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Adding CBD to your coffee as an energy booster and daily health supplement

If you are a night owl, then you know that mornings suck. Waking up to the blare of an alarm clock, crawling out of your nice warm bed, and jumping into a shower so you can begin your commute to work is probably not your idea of paradise. Sure you probably brew yourself a pot of piping hot black coffee or you hit the local coffeehouse on your drive to your job site to jumpstart your lagging body, invigorate your day, and just get through the morning. If java isn’t your thing, then you might even turn to the hype energy drink to recharge your batteries. However, have you ever tried simple hemp-derived CBD oil in your coffee?

Isn’t CBD for Nighttime Use Only?

You are probably shaking your head and thinking cannabidiol is supposed to be a nighttime thing. Something you ingest right before bed to treat insomnia and gain a restful night’s sleep. Believe it or not, but CBD functions both as a pick-me-up and as a relaxant according to studies.

Coffee and CBD: The Perfect Union

Caffeine-fueled drinks might get your heart pumping but they also promote anxiety. Adding five to ten drops of hemp-derived CBD oil to your cup of brew will counteract the anxious feelings and jitters caused by the caffeine while also giving you an energetic boost. The oil makes coffee even better (if that’s possible according to coffee aficionados who swear by the delight of an espresso).

Coffee is Actually Good for You

It is time to treat yourself with a relaxing, mind-lifting, spirit freeing infusion of CBD to truly start your day off right. Yea, coffee has gotten a rap by some who focus on living a so-called pure life, but studies have revealed that cappuccino is rife with whole-body benefits.

Health Benefits of Morning Joe

Here are a few benefits of a piping hot cup joe:

  • Natural antioxidant
  • Helps protect the liver
  • Boosts brain function
  • Increases reaction time

Creating a Combo Beverage With CBD

If you add a few drops of hemp oil to your Cafe au lait then real magic takes place. Here are just a few of the potential benefits of the duo:

Boosts energy: CBD and caffeine energize

Decreases inflammation: Waking up to a morning headache sucks. Teaming up CBD with coffee means morning headaches are GONE.

Relieves pain: Everyone gets older and has morning pains. It eases morning muscle aches and soreness.

Reduces anxiety: Imagine attaining true morning calmness. You’ll undergo no more angry road rage outbursts during the morning commute.

Improves your mood: Both coffee and CBD increase the serotonin levels in your brain for a feel-good experience.

Antioxidant combo: As mentioned, coffee is a natural antioxidant and so is CBD so your cells and DNA receive daily protection from damage while enjoying amped-up cellular regeneration and reduced aging.

Mental awareness: Teaming java with CBD protects your brain neurons, so you experience reduced degeneration.

Add Peppermint to Your Cup

Morning has arrived, and it is time to pour yourself a piping hot cup of coffee, then place about five to ten drops of cannabinoid into the mug and then why not finish it with a fresh sprig of peppermint. The three ingredients work in unison to start your day in true style. You can also add creamer and sugar. Ideally, pour the beverage into a to-go container to enjoy on the highway as you head to school or work.

You don’t have to use hemp oil every day in your coffee. It can just be additive when you want to increase energy and assistant your mood. However, many people use CBD in the mornings and at night as a natural, holistic supplement.