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Al Sharpton Weight Loss: His Diet, his Food with Before and After Results.

Who is Al Sharpton?

Al Sharpton is a man of many talents. He is an American celebrity born in 1954 in Brooklyn, New York. This man has been very active since 1969 as a Baptist minister, an activist for social justice and civil rights, and a radio talk show host. He is a Democrat and was an adviser to President Barack Obama. Now, he hosts his show called “Keeping It Real.” In 2004, he was a candidate for the presidential election.

This man of power started preaching his first sermon when he was four years old. He ended up touring with Mahalia Jackson, a gospel singer. In 1963, Al’s father left his wife, and the family was on a meager income. This led them to start qualifying for welfare. They also were obliged to move to Brownsville, living in public housing projects. This man was selected by Jesse Jackson to become a youth director of the New York branch of his non-profit, helping Africans Americans get better jobs and lives. In 1971, Sharpton started his own non-profit that aimed at improving young and poor people’s lives. Several celebrities, throughout the years, got involved with humanitarian projects. When you are a known figure, your impact is much more significant, especially if you are encouraging a specific healthy or safe behavior. People listen to those they admire.

In 1991, Al founded a non-profit that was helping raise awareness for voters. It also helped support small local businesses and help people in need. This active man led many protests and rallies criticizing the system and defending people who have been shot.

In 1971, Al met his wife, who is a backup singer for James Brown. Back then, Al was the tour manager of the famous singer. In 1980, the couple got married and separated in 2004. Sharpton’s life was not an easy one. He had severe injuries in 1991 during an attempt to assassinate him.

When you are a high profile celebrity who is helping and preaching to others, you may want to keep your health and body in good shape. The debut of Al Sharpton was that of a heavy man. He was dealing with a lot of extra pounds.

Al Sharpton weight loss

When Al Sharpton decided to lose weight, nobody imagined that he would trim himself to become as big as his own shadow. Over a period of four and a half years, this man lost more than half his weight, dropping from 305 pounds to 129 pounds. The amazing part is that the reverend lost all this weight without surgeries. You can also read about the Amber Portwood weight loss success story.

This man went through a lot of yo-yo weight loss. First, he lost 30 pounds when he was on a strike of no eating. That hunger strike happened in 2001 when he was in jail. Soon after, he gained the weight back. It wasn’t until his daughter criticized him that he had his wake up call and decided to lose weight. He confesses that no matter how strong he can be, this man of power was hurt when his daughter asked him why he was fat.

He started by stopping meats and starches.  Then, he moved into a more strict diet system. Now, his breakfast consists of three slices of whole wheat toast along with a green juice called “Doctor Earth,” and then a cup of tea. For lunch, he was having a salad, a banana, and more tea. Al Sharpton was not adding sugar to his tea but Stevia.  He was also consistent with his salad, which is always made of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, with some boiled eggs and a vinegar dressing. But his doctor advised him to have some proteins; that’s why this celebrity added the eggs. He was also encouraged to take in some carbs, so he started eating whole wheat toast. At night time, Al Sharpton has a slice of whole wheat toast with the same juice. During the weekend, he allows himself some fish. For a drop of 176 pounds, this man was a complete success. For more success stories, you may want to check Mitch Grassi weight loss.

This man believed that to lose weight, you must be determined to lose it and to do what it takes. He does not deny that the first couple of weeks of his diet were terrible and he was getting hungry a lot. But he wanted to change, so he kept his cravings suppressed. Al Sharpton’s favorite food was fried chicken. But this is no longer an option for him. The reverend used to have fried chicken over three meals per day. He was just addicted to this unhealthy meal. He used to incorporate it even as a sandwich. Now, and even throughout his diet, he is not missing the food that he gave up. He does believe that he made that sacrifice for a better cause and he is fully satisfied with the results! His diet is a very strict one with few calories added to his meals. This man drinks only fluids after 6 pm. He does not eat any solids after this time. Amy Schumer weight loss is also a great success.

Al Sharpton did not lose weight by having some protein shakes and mixes. If this is what you are looking for, you may want to try the Herbalife weight loss plan. This latter consists of buying specific products from Herbalife and following their given system. This method does not require any meal preparations like cooking. It is simple but you will need to set a budget for it. So, if you do not want to spend a lot of money for weight loss, you may want to check the best detox smoothies. There are many smoothies that mix together veggies and fruits with some good protein sources like milk and Greek yogurt.

Sharpton did not adopt any pills. He was not looking for what is phentermine. He wants to make it the simplest possible: no surgeries, and no medicines. He did not mind eating the same food over and over. The reverend surely makes professionals very nervous when they hear about his new way of eating. Embracing a diet with no diversity and low caloric intake can lead to malnutrition and some deficiencies. But, for him, it is the most amazing diet, and he is willing to keep going. For other weight loss methods, you can check the lemonade diet reviews.

Sharpton was eating about 1000 calories on a daily basis with 26g of proteins. If you are to do the calculations, you may find out that for a man his age and weight, he would need a 2000 caloric intake with about 56g of proteins. According to professionals, this man is on the edge of becoming underweight. Keep in mind that being overweight is not worse than becoming underweight. Overweight means that you are not at a healthy weight. Being underweight means that you might be having deficiencies in nutrients: macronutrients and micronutrients. In both cases, your health can be jeopardized. Let’s hope that will not be the case with Sharpton. When you decide on a weight loss regimen, you have to know how your body works and what it needs to keep functioning properly. When you assess these needs carefully then you can pick the right diet for you.

Al Sharpton workout

This man succeeded in losing a lot of weight while being healthy. It is true that he followed a diet with restricted calories, but he was geared more towards a vegetarian diet. His weight loss was accompanied by a workout. Just like for most celebrities, when you decide to lose weight, you often choose to merge your efforts for both dieting and working out. Adjusting one of these two will not land you the desired goal. Well, for Sharpton, it was a straightforward goal. He was merely walking on the treadmill five days a week and for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. He did not go towards fancy machinery and weightlifting. He just did not want his body to look flabby. So he was merely trying to tone up while losing weight and keeping his blood flow going. There are many health benefits of cardio workout and walking. Most celebrities embrace cardio workouts part of their weight loss routines.