The too much fuss about weight loss tea that has been trending for years now has not done much in clearing but increasing the confusion revolving around diet tea remedies. Are they safe to use? Do they really work? How should one take them? These are some of the questions that detox tea users are always on the lookout for the answers.

What is detox weight loss tea?

Detox weight loss tea is just a term used to describe various tea remedies which are said to bring about weight loss. The companies that develop detox tea just add selected ingredients in tea which are help in detoxification of the patient’s body.

Which are the best weight loss teas?

Here, I will discuss 5 best weight loss teas that are easily accessible today. It is important to note that not all the remedies will produce similar effects for every single case.

  • Weight Loss TeaGreen tea – Green tea is even sometimes used as an alternative name for detox teas. It is the most popular diet tea remedy available. It contains some of the most important antioxidants that help in increased metabolism. The fact that it contains caffeine also contributes to its weight loss effects.
  • Oolong tea – This is yet another diet tea that works by increasing the rate at which metabolic processes are carried out in the body. It is a native of the Chinese culture.
  • Bilberry tea – I have included this tea extract in this category due to its sweetened nature. You will not have to add any artificial sugar additives thus a better chance of managing your weight.
  • White tea – There is no other detox tea extract in this category that can match white tea in terms of being natural. White tea extracts undergo natural sun drying, which helps conserve the level of antioxidants available in the remedies.
  • Hibiscus – The strength in this detox tea remedy is in the fact that most people know it and it readily grows in most parts of the globe. Hibiscus flowers rich in vital minerals and also help in inhibiting the rate at which fats are absorbed into the body system.

How to take detox weight loss tea

The best thing with tea is that it can be taken with or without additives. On top of that, there are many situations that will provide the best moments to have a cup of tea. When taking diet tea for weight loss, it is important that you avoid sweetening it with sugar. You can use honey or just take it the way it is.
Sugar-free creamers are also recommendable additives to add to green tea weight loss remedies. Always ensure that the amount of calories contained in the creamer you are using contains very low amounts of calories.

How do detox weight loss tea extracts work

DETOX WEIGHT LOSS TEASome detox tea remedies work by suppressing appetite. Some work by increasing the rate at which metabolic activities are carried out. In some, it has been found that they bring about an increased rate at which excessive water is excreted form the body.

Most of the herbal best green tea weight loss tea extracts that you will encounter will mainly work by suppressing your appetite. This means that you will not experience the desire to frequently take calories.

Can diet tea work best on its own?

You will lose some weight even when taking diet tea on its own without additional mechanisms to lose weight. However, the results will not be in any way long lasting.

You will have to adopt other methods of maintaining the lost weight at the range you desire. On top of that, green tea weight loss extracts work best when they are being used alongside other weight loss techniques.

Are there side effects of using detox tea for weight loss?

Let not a claim that certain detox tea extract is natural trick you into thinking that it will have no side effects. The side effects will be there, only that they may be less mild.
Users have reported experiencing effects like headache and stomach related upsets like nausea. This is the case especially for weight loss tea extracts that contain Senna.

When it the best time to take weight loss detox tea

Detox tea can be taken at any time of the day that seems fit to do so. This is one of the main advantages associated with green tea weight loss remedies. However, they work best when taken before and after physical exercises.