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Apple Weight Loss Diet: Nutrition, Plan, Shape, Detox and Results

Every once in a while a new health or diet craze surfaces. Let us take for example the natural detox diet that is being adopted by many hoping to live a healthier lifestyle. We are surrounded by toxins that we get exposed to from the environment and that are even produced by our own body. When you decide to detox your system, you are getting rid of the toxins that are lingering and accumulating in your body. There is also the detox smoothie diet that seems to be a great alternative for a good smooth gut health. When it comes to shaping your body, nothing can beat the bodybuilding diet plan that is a combination of an intense and well-planned exercising regimen and a high protein low carbs diet. This plan helps you dreamily shape your body. It has been followed by many who swear by it.

When you have had enough of your body and shape, and you want to find quick results, you start resorting to diets and systems that could lead to a faster drop of pounds on the scale. While most are resulting in a yo-yo effect, others could be maintained. Some decide to take weight loss pills like the Green Coffee diet pills that are supposed to be natural alternatives, unlike the Ephedrine diet pills. Others resort to interesting, strange diets like the apple diet.

What is the apple diet weight loss?

The apple diet is a system that has been mentioned as an effective regimen that could help people lose weight fast without getting bothered by a lot of planning and guidelines. Some decide to go for the full detox cycle while others pick to follow the three days diet. Many even refer to this diet as the one where you eat a lot without taking in too many calories. This system is not similar to the Dolce diet reviews.

If you have a special event and want to lose some pounds quickly without going on a low calorie and restricted diet, the apple juice diet is your answer. Apples are considered to be one of the greatest food options for what they offer in the way of health benefits to our body. They are super sweet and high in fiber. They are the food of choice when you have diarrhea or constipation due to their content in both soluble and insoluble fibers.

Diet apple juice: pros and cons

To understand this type of detox dieting, you need to understand the nutrition of the apple. So, every apple contains less than 200 calories; even if you want to eat seven apples, you can while still staying on a low calories diet. A medium apple contains about 120 calories and about 0.5 grams of proteins. Every one of these fruits contains minimal amount of fat and about 32 grams of carbs. This being said, in normal circumstances you will need about 40 minutes of walking to burn off one apple. These are the general nutritional details of this super fruit.

From another angle, the high fiber content of apples makes them one of the best colon cleansing agents. Many studies explain about the active fat blocking power of this simple tasty fruit. Apples contain pectin that is concentrated in the skin of the fruit. So, when you are following this diet, you may want to consider eating the fruit with its skin. This pectin prevents you from accumulating fat in your body. From another angle, apples are high in cellulose that helps keep your intestines cleansed and your body low in toxins. Also, it helps promoting good gut health. For those who are having problems regulating their blood glucose levels, the apple diet is not your right choice to losing weight. In that case, you may want to check the Gout diet recipes.

Many studies have also talked about the anti-aging benefits of apples. This fruit is very high in a substance called polyphenols. There is precisely a kind of this phenol that is called apple phenol. These are top sources of antioxidants that are expected to erase wrinkles and get rid of bad breath. These phenols also help regulate your blood cholesterol levels; so, they help lower your LDL levels. Most of the apple’s benefits lie in its skin; so, eating an apple means that you need to have it in full with the skin.

Just like for any diet and weight loss system, the apple diet has some potential side effects. One of the bad sides of this system is that you are prone to gain the weight back on. When you eat too little and lose weight, you have to know that most of the dropped pounds are coming from water and muscles. So, your efforts might feel wasted when you are happy with your weight loss; and then, when you resume your regular eating habits, you end up gaining the weight back on. This is the case of any diet that is based on low caloric intake. To minimize such an effect, you may want to boost your metabolism by following a good workout and a well-balanced diet. This way, following three days of the apple diet, will not lead to any bounce back of the lost pounds.

One small precaution when wanting to follow the apple diet for cleansing and weight loss: you have to make sure that you are healthy and in excellent condition. If you feel sick or have a cold, for example, this is not the right time for you to detox your body with this system. You cannot go low on calories when your body is not feeling well. This is also the case of people who might have chronic conditions. In that case, you need to consult with your doctor about following this kind of a strict diet. Do not underestimate the power of three days for people who are not very healthy. Also, some people who might be taking some medications might not be encouraged to follow this diet.

Even if you have started the apple diet and you ended up feeling strange, you are advised to stop it immediately and resume your regular eating habits. Losing weight could be important to you, but it is not more important than your own health.

Apple diet plan guidelines

When you decide to go on an apple diet to lose weight, you are supposed to be improving your overall health. This fruit is expected to clear your skin, help your digestive problems, prevent diabetes, and help you lose weight. For example, you can start your day with two apples for breakfast; then, one apple for lunch and three apples for dinner. You are allowed to have tea and water in between. Such a system is considered to be very low in calories but at the same time, high in nutrients like many kinds of vitamins. This system will also help you calm down your appetite. If you want to analyze the diet from a nutritionist’s point of view, you will notice that your apples are providing you with proteins, carbs and low intakes of fat. So, it is somehow a balanced diet. For those who are following the five-day apple diet, keep in mind that you are allowed to eat as well lean sources of meats and low-fat cheeses. So, you can have some turkey slices, skinless chicken breast grilled or boiled, some non-starchy veggies, and some whole grains cereals. You might also be allowed to have some eggs.

3 day apple diet

The three days apples diet is a fun but strict diet where you are only allowed to eat apples for a period of three days. This system is a single food diet that can help cleanse your intestines and help you get used to eating a lesser amount of calories. This system only lets you eat one single fruit; but, it does not specify the number of apples you are allowed to eat within a single day. So, you are restricted by the food but not by the quantity.

When you finish your three days of dieting, you will not feel hungry and you will have to take some time to get used to eating regular food back again. Your stomach and intestines are cleansed but they are not used to eating anything. So, as a result, you will take some time to get used to eating the proper food once again. When you finish this kind of detox diet, you will need to watch out and start yourself a new healthy habit. These are some guidelines for eating healthy:

  • Stay away from fried food that are very high in fat and especially saturated fats.
  • Embrace a lot of veggies and fruits that will help keep your body and skin in perfect health.
  • Eat low-fat dairy products that will provide you with your needed amounts of micro and macro nutrients.
  • Eat whole grains.
  • Eat a lot of legumes that are high in proteins and low in fat. These are also excellent sources of fibers.
  • Try to stay away from processed food and refined sugars.

While following the three-day apple diet, you have to make sure to hydrate your body the proper way. You are allowed to drink a lot of water, tea and even coffee.  You may want to pay attention not to take in a lot of caffeine. You might even be able to drink some apple juices.