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Anna Duggar Weight Loss: Her diet, Food choices and before and after pictures.

Who is Anna Duggar?

Anna is an American woman born in 1988 in Gainesville. She gained her fame when she married Josh Duggar. Anna comes from the Keller family who is similar in their beliefs and ways of life to the Duggars. She had seven siblings and was very involved in her church duties. Anna and her siblings were homeschooled, and the young girl ended up finishing her high school studies at the age of 16. After her education, she started helping her father, who is a minister, with his work at the juvenile detention center. Anna’s family and the Duggar family were brought together by their religious work. In 2006, Anna and her family went to visit the Duggars, and that’s when she met Josh. They showed interest in each other and ended up getting married in 2008. When she married young Duggar, she started appearing on TV as part of the reality show 17 Kids and Counting; and then, 19 Kids and Counting: a First Grandson.

The Duggars are a family living in Arkansas. Their story started when Bob and Michelle got married and decided to have an expanded family. They had 19 children together and were America’s sweethearts. The whole world wanted to know how this young couple is doing it. Their reality TV show is something you would want to watch, and everyone was curiously following up their every move. This family has a million followers on social media. They are living the simple Christian life, embracing everything natural and making their family times the most cherished ones. They are all united and help out each other in every single aspect of their life.

Now, Anna is a stay at home mom who is raising her five children alongside her husband. Throughout her pregnancies, Anna managed to stay healthy. Now, this young woman is shocking the world by appearing thinner than ever!

Anna and Josh passed through a rough time the past two years as Josh was a lost man. He ended up cheating on his wife and went for six months in a faith-based recovery center. Anna was living with her in-laws in the girls’ dorms and was assumed to be praying and fasting for the sake of saving their marriage.  Some are even saying that with Josh being away, she did not have the chance to end up pregnant; and, with healthy eating, she is slim. Being married to Josh undoubtedly was some kind of a bad influence on the dietary habits of this young woman. Josh was obese and ended up becoming diabetic due to his bad eating habits.

Joy Anna Duggar Weight loss

Apparently, Anna isn’t the only one who has been losing weight, her sister-in-law Joy Ann has been shown with her drastic weight loss. She was not following the ketosis diet menu where you start high proteins and low carbs diet shifting your body from breaking down body fat to use as energy. The ketosis diet starves your body of carbs in such a way that it no longer utilizes this group of food for its proper functioning. So, bread, rice, pasta, and even high carb fruits are not permitted. You can have lean meats like chicken, legumes, eggs, and seafood. You are also required to have a lot of veggies and healthy fats like olive oil and nuts.

This young Duggar was laying low for a while now. In May 2017, she got engaged to her best friend, Austin Forsyth. That’s when this young girl became under the spotlight. This young bride-to-be seems to be under a lot of stress because of her wedding and her new role in this famous family. She ended up losing a lot of weight.

Most of the times, weight loss is seen as a sign of healthy lifestyle or the need to look their best. This is not the case of this young Duggar whose weight loss started a lot of controversies. Some of her fans think that she is looking just fantastic; while others believe that she is under a lot of stress and she is losing weight in a very unhealthy way. While most people follow specific famous dietary systems like the Melissa McCarthy weight loss or the Jennifer Hudson weight loss, Joy Anna’s diet was not a fad or a renowned health system. This girl belonged to a family that is very rare. Her menu, along with her way of living and thinking, is dictated by their beliefs originated from the Basic Life Principles.

In their religion, God is concerned when someone is overeating and is overweight. Weight is a matter of being disciplined and one should follow God’s principles. As a matter of fact, Joy Anna’s mom, Michelle, explained how she was battling bulimia when she was a child. She continues that her husband and their religion helped her be back on track.

Joy Anna shared with her fans that when someone grows up, they become more prone to gaining weight. She believes that her genes will always shift her toward a chubbier body. That’s why she is engaged in gymnastics and cheerleading. She thinks that by being active, she can keep her figure slim. She doesn’t believe in the HCG diet plan or the dukan diet food list.

It is very reasonable to want to look your best before your big day; and, that’s what Duggar seems to be doing. But, when a 19 years old girl looks unhealthy and thin before her wedding day, you may want to wonder what is going on. This young girl seems to be following some diet as she feels she is under pressure to lose weight and look her best. Dieting is not a new concept in this family; her mother and her sister did it before her. How they did it? Very simple: they used Weight Watchers!

Weight Watchers is a well-known weight loss program for women. It is an American company that sells foods intended to make you lose weight and even maintain it. More than 30 countries, all over the world, have branches of this regimen. The way people lose weight is that they are helped to have healthy eating habits and to push them to embrace smarter ways of dieting. They need to have some exercise as well. Weight Watchers is more of a system than it is a diet. When on this regimen, you are required to track your food choices. Your food choices are not restricted to any group; the system is very flexible; however, you need to sacrifice a specific budget to be on the program. It helps you lose two pounds a week, and you will be able to maintain them as you are making healthy food choices. Now, the system is ranking as number one in the USA.

When you are a Dugger, you are under the microscope and always being scrutinized for your choices. You are following a religion that dictates you what to do and what to eat. It should be noted that Michelle, the mother, always believed that a woman needs to stay lean and look her best for her husband.