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Best Diet for High Cholesterol: Recipes, Food List and Menu.

What is the high cholesterol diet plan?

First of all, to understand the high cholesterol diet plan, one has to understand what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is a waxy component that is needed by our body to build its cells. When you have it in its normal ranges, you are doing well. However, when your levels reach a higher than recommended amount, then you are in trouble.

Cholesterol originates from two sources. The first one is your liver that can fabricate the cholesterol you need in your body. The second source is from your diet when you consume animal sources. You do not need to worry about what is called “food cholesterol;” however, you have to focus on saturated fats and trans fats. When you eat foods that are high in these two latter ingredients, your liver will make more cholesterol. As a result, you will have an above-normal range of blood cholesterol. Sometimes, oils like coconut oil and palm oil can trigger the same intensifying effect on your liver. The causes of having high LDL are many.

When your body makes more cholesterol, more cholesterol will circulate in your blood stream. As a result, you will have an elevated risk. There are two main kinds of cholesterol: the good and the bad. The good one is also called HDL. It is the kind of cholesterol that picks up the unwanted dropped stuff you leave behind you and put them in order. The LDL, otherwise known as bad cholesterol, is the one that will initiate the slow buildup of your inner walls. This will narrow the arteries and put you in risks. The bad cholesterol forms a thick hard substance or deposit that will make your arteries less flexible. By this, a person could develop atherosclerosis. In case a clot forms and blocks an artery, a heart attack happens. You can also take a look at what is a low sodium diet.

Having a high cholesterol level means that you have a high risk for developing coronary heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. Sometimes, the risk can be accentuated if you smoke or have high blood pressure. So you will need to adjust your lifestyle and most importantly, your dietary habits. Watching out what you eat and do not eat is the key factor to living a healthy lifestyle.

The high cholesterol diet plan is a system that will help you lower your levels of bad cholesterol and improve your levels of good cholesterol.  When on this system, you will look at food choices in a different way. There are several diets that can help you achieve your goal, very easily. There are actually more than ten options to pick from. All have been designated as the top diets to lower your LDL numbers. Whatever diet you pick, it will help you put your life together and keep your heart and arteries safe.

What is the best diet for high cholesterol?

There are more than seven diets that targets LDL levels and each one can help you get in the normal range again. Here is the list of good diets.

  • The Mediterranean diet relies on eating a lot of veggies and fruits, whole grains, fatty fish, lean meats and lots of olive oil. This system existed for centuries and has been named among the top diets leading to a healthy and well life. Many doctors advise it as a long run lifestyle and not an on-the-go diet.
  • TLC Diet is a lifestyle change diet that consists of three parts: eating well, working out and controlling your weight. You are expected to forget about food that are fried, rich in trans-fat and containing saturated fats. As long as you keep your portions reasonable, you will be able to eat a lot of food you like. Feel free to take a look at the Dukan Diet as well.
  • DASH Diet: many professionals give this system that is normally intended to lower blood pressure to also lower the cholesterol levels. When following this system, you will end up eating grains, fruits and veggies, and lean proteins. You will be required to cut down red meat, sugar and salt.
  • Mayo Clinic Diet: this is a system that can become your new way of life. You will end up eating high fibers food and items that are high in omega-3. The main backbone of this healthy diet is to control your portions and working out.
  • Vegan diet: this is a diet that surely lowers your cholesterol levels. Vegetarians do not eat meat while vegans do not eat any animal product. Many studies have shown the link between eating a vegetarian diet and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. This diet will keep you low on sweets and fatty food options.
  • Flexitarian diet: is a system that is very similar to the vegetarian diet but with some flexibility. Half your plate has to be made of fruits and veggies and the other half of lean meats. You are recommended to eat lean cheeses, low fat milk and low fat yogurt. Feel free to check the Parineeti chopra weight loss diet.
  • Engine-2 diet: this system is one that is developed by firefighters. It is very flexible and consists of whole grains, veggies, legumes, tofu, fruits and soy products. You are not allowed to eat meat, dairy, or any processed food.

You may also want to try the apple cider vinegar detox diet that has been very effective for an overall wellness path. If you worry about your glucose levels, you can take a look at the Beyond diet program.

Overall, according to Mayo Clinic, a diet that lowers your cholesterol levels is to eat a lot of fibers and whole grains with fruits and veggies. You are expected to lower your intake in fatty food and items that are rich in saturated fatty acids. If you have reflux, you can check the Gerd diet plan.

From another angle, you need to eat the food choices that help raise your HDL and lower your LDL. So, in order to keep your ranges healthy, you need to eat the food that lowers your bad cholesterol and stop eating the food that increases it. It is a simple equation. All you need to do is understand your food and what it contains. From another angle, it is about time you start reading the labels. You may also check the whole 30 diet meal plan.

What are the top high cholesterol diet recipes?

For people who want to lower your cholesterol levels, you have to know that the way you prepare your food has a big impact on its nutritional content and its wellness ability. For those interested in a wholesome system, you can check about the Macrobiotic diet definition. You can have an excellent chicken recipe in a healthy way if grilled or in a very unhealthy way if fried with the skin. Here are some excellent recipes you can rely on when planning on lowering your cholesterol levels. Make sure you add raw virgin olive oil to your salads. If you are preparing a diet for someone who has high levels of LDL, you may want to serve any of the following:

Healthy heart smoothie: this is an amazing recipe that has about 250 calories per serving with about seven grams of fat. You will have to add 1/3rd a cup of frozen blueberries, 1/3rd a cup of strawberries, 1/3rd a cup of cranberries, 1/4th a cup of oat, one big spoon of flax seeds, three leaves of lettuce, 3/4th a cup of soy milk, 1/4th a cup of pomegranate juice, one big spoon of peanut butter and water. You can add as much water as you need. It depends on how thick you want your drink to be. This is a very tasty drink that has a lot of health benefits.

Healthy Berry Avocado drink: this is a great recipe for people who have high LDL levels. Every cup has about 370 calories with 22g of fat and only 9g of sugars. The fat is a good fat; so, it will help with increasing your HDL levels. To prepare the smoothie, you need to mix 3/4th a cup of almond milk (unsweetened), one scoop of ice cream low fat, four frozen strawberries, ½ an avocado and 5 pieces of walnuts.

Parmesan potato pancake: this is a great recipe for pancakes lovers. It takes about 10 minutes to prepare and 12 minutes to cook. You will have to mix some mashed potatoes, chopped chives, one large egg white, some seasoned breadcrumbs, two spoons of parmesan and two small spoons of olive oil.

Sangria: it is an amazing drink to help you raise your HDL levels. The recipe includes half a pound of fresh strawberries, one peach, one lime, and one orange, two cups of red wine and one ounce of liquor. You can also add a cup of club soda.

What are the top high cholesterol diet foods: allowed food and restricted food

When you are following a diet to lower your LDL while boosting the levels of your HDL, you need to understand that there are two lists of food. The first list talks about the food to avoid and the other list will mention the food to eat.

Food to avoid includes the following:

  • Butter
  • Ghee
  • Margarines
  • Lard
  • Fatty cuts of meat
  • Full fat creams or any dairy products
  • Coconut oils and creams
  • Canola oil
  • Potato chips and packaged food
  • Cookies and treats that can contain a lot of butter
  • Bacon
  • Processed meats like hotdogs, salami and bologna

The food to include in your diet that can help lower your cholesterol levels are:

  • Oats and oatbran
  • Breads made of oat (at least 50% of oat)
  • Barley products
  • Baked beans
  • Most kinds of beans like black eyed peas, edamame, kidney beans, lima beans, split peas, white beans, pinto beans
  • Red and green lentils
  • Eggplants and okra
  • Apples, grapes and citrus fruits
  • Fatty fish like sardines and salmon
  • Fiber supplements
  • Food fortified with stenols and stanols like granola bars
  • Soya products like milk and beans
  • Tofu
  • Nuts: almonds, pistachios, pecans, and cashews

What is a sample of the high cholesterol diet menu?

Now that you understand what kinds of food to take and what food to avoid, you will need a little bit of help to put together the allowed food options. When you have a diet that targets your cholesterol levels, you will no longer need to worry about having it low in carbs unless you are a diabetic. Here is a sample day with assigned meals that you can follow.

Breakfast: you can have some oatmeal with berries and no fat milk or soymilk. You can also have a cup of tea or coffee. During the morning, you can have some baby carrots with broccoli and a no-fat Greek yogurt dip. Your lunch can be a sweet potato with some Dijon mustard with a big salad made of veggies and grilled tofu cubes. You can have a vinegar dressing on your salad. In the afternoon, you can have an apple and for dinner, you can take a big green salad with an Italian dressing with a piece of grilled salmon and garlic infused Brussel sprouts.