It falls within the expectations of many; the claim that frequent and high quantity meals will automatically bring about uncontrolled weight gain. Well, the claim is not entirely baseless. It is just some important conditions have not been set. For one, it is the frequency and quantity with which long-chain fatty acids are taken in that brings about weight gain. Second, it depends on the rate at which you are replacing the fatty acid being converted into usage energy. To cut a long story short, the right weight loss plans can effectively bring about weight loss and maintain body weight at the achieved level.

Weight Loss Plans

What are healthy weight loss plans?

Weight loss plans basically refer to scheduled events and trends, ones dedicated to either reduce the amount of fats taken or to enhance the amount of fats being converted into usable energy.

Basically, weight loss plans work by bringing about controlled rates of weight loss in the individual making use of them. It can be a meal plan, an exercise plan or a combination of both. In fact, professionals advise that you make use of both plans for best results.

Which are the best weight loss meal plans?

It largely depends on the results you want to achieve. For individuals in professions like athletics for example, they are majorly concerned with keeping their bodies fit. For them, the best plan is one which will focus more on taking foods high in medium-chain fatty acids. Such include avocado, fish, nuts and coconut oils.

A larger population of individuals in search for effective weight loss diet plans is mainly focused towards shedding some pounds off their weight. For such, a combination of a diet plan and a workout plan will be the best option.

Even when looking for the best weight loss meal plans, it is important to remember that a healthy plan for weight loss must include a diet plan too but must not be a too extreme plan.

What to include in healthy weight loss meal plans for men

It is recommended that you take about five meals per day. The quantity in which the meals will be coming in should be highly regulated. A diet plan for men has to take various factors into consideration. Below is a simple template to a healthy plan and at the same times not an extreme meal plan for men:

  • HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLANSBreakfast – Take meals rich in medium-chain carbs. It is an important source of energy required for the day’s activities. If you can afford a smoothie, the better and healthier it will be.
  • Before lunch – Boost your body energy with foods likely to boost your metabolic rate. Such include tea or coffee. Note that I am assuming that you will not use any processed sweetener for the coffee or the tea.
  • Lunch – This meal should be heavily made up of proteins. It won’t hurt to include some sources of carbs, but they must be in low amounts.
  • After workout – It is important to re-hydrate your body as well as provide another source of the lost energy. Here, I am assuming that you are also having and making use of a workout plan for weight loss.
  • Dinner – Much of the food included in this meal will go on to being stored in the body as inert fats. Therefore, ensure that your dinner doesn’t include rich sources of long-chain carbs.

Weight loss meal plans; food plan for men

Below are samples of the foods you can include in the five meals I have identified in the above paragraph:

  • Protein shakes
  • Berries
  • Eggs
  • Omega oils
  • Coconut oil, milk or water
  • Chocolate
  • Green tea/coffee
  • Tomatoes
  • Rice + green beans
  • Beef or fish meat
  • Water
  • Coffee/tea
  • Protein bars
  • Spinach/kales/broccoli
  • Brown rice shrimp
  • Pepper

The above meal plan for men is just a sample. You can replace the various foods included in the sample with others that you are sure contain similar fat or nutrient contents.

Which are the best weight loss meal plans for women?

It has been proven that men are always in better position to lose weight than women. The basis of this argument is in the fact that women are more attracted to sweetened food products, most of which contain very high percentages of harmful carbs.

BEST WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLANS FOR WOMENAn effective diet plan for women only needs to replace the many high carbs foods likely to find their way to their diets. Below, I have come up with a list of high carb foods that should not be part of any effective weight loss meal plans for women.
White bread; replace it with brown bead. Also, avoid putting too much or any sweetener to the bread.

Rice: brown rice is the best. Again, avoid applying too much canned chili to the rice.
Potatoes: including one or two potatoes in your diet will not be of much harm. In fact, potatoes are excellent sources of fast energy needed in the body for boosted metabolism. However, a good fast plan for women must take care of the amount of potatoes taken in the meals.

You can learn more about replacing the sweet but potentially harmful high carbohydrates foods with better and healthier options. Much and detailed information can be accessed through various online articles and magazines.

I always advise my patients to adopt progressive weight loss meal plans. For example, you can sign up for a professional rapid plan for weight loss as being provided in a certain magazine or website. For such, they will take you through a step by step process of how to lose with a diet plan for women or for men.

How long do weight loss diet plans take to be effective?

Sometimes, a rapid plan for weight loss doesn’t prove very effective. For example, you can successfully access a 30 day plan for weight loss. But if you were to think about it, it is not very realistic to lose a significant measure of weight in 30 days.

With weight loss diet plans alone, it can take a minimum of about two months for noticeable effects to appear. A 30 day plan for weight loss will have to be combined with a fitness plan for the effects to be felt as desired.

Combining weight loss meal plans with an exercise plan

EXERCISE AND FOOD PLANThis is the best and in fact the fastest way to shed some pounds off your weight. An exercise plan helps burn any fats what are in excess n the body. Weight loss meal plans on the other hand help manage the amount of fats being taken into the body. A combination of these two, one done by a professional will definitely prove a very rapid plan for weight loss.

Post weight loss plans; exercise and food plan

Losing weight should not be the end of effective weight loss plans. It needs that a post weight loss exercise and food plan be developed, ones that will keep the lost weight from being regained.

As it is with an active weight loss plan, it is advisable to get a professional to develop such plans for you. However, the basic thing is in controlling the amount of long-chain fatty acids taken in daily meals.