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Anthony Anderson Weight Loss: His Diet, His journey and before and after pictures.

Who is Anthony Anderson?

Anthony Anderson is an American actor who was born in Los Angles, California on the 15th of August 19, 1970. According to DNA results, Anthony descends from the Tikar people of Cameroon. His stepdad, Sterling Bowman, who used to work in the steel mill industry, has a chain of three clothing lines. His mom, Doris, was an actress and a telephone operator. Anderson attended the Hollywood School of Performing Arts and graduated from Howard University. He has type 2 Diabetes. Anthony married his college crush, Alvina, and they have two kids: Kyra and Nathan.

Anthony’s debut in comedy was a failure. It wasn’t until the year 1999 when he played the character Scribbles in the movie “Liberty Heights,” that he found more success. After that, he has been invited to play many comedic roles. Some of his most famous work was, “My Baby’s Daddy,” and “Kangaroo Jack,” where he was the leading actor.

He is also an actor and executive producer to the hit ABC series “Black-ish,” where he won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. He also played an NYPD detective on “Law & Order,” one of the lead characters in crimes series on FOX named “K-Ville,” as well as “The Shield.”

He hosted a show called “Eating America” in the summer of 2014, where he toured different towns in the United States and organized food festivals. He is also a judge on “Iron Chef America.”

Anthony Anderson’s Sitcom “All about the Andersons” aired on The WB from September 12, 2003, to February 12, 2004. During that year, Anthony was accused of sexually assaulting a woman on the set.

Anderson and his second assistant director Wayne Witherspoon were both accused of forcing a lady to take off her clothes and take pictures of her naked. A witness saw the 25-year-old lady running out of the trailer on the film set “Hustle & Flow” on July 27 of 2004. She was then treated at St. Francis hospital. The charges were dropped in October of 2006 after the judge noticing some “suspicious” accusations during the victim’s testimony.

Anthony Anderson Weight Loss

Anthony Anderson is the man who makes everyone laugh. This young man is now satisfied with how he looks. Anthony ended up losing 47 pounds, and he did it gracefully. The actor always had a problem with his weight, but his size never bothered him. Even when he was 270 pounds, he was satisfied and happy with who he was.

Anderson decided to make healthy changes to his lifestyle when he got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. That came as a shock to him, and he decided to change his life for the better. He became serious about embracing a healthier lifestyle. He still did not care about his appearance. He was aiming for a healthy path. He began with small changes and then made bigger and more pronounced shifts. This actor’s family was significant support for him. He was blessed to have them by his side. After starting to lose weight, Anthony shifted into a plant-based diet. He is not going all the way vegan, but he is trying to be on that plan at least for some time to speed up his weight loss journey. He never felt comfortable taking weight loss pills. You can check the forskolin reviews. This medicine can help raise your testosterone levels and improve your overall body composition. Current studies might be denying the link between forskolin and weight loss regarding pounds lost. However, it does lead to fat loss and an increase in muscle mass. Some people looking for weight loss pills are considering to buy phentermine online. It might be less invasive than undergoing surgery like liposuction, tummy tuck or gastric bypasses.

Anthony was very scared when he got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This came from the fact that he lost his father to the disease. He was not ready to follow his path. So, he took the right measures. Many celebrities have been faced with the need to lose weight for the sake of their health, and many were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Sometimes bad news becomes your wake up call for a better version of yourself. Many celebrities resorted to the weight loss supplements for women. But, of course, this has to be balanced with a healthy diet plan and some workout.

Anthony Anderson Diet Plan

Anderson explains that he did not start working out not until he moved back to LA. His debut was just in the hands of a nutritionist. His beginning was a paleo diet program. He was eating very clean food consisting of fruits and vegetables. The only meat he was having was fish and chicken. Both have to be organic and with no added hormones to them. The vegetables have to be organic too with no pesticides. He followed the system for 30 days.  And then he kept going. When you put a preliminary plan and end up getting amazing results, you become more excited about where you might up getting. While the paleo diet has been very famous for the past years, you may want to check the yes you can diet reviews to see if it is worth all the fuss about it.

Anderson’s diet system is low carb and low glycemic index diet. It means that you do not get to have a lot of starchy vegetables and fruits. The actor was also adding a lot of fibers to his meals. So, he was getting his fibers from fruits and veggies since whole grains were not endorsed by this regimen. The comedian was allowed to have a medium to high intake of fat. But the fat source has to be a good one. He had to learn about the differences between good and bad fats. He was adding olive oil and avocados. His diet was more shifted into high potassium and low sodium.

The healthiest side of embracing the paleo lifestyle is that your food will be very high in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. You will increase your intake in plants that very rich in phytochemicals. Finally, Anthony was introduced to the acidic vs. alkaline system of the paleo lifestyle. This latter consists of eating food that would balance your body. You will need to eat equally food that promotes an alkaline milieu as well as food that support an acidic milieu.

So, overall, Anthony’s diet consisted of grass-fed, antibiotic-free and hormones free chicken and fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds, as well as healthy oils like olive oil, avocado oil, macadamia oil, flaxseeds oil and coconut oil. On the other hand, you cannot have rice, bread corn, beans and legumes, refined sugar, salt and processed food. Canola oil is a wrong choice when you are on Anderson’s diet. The paleo system is a real detox to our body. If you are a person who is looking to feel cleaner, you may want to check the homemade bath detox.

Anthony Anderson Weight Loss Workout

Anderson explains that even though he did not exercise at all, the paleo system, by itself, shifted his body composition. At the end of the 30 days, he lost 3 pounds of pure fat and gained three pounds of muscles. This small but significant change was the result of this simple, healthy eating style. He was pleased with the results. So, he started thinking to himself about what the results might be if he started working out. He started walking; and then, it suddenly occurred to him to have a bike. That’s when he embraced the bike instead of the car. He was riding this equipment everywhere, to buy anything they needed at home. Anderson knew that it was the best way for him to motivate himself into exercising. Aside the basketball games with his son, the actor was having fun with his bike.

Anderson is what we call a “chef at home.” He started cooking healthy meals that fit in with his new lifestyle. He began this passion when he was featured on “Iron Chef America” as one of the judges. Our actor believes that by cooking healthy, you enjoy your dishes while losing your weight. He thinks that it is all in the balance. He usually is on stage 14 hours a day. So, to stay healthy, he is obliging himself to sneak in the gym, even if it is for a short period. He usually goes for cardio. So, a good treadmill, a bicycle, or a stepper would do just fine. There is no need for fancy instruments. On another note, Anderson took up meditating. He believes in the power of being calm and cleansing your inner thoughts.

When he moved to LA, Anderson added jogging to his to-do list. He was going for it at least three days a week and ends up jogging for a distance of five miles. When you have a healthy start of your day, you feel refreshed as the time passes. Some also embrace to have the lemon water detox in the morning. This drink helps cleanse your organs and system.