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Blake Shelton weight loss: His diet, food recipes and before and after results

Who is Blake Shelton?

Born on the 18th of June, 1976, Blake Shelton is an American country singer and songwriter. His mother, Dorothy, owns a beauty salon, and his father, Richard Shelton, is a used car salesman. He had an older brother named Richie, who, unfortunately, passed away at the age of 24 on the 13th of November, 1990, due to a car accident. Blake loved music at a young age, and his ambition started at the age of 6 years old. At the age of 12, he started singing, and after that, his uncle taught him how to play the guitar. He wrote his first song at the age of 15, and a year after, he was awarded the Denbo Diamond Award in his home state. He graduated at the age of 17, in 1994, and he moved to Nashville, Tennessee where his pursuit of his dream of becoming a music producer was on its way. He got a job there working for a music company, and with the help of a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Bobby Braddock, he landed a production contract with Sony Music.

In 2001, he signed a Giant Records contract, and wrote the song “I Wanna Talk About You”, which was later recorded by Toby Keith. Giant announced that his debut single was “Austin,” which was a huge hit single, staying at Number 1 on the Top Billboard for country music for 5 weeks.

After having released his single, Giant Records closed. That year, Blake got a lot of positive reviews from critics and other musicians. New York Times said that he was the “most important and visible ambassador from Nashville to the American mainstream.” Even the Rolling Stone described him as “one of country music’s biggest stars over the past decade.” After Giant Records closed, he was transferred to Warner Bros Records, where he wrote his debut album with Bobby Braddock. Blake considers his song “Ol Red” as one of his signature songs; although not being his best hit song, it became really popular in concerts.

Blake Shelton got his Platinum Certification from the Recording Industry Association of America, having sold over one million copies. His second album, “The Dreamer,” was released in 2003, by Warner Bros Records. His lead-single “The Baby” reached Number 1 on the Top Billboard for country music for 3 weeks. His second and third weren’t quite as successful, yet still hit the top 50. In 2011, he released his album “Red River Blue,” which was so big that he got a gold certification, and he was announced the fastest rising male country singer with a gold certification. He also did “Honey Bee” that year, which also reached Number 1 on the Billboard, and was his ninth song to reach Number 1.

Shelton also joined The Voice for their first Season, where he got 2nd place. In September of 2012, he performed alongside Miranda Lambert for the Superbowl XLVI.

Regarding his personal life, he married Kanyette Gern in 2003; however, after 3 years they got divorced. In 2005, he met Miranda Lambert at the CMT’s “100 Greatest Duets Concert.” They dated for 4 years, then after getting her father’s blessing, they announced their marriage in 2011 in Boerne, Texas. In 2015, they got divorced; the same year, he started dating one of the other coaches on The Voice, Gwen Stefani.

Blake Shelton weight loss

When Blake imagined a better version of himself, he did not picture it accompanied by a divorce. The 41-year old singer lost a whole lot of weight and is looking now better than ever! But everyone wants to know his secret. Did he take Xenical or did he undergo a gastric bypass surgery? Well, the answer was simple for the Voice judge. It all started with a unfortunate event that led Blake to stress out, even to the point of stopping eating. You may also want to check the Paula Deen weight loss.

It all started in 2015 when Blake divorced Miranda Lambert. The young man began losing a lot of weight for no specific reason. But that was just the beginning. Soon after the divorce was settled and the singer came out of this unhappy split, he put himself as a priority. So he started working out and following a good exercise routine. Many of his friends explained that the singer had finally some time to spend on his own priorities and he decided to be healthy and look his best. This is one important resolution for the star. The judge looks his best; you would surely want to check his face before and after weight loss. His schedule stopped including someone else. He was focusing on his own life and he made the right efforts to focus on his health and his music.

It was not easy for Blake to start his lifestyle makeover. He was actually doing the two things he hated the most: following a diet and working out. After shedding all these pounds and welcoming Gwen into his life, he is more dedicated to his life as half of a couple. The couple even stated that they would like to have a baby together. Gwen explained to the magazine that her wish is to have a daughter with the singer. She is sure that he would be a great father and very protective. For those who do not know, Gwen has three boys from previous relationships.

Blake Shelton Weight loss Diet

The beginning of Blake’s diet was nothing else than the “break-up” diet as explained by the singer. That’s when you are upset and stressed to the point of having a very restricted to minimal food intake. Blake also explains that he did not go through a revenge diet where you fix yourself up to show how unlucky is your ex is to lose you. That was not the case of our singer who is actually very happy with his new love Gwen.

At the beginning, stress was the reason for all the weight loss; soon after, he started to follow a diet regimen. When he was stressing out, he was barely eating for a period of six months. He was not even working out. He tried to get himself busy with other things. With his total weight loss of 30 pounds, more than half were due to the divorce; the second half was due to following a diet inspired by the Mediterranean diet.

Blake understands that losing weight by not eating is not the healthiest method, but it was out of his control. So he embraced a structured diet plan and relied on a meal delivery system. The system is called “Fresh Diet” and helped Britney Spears’ ex to lose 50 pounds. There were no diet pills like phentermine involved.

The meals were developed by a cook who tailored them according to Blake’s caloric and macro-nutrient needs. Examples of this system would be, for instance, the Mediterranean salad that is made of Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, salt, parsley, sumac, ground pepper and olive oil with squeezed lemon juice. For other celebrities weight loss diets, you may want to check the whole food plan based diet.

Blake Shelton Weight Loss Tips

When Blake started following a Mediterranean-inspired diet, he began his journey to wellness and health. His diet was based on the following:

  • Consuming a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • Legumes are a big portion of the diet
  • Going whole grains
  • Adopting a healthy kind of fat, one that is high in monounsaturated fatty acids like the olive oil, nuts, avocados, and good fatty fish like salmon.
  • He was only having red meat twice a week. This was a tough change to adapt to, especially since Blake loves hamburgers.

Blake Shelton Workout

The singer hired a personal trainer who developed a work out routine for him that did not need a lot of effort. All he wanted was to be in good shape and lose a few pounds. So, as a result, he started a one-on-one workout routine that was only ongoing three times a week. The workout was done at the park and not at the gym. They would start with a one-mile jog to kick start the workout, and then they would go for a circuit routine. The good news is that he did not have to follow a Melissa McCarthy weight loss system. He was just doing it his own way and it worked excellently.