candida cleanse diet!

Stars and regular people work hard to put their lives together. If you have money, you can afford a surgery, or hiring a professional who will bring you to health and wellness. If not, you can search the internet and find the best kind of weight loss regimen that fits your preferences, beliefs and lifestyle. If you suffer from any kind of chronic disease, you may want to consult with your doctor first!