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Beans & Rice Diet for Weight Loss: Recipes, Benefits and Results.

Losing weight means deciding to follow a certain lifestyle and embrace many changes in your choices; while some take the easy road and pick the Contrave diet pill, others want to lose weight the healthy way. You do not need to have Extreme weight loss diet pills to shake off the weight. Sometimes, a simple well-planned diet can make all the difference. You can take for example the vegetable diet weight loss that has been embraced by several celebrities as a new way to wellness. Dieting can surely be tricky; but dieting the right way will have a lot of health benefits on your body and mind.

There are so many diets on the market these days. It can be tough to pick the right one with all the positive reviews and the encouraging results every diet is showcasing. Many try to follow the Apple cider vinegar diet. But this system has been found to be a little tough. Others pick the 30 day diet menus.

While celebrities can explain to you about numerous diets, you may want to take a look at the beans and rice weight loss diet. This diet is a high proteins and high carbs diet. One can wonder what could be the math behind such a system, especially since everyone is used to hearing about a high protein diet coupled with a low intake of carbs. This system is surely nothing close to the Keto diet.

Are beans good for weight loss?

Forget about what is an Elimination diet. Your answer to weight loss can be as simple as a plate of beans and rice. Beans have long been praised for their health benefits. Beans are high in nutrients, and they contain:

  • Antioxidants
  • Fibers
  • B-vitamins
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Proteins

In addition, they are low in fat and can help prevent many diseases like diabetes, heart problems, and many other chronic diseases.  The key is to eat them in the right amount and prepared in the right, healthy way. Many studies compared diets that are rich in beans with those that contained none, and the results were surprising: subjects that took beans in their meals lost more pounds that the other group. Here are many reasons why beans can help you shake off your extra weight:

  • Help your body burn more calories and fat
  • They target the fat gathered around your belly area.
  • Protects your heart while helping you lose weight
  • They are more powerful than low carb diets, being high in fibers.

You can incorporate beans very easily in your diet. You can take them for breakfast with some eggs. You might add some veggies and steamed rice and take them as lunches or dinners. There are really a lot of ways you can benefit from this food.

Rice and beans diet

Many sources have been mentioning both rice and beans as healthy food options to be added to any kind of diet. Rice provides the body with carbs in a form of starch and it offers some vitamins like the B-vitamins as well as iron. From another angle, as mentioned above, beans are packed with both micro and macronutrients. When you bring beans and rice together, you are forming a complete protein that will offer you the complete amino acids. You can also take a look at the ideal protein diet products.

When you follow the beans and rice diet, you will forget about any weight loss system like the 30 day oatmeal diet results. Many have chosen to lose weight following some famous dieting trends like the Paleo diet or the 7-day diet. The truth is, most of the trendy systems can include beans and rice into their daily meals. That is, of course, if you are following a well-balanced diet. Whatever diet you pick, you need to check with your health care professional to identify what additions and changes you can add to your system, and whether or not a specific diet is the right one for you. For example, rice may not be a good option for you if you are following the 1200 calorie diabetic diet.

Now that you have chosen to add beans and rice to your weight loss plan, here are some recipes that can help you out:

  • Beans and Rice soup: this meal will take about one hour of your time to get ready. It is considered a very tasty Mediterranean dish that is made of pinto beans, olive oil, onions, bell peppers, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, salt, water and rice. It cannot get simpler.
  • Black beans and rice: This is an exceptional dish that is made of water, black beans, brown rice, onions, garlic, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. A serving of this recipe can give you about 250 calories, with as little as 2g of fat and 49g of carbs. This could be an excellent meal for someone who is trying to lose weight and gain some muscles.
  • Almonds green beans and rice: This is a great meal that is prepared in a very simple way. All you need is some rice, water, green beans, olive oil and almonds. It is a nutty, but great, way of eating your beans and rice.

Healthiest beans for weight loss

While beans, in general, are great options for weight loss, there are some options that can be considered more nutritious and effective than others. Here are some of them.

  • Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans. This is an excellent legume that gives you a lot of energy while being very low in calories. They are very high in fibers and will help regulate your digestive system. They are filling and can be prepared in numerous different tasty ways. Our body takes longer to digest the fibers in the chickpeas; as a result, you will feel full for a longer period of time. Also, you will not get the spike of sugars in your blood. One of the best ways to cook this kind of beans is by preparing the famous Mediterranean dish called hummus.
  • Lentils: these are excellent and are found in three different forms: red, green and yellow. They are referred to as super food and contain the good kind of carbs. These help you burn more calories by boosting your metabolic rate. Also, they are high in fibers and can be added to any dish or soup. They are excellent replacements for meat.
  • Kidney beans have been a scare for a while now as people think of them as the kind of beans that will make you gain weight. This claim is mainly due to the fact that they are normally cooked in a way that is not very healthy. For example, a lot of people cook them with fatty meats. But, when you do it right, these kinds of beans are excellent for helping you lose weight. They can be great replacements of meat in a vegetarian diet and can be added to steamed rice for a filling meal that would last you for many hours.
  • Black beans: these are very high in fibers and proteins; so, they will help you lose weight and shake off the fat that has been stuck on your body and bothering you. Such beans do not contain any kind of fat and can offer you up to 15g of proteins in one small cup. They are easily absorbed by your body that will present it as a source of energy for your muscles. Such beans have also been looked at as great foods that can lower your cholesterol levels as well as improving the wellness of your heart.
  • Black-eyed peas are excellent kinds of beans that are white in color with a black dot on them. They are high in fibers and proteins and can be prepared in many ways. What is special about this bean is that its fibers help increase the levels of cholecystokinin. This is a hormone that tames down your hunger. So, your body is taking in a lot of fibers and proteins that are easily broken down and used as energy by your body. And, you are getting the right kind of hormone that can help you lose weight. Many studies have linked this kind of beans to weight loss and healthy diets.

When you decide to lose weight, you will first go through the many diets that are well-known. You might end up bumping into the Candida diet or the Gout diet sheet. While some understand the meaning of losing weight the right way; others just try every single diet in the market. Sometimes, they might be lucky and fall into the right kind of diet; but, some other times, they might head into the wrong direction of dieting and end up unhealthy.

There are numerous diets that exist to help your body stay healthy and get rid of toxins. For example, you can take a look at the liver detox diet.