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Bruce Lee Weight Loss Diet: Diet Book, Plan, Workout and Diet Routine

Bruce lee food diet: what to eat and what not to eat

Bruce Lee, we all know him as a great actor and undisputed master of martial arts, but few know that he was a great fan of personal growth. He believed so much in personal improvement that he confessed, in one of his letters, that he had momentarily abandoned the martial arts to devote himself full time to this activity. His great charisma has influenced a disproportionate amount of people and even today, many decades after his death, his wife Linda Lee, claims to receive numerous letters from people who would like to thank Bruce for inspiring them or for having received from his writings the motivation they needed.

Bruce Lee is a very famous man. He proved to everyone his devotion to martial arts. This man was well respected due to his excellent skills in this field. He was not only an exceptional martialist but also a serious bodybuilder; his physique is the source of inspiration for many people all over the world, he is well-known for the stone abs and his agility.

Bruce Lee always believed that diet and integration play a very important role in achieving goals, he thinks part of his goal to the supplement. However, he was not a professional in the integration field; he gained most of his knowledge from bodybuilding magazines and the test made in his body with different supplements in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, which is very important for the right function of these supplements. Another way is to adopt some guidelines of the fast metabolism diet.

Bruce Lee’s body was synonymous with health. His shredded and muscular body suggests that he was an expert in the nutrition field. Bruce Lee did not have time to follow thorough research on the subject. However, in his notes, he found several annotations, regarding the best food and nutrition to be taken, to get more results, with his daily exercises. He studied and tested everything in his body to know which food could work better with him. To perform at his best Bruce always followed a balanced diet, he had to meticulously control the dishes he was taking, trying every day to avoid bad food, but without renouncing the pleasures of Chinese and Western cuisine.

For Bruce Lee, a good diet was the one that provided him with the energy and nutrients to maximize his physical training. You can also check the Almased diet results to compare it with the Lee methods.

Bruce Lee did not eat many baked goods, first because they were made of processed flour and contained nothing but empty calories. He had no interest in consuming calories that would not do anything for his body. Bruce Lee meal plan was made from three to five meals a day, but he did not eat large portions, mainly because everything was centered around his training and his work during the rest of the day.

His daily diet was made mainly by a couple of protein drinks a day, an orange juice, sometimes a Chinese lunch, and then eat some normal dinner according to the workout schedule (it could be different every day). Like most people, he ate better if he could distribute meals throughout the day. His favorite foods were many Chinese dishes and foods like spaghetti or pasta. Besides these, Bruce also appreciated red meat, which he consumed in smaller quantities.

There are numerous weight loss systems out there like the fat burning diet or the two week diet plan.

bruce lee diet plan: the guidelines

The following diet rules, unlike the one meal a day diet before and after, are based on what is known about Bruce Lee’s daily diet. With these guidelines, you can aspire at a body like the Bruce Lee one, obviously the reaction of the physique change from each individual. Following the diet and physical training of Bruce Lee means saying get close to a very low percentage of fat. So this diet could help you lose belly fat as well as improve muscle growth.

Rule 1 of the Bruce Lee diet: Avoid refined flour. Generally, Bruce Lee has always avoided refined flour. So, he did not eat many baked goods like cookies and cakes, which he described as empty and useless calories. It is worth mentioning that today many people attribute different diseases to the excessive consumption of refined flours. His philosophy was not to consume calories that could not provide any benefit to the body.

This approach to food is very similar to that of Buddhist scriptures, which reads: “You must learn to be moderate in eating, and eat only enough to stay healthy and in the form of a trance. Excessive food hinders the flow of breath that enters and exits, induces apathy (lack of vitality), drowsiness, and kills all values.”  As too much food has harmful consequences, even hunger does not lead to efficiency. Starvation drains body volume, shine, firmness, performance, and strength. You should eat food according to your skills, neither too much nor, out of pride, too little.

Rule 2 of the Bruce Lee Diet: Avoiding Dairy Products. Bruce Lee did not like dairy products, and he ate them only as part of protein drinks, usually using powdered milk instead of fresh milk. This rule only helps reduce total calorie intake. Important to remember is that calcium from dairy products can help reduce the amount of fat that is digested.

Rule 3 of the Bruce Lee Diet: smaller portions and more frequent meals. For Bruce Lee, the concentration of the type of food consumed was not the only important consideration, even the size of the portions and the number of meals were considered equally important. Bruce Lee usually consumed four or five small meals a day rather than a couple of large meals, as well as some healthy snacks with fruit.

Bodybuilders today often follow similar eating habits, eat high-protein meals about every four hours to provide the body with a good supply of protein that helps to build and repair muscle tissue. Eating more often than once every four hours can put too much pressure on the digestive system, leading to indigestion.

Rule 4 of the Bruce Lee Diet: Taking Food Supplements. Bruce Lee also took many mineral and vitamin supplements. Today there is a greater variety of supplements compared to the times of Bruce Lee and his training. The knowledge of how different supplements interact and you can take advantage of is very advanced compared to the 1960s, as a result of today you have better and more efficient supplements than those listed below. However, here are some of the supplements that Bruce Lee has taken: Vitamin C, Lecithin, Vitamin B, Protein powder.

Talking about the supplements that Bruce Lee took, is important to say that they were famous when he was dealing with the bodybuilding in the 1960s and early 1970s, these supplements can now be replaced by new ones that produce better results.

Also is important to remember that all supplements can have side effects if taken in excess. It is always recommended to consult a nutritionist before taking supplements, as Bruce Lee says is also important follow a balanced and healthy diet or you will not take all the benefits from the supplements.

Rule 5 of Brice Lee Diet: Carbohydrates. Bruce Lee knew carbohydrates were essential for people with very high levels of activity. That’s why he regularly consumed fresh fruit and vegetable smoothies. Fruits and vegetables provide the richest source of carbohydrates, one of the ways Bruce Lee would have often consumed juices/smoothies was that of carrots, celery, apples, bananas, and parsley. Usually, the carrots formed about half the contents of the drink, the rest was divided among the other fruits and vegetables. Sometimes it also used green leafy vegetables, always with a large percentage of carrot juice to help offset the bitterness of green leafy vegetables. Bruce Lee was ahead of his time, today this type of food is often used to eliminate abdominal fat. Drinking Fresh fruit and vegetable juices is a great way to consume high-quality carbohydrates. It also allows the body to assimilate many nutrients more easily. The enzymes present in vegetables and fruit juices are also organic catalysts that lead to an increase in the rate at which your ingested food is broken down and absorbed. Many enzymes are destroyed when vegetables are cooked, especially if they are boiled, so consuming raw or steamed fruits and vegetables is the best way. Some nutritionists suggest that for better health and greater energy, about half of the carbohydrates consumed should come from raw fruits and vegetables.

bruce lee workout and diet routine

The diet of Bruce Lee, unlike the Volumetrics diet plan, of course, varied widely during the 1960s and early 1970s, along with his evolving training methods and his habits, but this example is probably one of his typical food list days. This is one sample diet.

Breakfast, for breakfast he ate a bowl of granola cereal, consisting of whole grains (remember about the refined cereals), nuts and dried fruit, then a protein shake for an extra quantity of proteins. The breakfast was accompanied by a tea or an orange juice (rich in vitamin C)

Snack: as a snack is possible to drink an orange juice or a smoothie made with: protein powder, milk, fruit and peanut butter. When possible he also eat fresh fruit.

Lunch: at lunch usually eat a big portion of meat with a side dish of vegetables (green leaf like spinach or lettuce) and brown rice. Bruce Lee also enjoyed Chinese food, while he felt that Western food was often too bland. Some of his favorite Chinese dishes were beef in oyster sauce and tofu. However, he loved eating a lot of steak and liver, but overall he preferred the more balanced approach of Asian dishes. He felt that Western food often placed too much emphasis on protein and fat and not enough on carbohydrates from vegetables, rice, pasta, etc.

Snack, as snack Bruce Lee consumed one of the two protein drinks that he had every day. Although its protein drinks varied and generally made with:

  • Milk powder – which is reported to have a high concentration of calcium;
  • Eggs, only the white of the eggs but sometimes also the yolk;
  • Oats;
  • Peanut butter;
  • A banana or other fresh seasonal fruit;
  • Yeast ( which contains B vitamins, which are essential for the release of energy from carbohydrates).

All the ingredients were mixed thoroughly in a blender, sometimes with the addition of the daily vitamins supplement.

Dinner was usual to eat spaghetti and salad, or another meal made with rice, vegetables and meat (chicken or fish). He used to also drink either a glass of milk or just water.

One of the tips that Bruce Lee has suggested is that milk and cream can also be added to achieve better results (i.e., to gain muscle mass faster).