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Carrie Underwood Weight Loss: Before and After Results with Pictures.

Who is Carrie Underwood?

Carrie Underwood is an American singer who was born in 1983 in Oklahoma. Carrie is also a songwriter and actress. She started her fame when she won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005. That’s when she began releasing her singles, one at a time. Carrie is the youngest of three daughters. She spent her childhood on a farm in a rural town. She began singing at local events and school. Then, she caught the attention of an admirer who helped her to audition in Nashville. The audition was canceled to the relief of the young girl.

Carrie graduated from Northeastern State University with a Bachelor’s degree in mass communication with a specialization in journalism. She worked many different jobs like waiting at a pizzeria, working at the zoo and even at a veterinary clinic.

Carrie participated in many beauty pageants in the area and ended up Miss NSU runner-up in 2004.

This young woman’s achievements speak up for her. Carrie received seven Grammy Awards, ten Billboard Music Awards, twelve Academy of Country Music Awards, and twelve American Music Awards, among many others. This beauty was inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, in 2017.

She is one of the most successful singers for her genre, a great wife and a down-to-earth mother to a cute little boy,

Carrie Underwood weight loss

After delivering her baby, and just any other woman, Carrie gained many pounds. A few months after, she appeared to the public with the perfect body! During her pregnancy, this young woman was eating healthy and even exercising. She only gained 30 pounds. Carrie delivered by C-section; so, she was not allowed to exercise until six weeks later. However, this blondie was eager to get her body back, so she started on the treadmill and around the house ten days after delivery. When the doctor examined her after delivery and gave her the green light to start exercising, she was ready to kick it.

What she loved doing was the tabata regimen that consists of 20 seconds of very rigorous exercising followed by ten seconds of rest; and, you keep repeating the cycles for 4 minutes. This is one tough exercising routine, but, for Carrie, it is worth all the effort. Throughout the cycles, she picks squats, lunges, push-ups and does eight rounds of each! It does boost her metabolic rate enormously. She was exercising with a private personal coach who guided her throughout her weight loss journey after her delivery. When you have a trainer, it helps be stay encouraged and on track. While some people might pick the tough way of exercising and making efforts to lose weight, others might resort to weight loss surgeries. You can check about the phenomenal mama June weight loss before and after.

Carrie Underwood Weight Loss before and after

Carrie explains that it is not all about her exercising routine. Food plays a significant role in her slim figure. She states that she is a vegan and loves bread; however, lately, she stopped eating any bread. She would pick an oatmeal bowl for breakfast and then a small sandwich for lunch. She would take a protein with some veggies at night. This young woman believes in downtime. She dedicates ten minutes every day to just sit calmly and quietly. She sits in the morning and plans to calm her day after taking her cup of coffee. Also, she sometimes decides to make a small break at night and sip on a glass of wine. She enjoys those moments where she would calm her mind and body.

Carrie admits that ten years ago, she was at her heaviest and she ended up taking fat burn pills. She was on Ephedra, and now she thinks that these are dangerous and wished she never took them. Carrie didn’t have to count how many calories should I eat to lose weight. She was exercising and following her healthy eating habits.

Carrie did change her looks from when she was on American Idol. This young woman appears better than ever. Her body is sculpted. She watches what she eats. Here is an example of what her day looks like.

In the morning, she waits for her son to wake up and then she prepares breakfast for both. She either has oatmeal with some fruits, Kasha Go Lean cereals, or even tofu scrambled with some onions and pepper. Also, she stocks her freezer with breakfast burritos that are completely vegan. Her weight loss motivation is her MyFitnessPal App where she has been keeping her food diaries for a while now. This makes her keep track of what she is eating and helps her picks the better options. After her breakfast and time with her son, she heads to the grocery store to pick up her veggies and groceries. This woman explains that she doesn’t eat out, as she likes to make her own healthy meals.

For lunch she would have some avocados and a sandwich made of Ezekiel Bread and Tofurky. She always adds small details to her sandwich like some green sprouts, mustard, or greens.

Carrie explains that she does not eat a snack in the morning; however she gets one in the afternoon. It could be a muffin with some peanut butter. If she is out of the house, she takes a vegan bar because she does not want her blood sugar to drop.

At night comes dinner time when she fixes herself some beans, tofu or a veggie burger. She would eat them with some whole wheat pasta or rice. She went through a phase where she was cutting down carbs but not anymore. Now, she counts her macros and keeps her protein, fat and carbs balanced. So, forget about the carb cycling diet menu for our blonde singer. Carrie lets herself eat what she likes on special occasions and then the next day she would go back on track.

This singer tries to stay away from sweets. Sometimes she finds herself craving some; so, instead, she takes a square of dark chocolate, a muffin, some popcorn or even some toast.

Carrie is trying to stay healthy and on track. She does not take weight loss pills like premium pure forskolin.