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Amanda Cerny’s Weight Loss Journey: her Diet, Food choices and Lifestyle changes

Who is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda is an American actress who was born in 1991 in Pittsburgh. This woman began her career on Vine; now, she is one of the top followed people in the world with her Instagram reaching more than 19 million followers.

Amanda went to college in Florida at FSU. She acted in many sitcoms and directed more than 3000 comedy scripts and music videos. This multitasking woman also was a model and health spokesperson.  She teamed up with many reputable international companies like Nike, Ubisoft, Marc Jacobs, and Guess. She is a woman with great looks and amazing heart. Amanda is a philanthropist and has been continuously helping Haiti and Puerto Rico. Now, this actress lives in California.

Amanda Cerny’s weight loss

Everyone knows Amanda as the poster girl who is fit and who keeps sharing her fitness videos on YouTube. This young woman has been a model since her young years. What makes her look and feel her best is her healthy lifestyle that is dominated by a healthy diet. So, what does she eat? She is a strict vegan! Plants are her life. Amanda always starts her day with some fruits and indulges in veggies for the rest of the day. She is a woman who does not believe in weight aids like the Belviq diet pill. While there are several celebrities who embraced the Garcinia Cambogia diet, Cerny is a woman close to nature and believes in the power of her mind over her body.

When you follow the vegan diet, unlike any fat burning diet, you will get your proteins from plant sources. And this is exactly what Cerny did. She relied on plants and nuts to get her needed proteins. But, you have to be careful with the nuts as too much of a thing can become problematic. While nuts are great sources of the good kind of fat, they are also high in calories. So, one can eat but not overeat.

Cerny’s diet is very healthy and is based on soy, beans and a high intake of fibers. She is one of the celebrities who do not resort to pills like the Contrave diet pill.

Amanda believes in the following rules to keep her shape at its best and her body looking amazing:

  • Stay away from processed food. Also, stay away from junk food. This latter will keep you hungry, will contribute to your weight gain and will mess up your mood.
  • Do not obsess over food.
  • Always do a healthy check up to make sure that your nutrients are well balanced. Amanda goes for a blood test once every four months to make sure that she is on the right tract
  • Eat bananas properly
  • Stay self-motivated
  • Do not go crazy on nuts.
  • When you eat healthy, you will lose weight. But Cerny enjoys eating healthy because it makes her feel good. So, she does not have a specific weight loss plan, but rather a healthy lifestyle.

Amanda Cerny’s food choices and secrets

Staying away from Adipex diet pills and plastic surgeries, Amanda believes in the power of nature and natural food. She knows that when you choose to have a healthy lifestyle dominated by healthy eating, you will end up with the right weight and a great health.

For this Playboy model, food is a means to an end. Even if you do a lot of workouts, if you are going to end up eating a lot of food and bad choices, you will end up gaining weight or staying at your current weight. Cerny stays away from junk food and is fixated on eating well for the sake of her health.

Part of her figure secrets is her workout. Cerny is a highly motivated woman. Even if she was injured, she would still go to the gym to finish her workout.  So, her image is not just all diet, she does believe in the power of working out as well. Here is what she does:

  • HIIT, also known as High Intensity Interval Training. This is how Amanda believes she is burning her calories off. She does many reps and couple them with little bit of low intensity exercises. Amanda is a very busy woman who can be very tight on time. But, she does not let anything stand between her and her optimal health and amazing figure. So, this is why she picked HIIT. For her, it is the most efficient and effective weight loss exercise.
  • Amanda believes in the need to have cardio workout daily, as well. This woman spends a lot of her time in the gym working on her excellent flawless figure.
  • Boosting your adrenaline is what she loves. Amanda values any activity that will boost your adrenaline level. She does not mind going skydiving, bungee jumping or even diving.
  • Make sure you understand the guidelines of a strict vegan diet. Amanda knew and was following them. First, you might end up taking some Vitamin B12 supplements. This vitamin is found in foods that are animal sources. So, a vegan most likely will have a deficiency in this type of vitamin. Second, you might also need an iron supplement. This mineral comes in two different forms that are heme and non-heme. More than half of the heme type of iron comes from an animal source. This type can be absorbed very easily by the body. So, vegans would need to eat a lot of legumes, sunflower seeds, leafy veggies, and even dried raisins. As for your protein sources, you will need to find yourself new kinds of food that will provide you with your needed proteins. You may want to think of lentils, soy, beans, quinoa and seitan. Some people believe that becoming vegan can be a lot of work; so, they resort to pills instead like the Adipex diet pills.

Aside from her famous HIIT workout, Amanda is a yoga enthusiast. She is great at it and seems to impress everyone around her when she starts posing as the poses accentuate her curves. In addition, this good looking actress does boxing, sprints, jumping ropes, as well as abs workout. As a matter of fact, most of her pictures are posted naked or she barely wears any. These show off her amazing figure and impressive abs.  Amanda does not follow the Abs diet food list, but she believes in the power of a healthy vegan diet away from junk food. If you are not like Amanda, and would like to try some pills, you can take a look at the Phentermine diet pills.