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Best Extreme Diet Pills for Weight Loss that Work without Exercises.

Many people start their year with this same resolution: they want to lose weight! Being overweight or even obese surely has many drawbacks for the individual, whether on the psychological level or the physiological level. When you keep carrying extra weight in your body, it will affect your self-esteem and personal satisfaction. It could, as well, lead to many health issues that could turn out to become chronic health diseases.

Some of you might already be on the hunt for the best weight loss regimen. You might have read about the caveman diet meal plan where you go back to eating the way our ancestors used to use a long time ago: no processed food, no industrialized food, but instead, you shift towards a healthy diet system with natural food options and lots of energy expenditure.

You might even have seen the results of the warrior diet before and after. This regimen relies on intermittent fasting where you wake up in the morning, have your light breakfast, and then go with the minimal amount of food. Think only water and light snacks. You have just a four-hour eating frame that is usually at night. That’s when you have the big feast. You will feel the same way as a warrior who used to have their morning food, go hunt all day long and then come back for their nightly feast.

The 17-day diet menu, on the other hand, is divided into four cycles that will help you lose your sugar craving without starving you. This system has no fasting. Instead, it is divided into the phases of acceleration, activation, achievement, and arriving. You change the number of calories you eat and let your body lose fat.

Many celebrities have embraced many different types of dieting; however, whatever they ended up changing, it was accompanied by exercising! Some of them went too extreme with their workouts, like Dwayne Johnson; others decided to take it smooth and realistic like the beautiful singer Adele!

The zero belly diet is a dietary system that makes you take off 16 pounds in as little as 14 days. The system includes smoothies.  It focuses on eating veggies, fruits and lean meats while avoiding gluten, sugar and processed food.

Extreme weight loss pills that work: How do they work?

The truth is there are different methods to lose your fat and bring down your weight to the right poundage without having to take the gym. One of them is embracing extreme weight loss pills that work! Here is a list of the best pills that work for men and for women. Whichever pill you end up picking, make sure you know everything about it and check with your doctor if it is the right pill for you!

If you pick to lose your extra weight without exercising, you are probably facing many most extreme pills. Here is a list of these medicines and how they work.

Before starting, you need to understand how these pills operate. You need to keep in mind that if you rely on them to achieve your weight loss goals without making any alterations to your lifestyle; then, you are in for short-term results. If you do not change your eating habits into healthier ones and do not decide to exercise, then you will end up gaining all the weight back.

One way they operate is by making you feel full. You will no longer be hungry throughout the day and on the hunt for snacks and food to munch. They suppress your appetite.

Another way is by preventing the absorption of fat in your gut. They inhibit the enzyme that is responsible for breaking down the fat you eat; as a result, your fat will remain unabsorbed and leaves your body as such.

Extreme Weight Loss Pills without Exercising

As mentioned before, you need to be aware of the possible side effects of some of these pills. While some might be FDA-approved, they might still pose health risks and need to be handled with a lot of care!


Hydroxycut is the number one favorite pill for extreme weight loss without exercise. The capsule contains many ingredients that help you lose weight without the hassle of working out. It includes a lot of caffeine. This latter has proven its results in fat burning and weight loss. In the short term, many studies have shown its useful results; however, more has to be done to explore its effect on your body over the long run. This pill has another ingredient called welghlevel that is a mixture of many plants. What you need to realize is that this medicine has led to several side effects including one death and many cases of liver toxicity. Ever since these side effects were declared, the manufacturers reformulated the pill.


The above-stated is a pill that is also known by Orlistat. It is similar to the OTC Alli. The way it works is by blocking the fat you eat and preventing it from being broken down and absorbed! As a result, the undigested fat will leave the body intact through feces. This pill is better used with low-fat diets. You do not want to end up having a fatty and oily stool or even fecal incontinence. Pairing it with a high-fat diet will also lead to gas discharge.


This type of pill is usually the choice of people with type-2 diabetes. However, it did lead to impressive weight loss, even for people who do not have diabetes. A study showed that those who were taking AstraZeneca lost six pounds more than those who did not have it. The way it works is that it delays the emptying of your stomach as well as regulates your blood sugar levels.


This type of pills targets your brain, and more specifically its hunger receptors. You are expected to take one to two pills per day. On average, people lost up to seven pounds within a year. Remember, this result was without any personal effort or exercising.


This is one of the famous pills that gained its fame after being featured on Dr. Oz’s show. It contains two herbs that are Garcinia mangostana and Sphaeranthus Indicus. A study following people over a period of eight weeks showed that those who were taking Meratrim lost eight pounds more than the other group.


This solution is the right pill for those who cannot eat fewer calories to lose weight. Any studies showed that those who were on the pill lost weight four times more than participants that were just dieting and exercising. Contrave contains ingredients that are used to suppress smoking and treat depression. This tablet should not be used with diets high in fat like the Atkins and the ketogenic diet. These two latter are one of the preferred weight loss regimens for celebrities.


Unlike the premium pure forskolin pills that boosts your metabolic rate, this pill works as an anti-convulsant and appetite suppressant. This is the perfect medication that needs prescription and is used to treat obesity, especially for those who have a BMI more than 30.

Despite the fact that these pills do not require you to exercise, losing weight is not only a matter of looks. Leading a healthy lifestyle does matter and that includes eating a well-balanced diet and exercising.