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Chaz Bono Weight Loss: His Diet, Recipes, Before and After Results

Who is Chaz Bono?

Chaz Bono is an American writer, musician and actor. He is the child of Sonny Bono and Cher. Chaz is a transgender who was born in 1969 in Los Angeles, California. Originally known as Chastity Bono, this celebrity was first known to be a lesbian. This man confesses that ever since he was a child he felt that there was something wrong with how he was portraying himself.

Chaz, since his youth, always felt like shaving. This urge made him buy a lot of shaving products. It is like, somehow, he always felt like he was a man. He is very blessed to have his parents by his side in this massive transformation. Chaz tells reporters that he knows how difficult it could be for parents to accept transgender. He also knows that most parents stop talking to their kids after such a change. He adds that Cher only wants him to be happy, healthy and to enjoy his life. Cher did feel upset about the change at the beginning, especially since she was the last to be told.

Chaz played in many movies like Bar Girls, Fronterz, and Dirty. He was also a part of six episodes of “Dancing with the Stars” and eight episodes of “American Horror Story: Cult.”

Chaz Bono weight Loss

Being the son of Cher and Sonny can surely put pressure on your life. This will make the body image pressure go through the roof. Chaz Bono has lost 85 pounds, and he is proud of his loss and his new look. He explains that he was always in denial about his weight and the way he looked.  Despite the fact that his weight was not the primary drawback for him, he still decided to make changes. He only began the shift when he feared for his life and health. It can be tough being Cher’s kid. Chaz always wondered what his mother thinks of him. After his weight loss, this young man is undoubtedly proud of how happy he made his mother.

The first transformation began when he entered the show “Dancing with the Stars.” While on the show, he lost 40 pounds within four weeks. Of course, he had help from a nutritionist and a doctor. He was also exercising a lot. Ever since this massive weight drop, his weight was dropping step by step. Now, he feels better than ever. It is an excellent feeling when you feel and move lighter. You become more confident about yourself.

Having significant life changes has become a habit for Chaz who is a transgender. His mother, Cher, shares that when he first approached her about wanting to change his gender, she was fine with the idea as long as this is what he was looking for. Later on, as the changes started occurring, she felt very strange and believes that this was a tough time in her life. It can be challenging for a mother to see her child shift gender. Now she has learned to live with it by blocking the idea and just adapting to the image of what Chaz became.

Chaz always had a problem with how he looked; having changed from a woman to a man, this celebrity was never feeling good in his own skin. This gender dysphoria is what made him neglect the way he looked. He knew that he was not healthy but he never cared, because he was in an internal conflict with who he is and how he was representing himself.

Following his weight loss, and aside from the gender focused surgeries, Chaz did not find any issue accepting going under the knife to remove the flabby skin that was the result of his 85 pound weight loss. He opted for a tummy tuck, and a liposuction around his neck. He needed to have a more defined neck and jawline. When you lose a lot of pounds, it is common to end up with some excess skin. Many celebrities who have lost this much, and even more, opted to have these plastic surgeries to complement their new image. A diet and an exercise regimen can make you shake off the extra pounds, but it will not help tighten your skin. Skin tightening has to be done by surgery.

His transformation was not complete without hitting the gym. This man has done an upside down transformation and is wowing the world with who he ended up becoming. Once he stepped into adjusting his image into what he always wanted, there was no way to stop this young man.

After this massive transformation, in all aspects, Chaz looks great and happy. He is ready to keep moving forward towards a healthier a more positive body image. For more celebrities’ success stories, you can check the Jonah Hill weight loss secrets.

Chaz Bono weight loss diet

Chaz’s diet was very simple. It consisted of the following:

  • First of all, Chaz cut down grains to the maximum. So, no more bagels and bread slices. Forget about doughnuts or pizzas. While burgers are the highlight of every American individual, Chaz was no longer allowing himself this kind of food. The only occasion he would eat cake is on his birthday.
  • Dairy food was cut down as well. While dairy is essential for your bone health, there are some replacements someone can follow to make up for the lost nutrients.
  • His diet consisted of fruits and veggies as well as meats and nuts. Such a system can be healthy as long as you stay away from fried food and go more towards healthy raw nuts and lean cuts of meats as well as fatty fishes.
  • His diet is controlled by the number of calories you take in. So it has everything to do with how much energy you are burning per day as compared to how much food you are eating. It is all in the balance.

Chaz actually used the freshology meal system that sends out meals fresh or frozen, on a weekly basis. The meals can be altered according to what you like. You may also pick an all-natural and an all-organic diet. Following this system, he learned how to eat and carried on with the same method. After his “Dancing with the Stars” participation, Chaz became more than committed to stay in shape. In addition to his new diet, Chaz adopted a workout as well. No matter how much you cut down your calories, the best results are obtained when you do a kind of a combination therapy. The Chaz Bono before and after photos surely showed the world how massive a change can be. While becoming a transgender was the highlight of this celebrity, his weight loss was also noticed by everyone.

Similar to Chaz’s diet is the Mediterranean diet food list. This system is a very healthy one and promotes longevity and the well-being of your heart. You are to eat a lot of veggies and fruits as well as lean meat cuts. From another angle, you are encouraged to have olive oil, and some red wine. Everyone knows the heath benefits of red wine, when taken in moderation. Actually, many studies mentioned the “French Paradox” concept that talks about why French people have healthier hearts. The answer was that this population consumed a large amount of wine.

While Chaz picked a diet and some plastic surgeries for his weight loss journey, others might pick slimming pills. Some of these are natural and derived from food sources, while others are composed in a lab. You may find phentermine online.

When you are a celebrity, you tend to feel more pressure to look your best than other people. Sometimes, you may even want to lose a lot of weight to land a role. A diet and good workout surely do wonders. Herbalife weight loss products are a very widespread method for losing weight. These products are developed by a company who focuses on the well-being of people. Its assigned diet consists of products that you buy. Most of the products are shakes.

Many even pick the cla safflower oil pills that have been advertised to help you lose weight.