From supplements, pills to teas, all sorts of detox products are available today. But what about doing things the natural way? More like what the fathers before us lived?

Mother Nature has always gotten us covered in every situation. It is the same with detox options. In fact, there are very many natural ways to detox your body that you can choose from today.

5 best natural detox foods

Let’s kick the discussion with 5 best natural detox foods that can be tried:

The wild type is the best. It is a very rich source of lean protein. It is also comes with loads of anti-inflammatory omega-3s. This is the food you want to include in your meals plans if you are aiming to keep your blood arteries relaxed and functioning properly. It will also not exceeding the calories to eat to lose weight.

Almonds promote liver health perhaps than any other food on the planet. They for one reduce liver inflammation due to fat accumulation. They also have been observed to reduce the risk of developing cancer of the liver.

There are very many in this category that can be beneficial. Most popular ones include; celery, spinach, kales, chard, wheatgrass. All the vitamins you can name will be contained in these food products. Plus loads of fibers to keep the digestive system functioning properly are to be benefited from.

Again, this is a very generalizing term. The common candidates to use in a detox smoothie or diet plan include; avocadoes, pineapples, winter melon, apples, lemon, oranges, bananas. From anti-oxidants, vitamins and other complex food nutrients, fruits contain them all.

If you want your liver to do its detox functions as well as it is supposed to, a little turmeric will certainly help much. The product is known to reduce inflammations as well as addresses issues related to bile blockage.

You can always try to find some space for some asparagus, collards, guacamole and nuts. Nuts particularly are best sources of healthy fats out there after avocadoes.

Natural ways to detox your body with natural drink

The right ingredients for a detox natural drink can do wonders. It will also keep you from the necessity to go for ephedrine diet pills and such drugs. The secret is in identifying the right ingredients to include in such a drink. Let’s look at the common and most beneficial drinks you try as natural ways to detox your body:

Lemon juice
A natural drink containing lemon (2 tbsp), maple syrup (2 tbsp), cinnamon (1/2 tsp) and cayenne pepper (pinch) is perhaps the most popular detox natural drink. Up to 8 glasses of the drink can be taken on daily basis. The problem is that the drink is very low on nutrients.

Green detox
As the name suggests, this drink is made by blending a couple of vegetables into a fine smoothie. Some water or unsweetened almond milk can be added to make the smoothie more liquid. The drink is very delicious and nutritious. In fact, there are different recipes that you can make use of to come up with this natural drink.

Fruit juice
In this case, fruits are used as the main ingredients. Making the drink is simple enough, all you need is a list of fruits and a blender. You can add some flaxseed oil to improve on the content of fatty acids. Other than being very delicious, the drink will keep you free from toxins.

Cranberry juice
This natural drink may be able to keep your urinary system very healthy. It has also been linked with fighting ulcers. Vitamin C is the most notable but not the only food nutrient. The vitamin is involved in healing of wounds, fighting infections and promoting skin health.

Dandelion tea
If you are looking for a tea that you can enjoy all while keeping your iron and calcium levels at their best, this drink is just what you need. It is a great promoter of both kidney and liver functions. The good thing is that dandelion can be used as the only ingredient to brew the tea.

How to naturally detox the body on long-term

The truth is that there are just too many sources of pollution today, so much that our natural detox mechanisms may end up being overwhelmed. Another fact is that most people only adopt a detox or weight loss program only to quit very soon after start.

Here are tips on how to natur0ally detox your body for long term.

Include smoothies
Ensure that one of your meals has been replaced with a smoothie. For example, you can replace breakfast or lunch with a smoothie, at least 7 times in a week.

Keep it natural
Whenever you can, always go for a natural recipe. Of course some efforts are necessary. Even when not going fully organic, maintain whole grain single ingredient food products.

Try tea rather than coffee
Coffee is great but with a lot of caffeine. A lot of caffeine will translate into a body toxin. Rather than coffee, try green tea. It will have a bit of stimulant effects but with a lot of toxin removal benefits. This includes weight loss.

Drink enough water
First, forget about all those other drinks that you can list. Without water, they will be as good to the body as garbage. Try keeping up with 6-8 glasses a day. You can always try detox water. In any case, 8 glasses are sometimes too much to ask for.

Get enough sleep
When active, all sorts of toxins and waste products get produced and stored in excretory organs. It is during sleep time that the body gets the chance to get rid of the toxins and make new raw materials to repeat the cycle. Denying yourself at least 8 hours of daily sleep will be a slow journey towards total breakdown.

Other tips include:

  • Exercises
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Keeping away from toxins

You can consider coming up with a schedule or a reminder to keep you in line with these requirements. I personally love a reminder, for it is always too tempting to forego a demanding activity or one that needs some sacrificing.

Is natural detox diet the best natural cleanse

I know that manufacturers will stop at nothing before their promotional claims have convinced you that their pills are the best cleansers.

Standing evidence show without a doubt that a natural detox diet is the best natural cleanse and detox remedy that can be benefited from.

With natural products, you will be helping the body do what it does, only much better. With pills however, natural body processes will be altered to the direction thought best. This doesn’t always end well. It is the reason as to why drugs and pills are always associated with side effects and risk factors.

Besides, a natural detox diet will rarely interact with medications or have restrictions as to when it can’t be used. It can also be depended on for long term use. In any case, you can maintain diet plans rich vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and water for as long as you require weight loss results. The same cannot be said for thrive weight loss or related products such as patches and sticks.

Final thoughts
Before exploring other potentially beneficial options such as what is garcinia cambogia, do apple cider vinegar pills work, where to buy forskolin and such, there are all the reasons as to why you may first want to learn more about how to naturally detox your body.

The truth is that some pills and drugs might just work. But at what cost? Most of them will only produce short term effects and very limited ones. This is assuming that the best pills have been bought, amidst all the risk factors of buying online pills today.