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Beyonce Weight Loss Diet: Plan, Detox, Recipes, Results and Reviews

Every single person faces weight loss issues at some point in life. Some decide to live a healthy life, and, as a result, end up not worrying about losing weight or bringing their lives back on a healthy track. The truth is that the world is filled with many dieting systems that can work out for you and be your new lifestyle. An example is the anti inflammatory diet recipes that you can incorporate in your daily habits.

Some might pick a quick fix and keep using it every once in a while; an example is the apple diet weight loss or the lemonade diet ingredients that you can pick to have a kind of a detox system. These two might seem extreme; but they can be used occasionally. Other healthy picks could be extracted from the Mind diet food list that has been receiving amazing reviews.

One might even go to an Extreme weight loss diet plan where everything has to be worked for. Such a system is never easy to follow, but, if you are willing to go that far to look your best, then it is the right plan for you. Some even go towards weight loss pills like the Belviq diet pill.

Who is beyonce?

And who does not know Beyonce, the sexy singer and entrepreneur that has dazzled the world with her voice and rounded figure! Our singer was born on September 4th in 1981. She is an American singer and songwriter. This woman is also an excellent dancer and had many roles in leading movies. Beyonce is an activist. This American celebrity was born in Houston, Texas, where she was raised.

The singer did perform in in several competitions as a child: singing and dancing. She began her road to fame in the late 1990s when she was as lead singer for a well-known women singing group called Destiny’s Child. This dazzling singer and her group were managed by her father, Mathew Knowles. The group rose to great heights, and became one of the best sold and listened to group of women.

When the group broke-up in 2006, Beyonce released her second album called B’Day. Also she was acting. She had amazing roles in movies like The Pink Panther and Obsessed.

Following her marriage to rapper Jay-Z, she earned a record-setting six Grammy Awards in 2010, including Song of the Year for Single Ladies. In 2016, the singer released her sixth album called “Lemonade.” This sixth became the best-selling album in 2016.

Beyonce 22 day diet: principles and an example

Beyoncè’s 22 day diet is not based on calculating calories and nutrients. It is not anything similar to the apple cider vinegar detox diet. This woman has five major rules. So, as a result her diet is based on these below stated five points.

  • She prefers fresh food instead of processed. Your body will focus on the detoxification instead of consuming energies for the digestion which result much longer for elaborated foods. Choose vegetarian foods like cereals, fruit, vegetables, avoid meat, fish, eggs and industrial vegan food. If you are a diabetic person, you may want to check the Indian diabetic diet.
  • Follow the proportion of 80%-10%-10% the division of macronutrient is carbohydrates (80%), proteins (10%) and fats (10%), these proportions are significant to follow a healthy diet. Just following a vegetarian diet will be pretty easy to respect these points. Cereals are rich in complex carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables contain simple sugars (like fructose), these products are low-fat and rich in vitamins and minerals. With a well-structured diet program, you can have all the protein you need from vegetables, an example can be found combining cereals with legumes (like pasta and beans). A vegetarian source of protein are also legumes, quinoa, chia seeds, tofu and much more! For those interested to get some deals on weight loss programs, you may want to check the Yes You Can diet plan coupons. Feel free to check the maple syrup diet.
  • Split your day into three meals, and avoid snacks which could break your program of rehab and new lifestyle. If you can’t renounce your snack, you can have a natural snack (fruit) or vegan protein bars. This way, you can forget about diet pills.
  • Drink water. The 22 days diet suggest drinking at least nine glasses of water, starting in the morning with a glass of water and lemon juice, which will help you to hydrate and purify your body. Also, you must avoid alcohol and drinks rich in sugar. Green tea, coffee, and teas and infusions are recommended. You can also check on the tea diet.
  • At least 30 minutes of physical activity every day: the ideal workout is cardio like running, fast walking or jump rope. Remember, weight loss process; physical activity influences the loss of 30%, the other is by a balanced diet. Results will surely show up for those who work hard on reaching their goals. This is the case of Beyonce. This woman went back to her amazing sexy body in no time after her baby. Always remember that to reach the best results in weight loss, you have to combine diet and exercise.

But what to eat in the 22-day diet? Here is an example of a typical menu to follow

Breakfast: Opt for breakfast based on protein and carbohydrates. You can make a smoothie with almond milk, a fruit of your choice, rice powder, vegetable with green leaves, a choice between spinach, rocket, and lettuce, and 1/2 tablespoon of almond butter.

Lunch: Add cereals and legumes for your lunch. You can choose different types of vegetables, such as peppers, salad or steamed vegetables, with some hummus.

Snack: A vegan protein bar

Dinner: For dinner, focus on vegetables. Combine the potatoes (which will quickly satisfy you), with other types of vegetables, such as julienne carrots, tomatoes or steamed vegetables.

Remember, during the day drink a lot of water, green tea, and unsweetened infusions!

Beyonce Lemonade Diet

This is a detox program to lose weight fast. If you are interested in this type of diet, visit a specialist in the field, he could help you to avoid any health problem. That diet needs the supervision of a nutritionist! It is not like any detox diet.

This really hard diet is called The Lemonade Recipe Diet. It was a detox program created by Stanley Burroughs, and the aim of that program was to free the body from toxins and internal waste generated by inadequate diets, lack of exercise and a negative mental attitude. Nowadays, it is considered a plan to lose weight fast. Is it like the Dreamgirls diet?

The program promises a 9kgs loss in 10 days; also, it has a detox effect and clears the body from internal wastes, stimulating the energy levels.

That diet consist of some points:

No solid food is allowed, also no supplements or pills, for nine days you have to drink only a mixture of lemon juice like that:

  • Lemon juice;
  • Maple syrup;
  • Cayenne pepper;
  • Water.

Following the meal plan, you have to drink at least six glasses of that lemonade; you can also add a mixture of salt and water, only for breakfast. If necessary, a herbal tea is allowed. At the end of that detox program, you can reintroduce solid food in your diet, starting with vegetables soup, fruit, and vegetables.

Effects: You will lose weight yes, that’s because is hard to do not when you are not consuming calories through eating food.

Problems and side effects of the lemonade diet

With that type of diet, along with the weight you will also lose muscle, which is because there is a lack of protein. The body needs proteins, so it burns the muscles. So with that diet, you will lose a part of the muscle and also a part of fat.

Also during that diet, the individual gets hungry, and that will bring on a headache, fatigue, dizziness, and stomach pains.

Also, it is free of calories, but there is a deficit in all essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and yes, fats which are important, especially for women – there are a lot of hormonal functions that fats regulate.

Another problem is that after the ten days of lemonade diet people always fall into binge-eating which bring them to double the pounds lost with that really hard system.

Reviews about lemonade diet

It is better avoid junk food and cut out alcohol and sweets, instead taking this type of regime. Following a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is much better.

Pros and cons:

Like any diet, there are always pros and cons. Let’s start with the positive things:

  • A fantastic weight loss! This diet is great if you want to lose extra kilos to prepare for the beach or a special occasion.
  • Detox the body.
  • It could help motivate you to maintain weight loss during a healthy and balanced diet accompanied with the proper exercises.


  • Get ready to deal with a shock to your body.
  • It can not be used for a long time.
  • You could have side effects like nausea or tiredness.
  • Your body will work with little energy.

Doctors have a lot of opinions about that lifestyle; if weight loss is your goal, it may work temporarily. Anytime you limit your amount of food that you eat, especially when you go too low in calories, you will lose some weight. The problem is that you will also lose muscle mass. This diet puts you at risk for nutritional deficiencies, too.

As far as sustained weight loss, the doctor saw no benefits, as you will likely gain the weight back really quickly once you start eating regularly. It is better to lose weight gradually with a balanced diet that will provide your body with its needed nutrients.

Beyonce diet plan: guidelines and secrets

  • A balanced diet and physical exercise;
  • Follow a vegan diet;
  • She was having short training sessions of 5 minutes each. When you exercise, you have to give your maximum. No matter which celebrity coach you pick or what kind of workout you are following, you need to be dedicated. You have to stay healthy and make the right choices ;
  • Boxing, running, and squats are great exercises to tone all the muscles;
  • Dance. Beyoncé loves dancing!
  • Accept yourself; people are not all the same. Just think about being well, enjoying each other, being happy with what nature has given us.