One thing that has caused sleepless night for many people is the issue of being overweight. This is one of the nightmare that many people are living with thinking of how they can get rid of this problem. There are so many things that people can do while seeking for a way in which they can get rid of this problem. However, the best way is to use the right and approved products that can treat this disorder without any interfering with your health. One way that you can address the issue of over weight is through the use of xenical weight loss pills that have been manufactured to treat this issue. This drug help people to lose more weight especially those who would like to see better result.

Dieting alone or exercising alone could take a lot of time before you can start seeing meaningful changes in your body but if you take these pills then you can rest assured that you will start seeing good result a few weeks later. This drug is very strong and you should never try taking it without a prescription because of health risk it may have on some people. However there is a generic version of the drug known as orlistat that you can find being sold over the counter that is a generic drug of xenical. The drug is very important when it comes to suppressing appetite and therefore it’s used even by people who are not obese but fear that they can be overeating.

How does xenical 120mg works

When you are obese it mean that the fat stored in your body is not being used up to provide the body with calories required to energize the body. Therefore any meal that you eat containing calories will be converted into fat where it’s then piled under the skin. With this xenical 120mg tablets your body through the intestine will be blocked from absorbing any fats and thereby making it to be passed out of the body through the waste. When the intestine can’t absorb the fats then there will be no accumulation of fat and therefore you will start reducing your weight drastically. When the body stop absorbing these fat then you will help reduce development of the several health problems


Some of the condition that diet pill will prevent caused by belly fat

  • One of the disease that these drug prevent are many heart related problems. You will not have a heart attack which is cause by poor performance of the heart which will cause pressure to build up in veins and can lead to rapture of these veins. It can also prevent stroke which is caused by malfunctioning heart.
  • Xenical weight loss drug will also prevent high blood pressure which is caused by a lot of pressure in the blood veins.
  • You will also reduce developing of type 2 diabetes if you can reduce the amount of fat stored in your belly. This fat interfere with production of insulin leading difficult in controlling the levels of sugar in the blood.
  • The fat in the belly will also affect production of essential hormones especially in men which can lead to impotency. Therefore with this is another health issue that will cause problem for a man and this can lead to infertility of the problem.

When you get rid of obesity then you can be sure that you will get rid other conditions which can lead to health issues above. There are however some conditions that you may have that can prevent you from taking this drug.

What are some of the prescribing information that you should tell your doctor

When you want to get proper treatment of obesity using the above medication then you should make sure that you give prescribing information to your doctor. This is information that is required when a doctor want to know whether you are qualified to take this drug. This information include:

  • Whether you have had any kidney problem in the past. This can include kidney transplant or any failure of your kidneys. People with such condition should never try to use this drug since it can worsen their illness and it’s better to tackle this problem using another way
  • Another reason why you may not have to use this diet pill then you should not be breastfeeding since this can affect the baby
  • Pregnant women should not use this drug as it can interfere with the pregnancy and hormones in the body leading to miscarriage
  • You should not take xenical if you are taking cyclosporine the two can react to each other.

If you are okay and the doctor gives you a go ahead to take this medication then you should know there are severe side effects that you can have or minor effects. When you suffer severe effects then you should stop immediately the drugs and seek doctor’s opinion.

If you see the following side effects stop using the drugs

  • In any case if you discover that you have problem breathing whenever you take this drug then you should stop taking it at once
  • If you start developing rashes in your body or even hives then you should immediately stop using the drug
  • If you find that every time that you take the drug you experience stomach pains that are severe then do not take xenical any longer and seek for alternative drug from doctor
  • If you start seeing blood in urine then you should immediately stop using this drug
  • If you start having liver issue then you must stopping it once
  • If you get kidney problem then you should stop taking these pills again.

Here are common side effects that you should not be worried about

  • You can expect to experience minor headaches
  • You should also expect to see oily stool due to fat that has not been digested
  • You can expect to have bowel movement
  • Also expect vomiting
  • You will definitely have a low appetite
  • You are also going to be weak

There are precaution that you should know when you are using this drug

  • If you are HIV and you are using antiretroviral drugs then you should not use these drugs
  • Anyone who is using oral insulin the do not use this drug as well
  • People with history of seizure should also not try using this drug

Where to buy xenical pills

Ones you have been given a prescription that you need to take then you need to go and buy the drugs. Most people have a problem of knowing where to buy this drug. Just like any other drug you will find these drugs in chemist shops bit they are sold under strict prescription requirement. If you don’t have this prescription then you will not be sold the drugs since it can cause health issue which can be serious on your health.

There are diet pills which are allowed to be sold over the counter but these are the ones which are not strong and are perceived to be less dangerous or have minimal effects. The best thing when you want to buy a drug is to first have a plan of what how you want to go about this. You can go and buy the drugs in chemists which are found in your neighborhood. You will need to carry your prescription information and the person who will attend to you will pack the drug for you. You will then head back home and then you start taking your drugs.

That is only one way the other way that you can use to acquire a drug is through buying xenical online. This is one of the method of home shopping where you don’t need to go from one shop to another searching for the product that you want. The drugs that are sold over these shop are also FDA approved and you don’t have to worry as long as the shop that you buy from is genuine. You will enjoy several benefits of shopping through online chemists which are as follow

  • No wastage of time of time moving up and down for looking for a product. If you want lose water weight pills then you will not need to move out of your house and you can buy the drug and it will be delivered to your house.
  • You also have a chance to carryout research without the need to go from one shop to another which can be quite tiresome regarding the information of this drug. You will visit online forums where you can learn a lot.
  • The cost of the drugs that you buy from online shops is quite cheap as compared to what you will find in normal chemist.

Things that you should beware of when buying diet pills online

  • Always make sure you try to find out more about a certain drug when you want to buy it. Read xenical reviews and you will know which shop –have a good reputation of selling quality products and also at a great price.
  • You should also make sure that the product that you are buying can be used with other weight loss program you have in place. For instance weight loss smoothie and if not which drinks that you can buy for this purpose.
  • Include a weight loss calculator in your shopping so that you can always be monitoring your daily intake of calories and tracking your progress.
  • Make sure that the shop that you buy from has an online consultation service in case it’s illegal to buy this drug without a prescription.