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America Ferrera Weight Loss: Diet, Workout and Before and After changes.

Who is America Ferrera?

Born in 1984, in Los Angeles, California, America Georgina Ferrera is the youngest of six children. Her father, Carlos Georgio, and her mother,  America Griselda, are both from Honduras, and immigrated in the mid-1970s to the United States. Her parents divorced when America was seven years of age; her father went back to Honduras, where he later died in 2010. America was raised in Woodland Hills, where her mother was a housekeeper at the Hilton Hotel and was very keen on education. Ferrera attended many schools: Calabash Street Elementary, then George Ellery Hale Middle school, and finally she graduated from El Camino Highschool. Her passion for acting started when she was young. When she was seven, she played a small role in a school play in “Hamlet.” At 10, she played in the musical “Oliver!” as the Artful Dodger, and in “Romeo and Juliet.” She started her acting lessons when she was 15, and started working on the side to pay for her experiences. She worked as a waitress and babysitter. She was accepted at the University of Southern California with a Presidential Scholarship. She double majored in International Relations and Theatre. She finished her BS in International Relations in 2013.

In 2002, she landed a role in “Gotta Kick Up” on Disney Channel, that was her first experience as an actress. She also played in the movie “Plainsong” that was inspired by the novel “Kent Haruf.” In 2005, she was in the film “How the Garcia Girls Spent Their Summer,” she played Bianca, a 17-year-old Mexican-American girl.

It wasn’t until 2006, where her fame blew up. She was the main actress in the show “Ugly Betty” that aired on ABC. She won many awards after that, like the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, and Primetime Emmy Award for Best Leading Actress in Comedy.

She was even congratulated by Hilda Solis for being an inspiration and a role model for many Latinas in the United States. In 2007, she was in Time magazine’s top 100 most influential people of that year. Other movies that she acted were the 2012 movie “End Watch” as Officer Orozco, and she was also a character in the 2008 movie “Tinker Bell” as Fawn. She was the voice of Astrid Hofferson in “How to Train Your Dragon” 1, 2, and 3.

Ferrara met actor Ryan Piers in her university at USC. They later got engaged in June 2010, and then got married June 27 of 2011. America Ferrera was in the #Metoocampaign back in 2017, where she claimed that at the age of 9 she was sexually harassed. In January of 2018, she was a founding member of Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, which is a movement against sexual harassment

America Ferrera Weight Loss

In the old days, when celebrities planned on losing weight, people used to think that they underwent some magical secret transformation that nobody has access to. Now, all the secrets are out there, and we all know that a weight loss change has to follow a particular transformation. While many celebrities turn their lives upside down, others go for easier weight loss solutions that require a minimal amount of effort, like bariatric surgeries and liposuctions. Several stars decided to lose weight to look their best or for a specific role. Others faced chronic diseases, like diabetes, became afraid for their lives, and decided to lose weight.

“Ugly Betty” is one very famous young woman who wowed her fans by losing more than 30 pounds. She was not fat, and she used to state that she was an average person by being a size six or eight. But, for a celebrity that appears on television, she was an overweight star. She always feared that people might attack her if she lost weight, as she is famous for her ‘chubby’ look. Sometimes, chubby and overweight people tend to be the voice for all overweight people.

She always mentioned in interviews that she wanted to lose weight. But, when she ended up reaching an excellent slim shape, it happened naturally. She believes that one has to have a healthy relationship with food and exercising. She does not want to look like a supermodel; she just wants to feel good about her body and health. America should be a role model for young girls and teens that end up in the haze of the weight loss world. Most youths end up developing eating disorders to look like their favorite model or celebrity. While many stars are on a very low-calorie diet, others plan to be advocates for healthy well-being. America is one of these advocates, and she surely is spreading a positive message for weight loss and health. You may also want to check the Melissa McCarthy weight loss. This woman had an extraordinary weight loss and he now looks better than ever!

America Ferrera Weight Loss Diet Secrets

For a person who is in love with the Cheesecake Factory, Ferrera surely showed everyone that she can do it. Here are a few of her tips for a great transformation.

  • Never skip breakfast: America believes in the power of having a good filling breakfast. She, herself, never skipped any. Her meal is normally a well-balanced wholesome combination of proteins, fresh fruits and veggies. She actually believes in this combination and tries to include it in every one of her meals. This actress was ignoring all the fuss that was going on around famous diets. She chose to be eating fruits and believes in the need to eat carbs. If you disagree with this young actress, you can check the sugar free diet recipes. America did actually try to go on low carb diets; but it made her very depressed and she started suffering from headaches. An example of her breakfast recipe can be an omelet loaded with veggies with a side of melon.
  • Protein First, Water Second: That is one rule that America got from her trainer who advised to always have proteins on her plate. He wants her to eat her proteins at the beginning of every meal, and then eat the other foods. When you start with a lean meat, it will fill you up. As a result, you end up eating much less. So, for example, if she was having a plate of chicken with some rice and veggies. She would eat her chicken first followed by a glass of water, and then carry on with the rest of the meal.
  • Metabolism Boosters for the morning and early afternoon: America did not have a problem with taking natural metabolism boosters. So, she was taking green tea and raspberry ketones in the morning and early afternoon. These help boost the metabolic rate and burn more fat. This actress actually keeps her mission to advocate healthy weight loss among teen and young people. She explains to them about the dangers of quick fixes when losing weight. The actress does not believe in prescription medicines and weight loss pills. The options she picked are natural boosters. She explains to them that they should give their body some time to stay healthy while shaking off the extra weight. She also wants them to know what the metabolic rate is and how they should not mess up their metabolism by following low calorie diets. For those who do not eat meat, you can check the best vegetarian diet plan.
  • Be positive and keep going: America always planned her meals one week ahead so that her brain could adjust to the quality of the food she will be having.

America Ferrera weight loss workout

While she was very comfortable with her new weight loss food regimen, the young actress understood the need to work out. She actually set her routine to be done three times a week under the surveillance of a personal trainer. Her workout was a combination between cardio and resistance training. If you like water, you may want to check about the swimming exercises for weight loss.

Her trainer was a clever woman and she put together a fun workout for the young celebrity to follow. Her regimen included kettle bells, dumb bells, resistance machines, body weight and battle ropes. The workout was simple but it pushed her to her maximum capacities. She was doing her sets with minimal rest in between. The trainer believes that you can just allow yourself 30 to 45 seconds of rest in between sets. This will help maximize fat burning.

For example, on Mondays, she was doing kettle bell training and cardio for 45 minutes. The workout was targeting lower body and upper body muscles. Part of the workout is 25 minutes cardio. She would pick either bike or treadmill.

On Wednesdays, America was doing lower body resistance training that lasted 45 minutes. She was doing several sets targeting her lower body muscles like setups, slow-motion leg press, sumo deadlift, and others. The actress now feels more toned than ever!

If you want to lose weight and feel at your best, you must take a look at the best detox drink. This will cleanse your liver and digestive system while helping you lose weight. You can also check the Gigi Hadid weight loss for an idea about juicing. This young model had to undergo this dietary change for the sake of her illness.