Weight Loss Diet Pills – Truth About Non and Prescription Anti-Obesity Medications.

Weight Loss PillsAny form of uncontrolled weight gain is a potential causal of a wide range of health risk conditions. It is for this reason that many pills and medications have been developed in attempt to deal with the effects of excess weight or generally obesity. Professionals advise against any body weight above 27 index of BMI. To know if you are above this recommended Body Mass Index, you can take your body weight in mass (kg) and divide it with the square of your height in meters. You can also search for an online BMI calculator for better results.

There are various options that one can choose from in attempt to control or reduce weight. The most familiar ones are taking weight loss pills and dietary management. Natural techniques produce their effects after a longer period of time than do medical pills.

Which are the top rated weight loss pills?

Below are some of the top rated pills that help in weight loss. All the following products are only accessible with a prescription and are FDA approved. This means that they can be accessed in leading chain retailers like Walmart and CVS.

  • Belviq (lorcaserin) – It works by managing excessive appetite. It promotes a feeling of satisfaction, which in turn helps in controlled intake of too many calories.
  • Phentermine – This medication has been in the market for long. Like most of the weight loss pills available, it suppresses ones appetite. This means that the patient will be likely to consume fewer calories than they used to. There are several other prescribed drugs that work almost the same as this medication. They include; Bontril, Didrex and diethylpropin.
  • Contrave – This medication works a bit different from the majority of the medics in this list. It helps addrTOP RATED WEIGHT LOSS PILLSess issues related to weight gain due to drug abuse like alcohol and cigarettes smoking.
  • Qsymia – Its effectivity is majorly based on the fact that it contains two active medications combined. Again, it helps curb excessive appetite.

Below are other popular weight loss pills, ones which can be accessed over the counter.

  • Saxenda (liraglutide) – This medication functions by creating an impression that you are not hungry and therefore in no need for calories intake.
  • Xenical (Alli) – It works by limiting the rate at which fats are absorbed. This in turn means that patients will only absorb the amount of fats that their bodies will burn completely.

Note that I have used either brand or generic names for these products. You can be prescribed for the same under either name, which of course will be clearly pointed out in the packet what the pills come in.

Top 10 best natural methods to lose weight without diet pills

Losing weight naturally is the best way to approach the whole weight loss business. But this is only if you are not looking for a method that will produce rapid effects.

  • Take more proteins – You may have heard the famous caution; never to give a gravely sick person foods like eggs. This is based on the fact that proteins require a lot of energy to get digested. For this reason, increasing the amounts of proteins in your diet will force your digestive system to burn more fats in attempt to break down the proteins. This will help in safe weight loss.
  • Exercise regularly – Any physical activity demands that body cells be in a position to provide enough needed ready energy. In the body, ready energy comes from a complex process that involves braking down of stored fats. Stored fats are responsible for weight gain. Therefore, the more you are involved in physical exercises the more you will be in a position to safely lose weight. This plans works best for men taking other medical drugs and for women who are breastfeeding or are pregnant. This is because of the fact that some of the available weight loss pills might not interact well with the above mentioned conditions.
  • Control your diets – Healthy diets always work in regards to weight loss and management. All it needs is that you stay away from processed and canned foods. It is not advisable to take foods promising to be containing all nutrients or ingredients in a single meal. Rather, let it be that your source of proteins is different from that of carbohydrates and so on. Don’t forget to reach the recommended limit of 6-8 glasses of water daily.Processed foods are very risky especially for teens. They almost in all cases lead to extreme input of weight.
  • NATURAL METHODS TO LOSE WEIGHTTake more of caffeine – In any situation that you find yourself having the option of taking coffee or sweetened drinks, take coffee. Coffee and tea are best sources or unprocessed caffeine. Caffeine leads to boosted metabolic activities in the body. The results of this are that your body gets to burn most of the stored fats, ones responsible for the excessive weight gain.
  • Avoid processed sugars – Let your coffee or tea come without any additional sweetening. Some people find it hard to drink unsweetened tea or coffee but it is a small price to pay in case you want to lose several pounds of your weight.
    Rather than in-taking processed sugars, lean more towards sugary fruits products. The fact is that the sugar found in fruits is in a different form than the one in processed sugar.
  • Fruits and vegetables – You will have no other better chance to stay healthy and at the same time lose weight fast and cheap. Fruits contain most of the vitamins responsible for the correct brain coordination. It is the brain that determines if your digestive system should absorb more fats or not.
    Other than that, fruits contain a lot of fiber and essential nutrients. The best thing is that you can easily access dietary plans that have been published by professionals in articles and food blogs.
  • Alternate your spices – Spices do not only add favorite flavors to meals but also help in weight management. It will work best if you can alternate your spices. Ensure that you have picked your spices from groceries. A lot of Chinese natural spices have been said to be the best supplements of weight loss diet pills.
  • Increase you fiber intake – Fiber works by increasing the amount of time in which food particles are digested and repelled out of the stomach. It also acts as a source of food for a certain type of digestive bacteria that helps in weight control.
  • Sleep is a type of self-healing technique for the body. Although its effect might not be noticed immediately, sleep is one of the long-term and most effective weight control strategies. When you are asleep, the body burns a lot of the stored fats in search for energy needed for body metabolism.
  • Manage your lifestyle – Various habits like sitting all day in the office, smoking, drinking excess alcohol and such will greatly cause uncontrolled adding of weight.

Which weight loss pills do celebrities use?

It comes as a surprise to many of us, how celebrities manage their weight so effectively. It is not uncommon to encounter people wondering exactly which weight loss pills do celebrity us to stay that physically fit.

WEIGHT LOSS PILLS FOR CELEBRITIESMost celebrities have specific diet pills that they make use of to keep their weight in check. Some of them have had the pills developed for personal use while others have such pills made available in the market bearing their names as brand names.

Most of the available pills that celebrities use are not that cheap. It is understandable however, bearing in mind that celebrities have to retain their personality and so.

However, most celebrities prefer to adopt specific lifestyles and diets to keep their weight gain in check. They achieve this by developing manuals on how body weight should be managed. For example, they can develop a 7 day body weight control plan. Such a plan will contain details of the first thing to do after waking up, what types of food to include in their meals and which physical exercises to engage in. it is likely that such manuals have been developed by private and professional doctors.

The various secrets that celebrities use to stay physically fit can be accessed through their websites or magazine releases.

Are diet pills effective and healthy to use?

ARE DIET PILLS EFFECTIVE AND HEALTHYIt should not come as a surprise to you if you are to encounter a negative review about certain diet pills. The fact is that they do not always produce the same effects for everyone. However, it is healthy to browse through the various available reviews that have been published about a certain weight loss pill.

All the weight loss pills that are FDA approved will produce a significant level of desired results. It would not be easy to point out a specific number one pill which will work for everyone. Rather, patients are advised to visit a doctor and have their health conditions checked first. Most if not all of the available pills for weight loss will interfere with a certain body function. This means that any ill-advised intake or wrong combinations of these pills will definitely cause a good number of undesired side effects.

What to look for in a healthy diet pills pharmacy

The particular pharmacy that you get to buy your diet pills from will greatly determine the quality and the effectiveness of the pills. Below are some of the things to look for in such a pharmacy.

  • There must be details and guidelines on how the pills produce their effects and how they should be taken. This includes all the details about the duration within which positive effects should be expected.
  • A pharmacy that has been distributing the pills for a long period of time will be the best one to buy from. This is because it is likely that they have had to test previous medications and received varying reviews from their clients.
  • Ensure that there is information on where and how you can access the pharmacy’ help, products and staff. A physical address is very essential in this case.
  • It is important that the pharmacy be operating under legal guidelines. When it comes to drugs and medications, various bodies and associations are responsible for providing the necessary clearance. Ensure that the particular pharmacy is operating within the required legal guidelines.
  • There are many pharmacies selling weight management pills in the market today. It is good that you compare the information and details found in different review pages and online articles. Learn what others have to say about particular pills. The more a product is positively reviewed, the more effective it likely will turn out to be.

How much weight can one lose with OTC weight loss pills?

OTC WEIGHT LOSS PILLSThe best weight loss record you can hope to achieve when taking OTC pills is an average of 7.5% of your total weight. This weight loss should be distributed over a period of about a year. Facts sometimes do not work to our advantage. A good number of people want to access pills that work overnight or in excessively short periods of time.

Most of the pills available in the market today come with specification on whether to use them for long or short term periods. All the same, do to aim to rapidly lose weight even when taking pills. It might turn out to be very unhealthy.

Losing weight needs a large amount of fats that have been stored in the body be broken down. This can in no way happen overnight. Think about it this way; for every burned amount of fat in your body, the energy released has to be accounted for. This means that you will have to be engaging in a lot of physically demanding activities. Otherwise, your body cells will literally burn due to the excessive amount of energy released in form of heat.

Neither over the counter nor medical pills will help you attain an abnormally fast weight loss. This goes both for women and for men. In fact, extreme loss of weight is not in any way healthy or recommended. It is a sign of muscle wasting, which in turn is a sign of a serious medical condition.

Diet pills vs natural methods and herbal products

Diet pills have their advantages as do natural methods of weight loss. It mainly depends on the situation one is and the results that one is hoping for. Below is a comparison between the two.

  • DIET PILLS VS NATURAL METHODSIt is possible to test and describe the ways in which pills attain their effects. Experiments conducted in clinic labs clearly bring to light how medical pills interact with the body. With herbal products, the available information on how they work is quite insufficient.
  • Pills work fastest in regards to bringing about loss of weight. They therefore are most recommendable for users desiring quick loss of weight. Natural weight loss techniques work after a significant period of time.
  • Pills come along with a number of side effects. This is even with prescription medications. Natural methods on the other hand rarely or never bring about side effects. This is because they work by stimulating the body burn excesses fats.
  • Pills have specification. For example, some of them are not recommended for women who are pregnant of for men suffering from various diseases like diabetes. It therefore requires that medical directions be sought before using such pills. Natural methods do not require such specifications. It only requires that the right plan be sought.
  • It is a bit engaging to come about pills that have been manufactured and distributed according to internationally accepted regulations. It is not the case with natural methods.

Some situations get to an extreme of requiring for surgical operations in attempt to control the effects of excess weight. Surgery is fast but also risky. However, it depends on what your doctor recommends. It will likely produce better results if the two methods are to be combined.

Who should use diet pills?

It should be start concerning you when your BMI index gets past 27. More information on calculating BMI can be accessed online. However, it is just a ratio resulting from dividing body weight with the square of height.

WHO SHOULD USE DIET PILLS?As a first step, majority of people hoping to lose weight start with natural methods of weight control; such include cutting on the amount and frequency with which fats are in-taken. When the desired results prove far in coming, prescription pills are the next best option.

Weight loss pills should be taken under instructions and not in some selected situations. For example, if you are suffering and taking medications for conditions like diabetes, be careful with the diet pills you start making use of. At any cost, avoid OTC pills. Weight gain by a few pounds should not worry you if you are pregnant. Consequently, don’t take any of the weight loss pills available when pregnant.

Other than the website from where you are buying the prescription or OTC pills, you will find important specifications on who can use particular pills on the packets that the pills come in. Most of the specifications are oriented towards the already discussed body mass index. They also state the plans with which the pills should be made of; for example a 7 day plan or a monthly intake plan.

Ensure that you consult your doctor if you have any of the following diseases and conditions:

  • Diabetes – Both types of diabetes, especially type 1.
  • Blood pressure – Any form of blood pressure malfunctions, no matter the probable cause of the same.
  • Heart and related conditions – There are many forms of heart related malfunctions. Ensure that your doctor knows all about the conditions that you have had to deal with, currently or in the past.
  • Sleeping disorders – Especially in case of a condition known as sleep apnea.

Where to buy cheap but effective weight loss pills

CHEAP BUT EFFECTIVE WEIGHT LOSS PILLSIt is possible and more convenient to buy weight loss pills that actually work from online pharmacies. The best thing is that the mode of search results gotten will depend on the specifications you input in your searches. For example, you can specifically search for Mexican, Canadian, Chinese and related pills.

If you are close to chain retailing pharmacies, it will be possible and very safe to access such pills from the retailers. For example, it is a fact that pills bought from CVS or even Walmart will be of the FDA approved quality. However, it is not practical to state that chain retailing pharmacies can cater for the needs of all the patients in search for weight management pills. It only needs that you identify a pharmacy that meets the qualities discussed earlier in this article.

Side effects of OTC and prescription diet pills

Never get convinced that a certain drug or pill being sold to you will not produce various side effects. In fact, it is a way of telling if you have been sold pills that actually work. The side effects encountered from these pills differ. They include;

  • Insomnia – This is very common with pills that work by stimulating the body into burning extra calories (stimulants)
  • Increased heart beat – A majority of good diet pills out there will most likely bring about an increased rate of heart beat. This is resultant from increased metabolic rates.
  • Addiction – With time, especially with pills prescribed for long-term usage, uncontrollable dependency for the drugs might arise.
  • Blood pressure malfunction – Breaking down of fats is excess fats stored in the body is the key to effective weight loss. This means that there will be more blood sugar available in the blood system. It also means that blood will have to be pumped at a higher rate. When all these factors are put together, it is almost impossible to not experience blood pressure malfunctions when taking weight loss pills.

Others side effects include; headaches, stomach problems and too much sweating.