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How To Detox Your Body From Alcohol At Home: Symptoms And Remedies

Some so many people are drinking too much alcohol, which has led to many serious health problems. Alcoholism remains to be a significant challenge that many people face. Becoming sober is not easy, and when doing this, you need to be ready for one of the greatest challenges and serious lifestyle adjustments that will include many sacrifices. To get sober, you will need to participate in a detox, either in a rehab facility or with the support of people at home.

To become sober, you need to go through detox. Detox is a process of cleansing, where you eliminate alcohol from your system and do not drink again. It is imperative for you to note that even though alcohol detox is helpful for someone who had a weekend of heavy drinking, it is necessary if you have a more serious problem, such as alcoholism. If you have alcoholism or feel you need professionals to treat you, you need to go to a rehab clinic for proper treatment

Why is it important to have alcohol detox programs?

When your body is used to alcohol, it starts developing a dependency and tolerance. You will constantly crave alcohol, which is alcoholism. Drinking is not something most people can easily stop, and it is a very serious condition that the withdrawal symptoms can include life-threatening problems. Alcohol detox requires you find a safe way to deal with this predicament and not risk your or another person’s life. This means that you have to start by removing all the traces of alcohol in your body through a natural detox which will involve series of steps before you can finally get rid of that dependency in your body.

What are the benefits of alcohol detox at home?

People who have a drinking problem do not necessarily have to go to an expensive treatment facility to become sober. You can attempt an alcohol detox at home and possibly make progress toward being sober. You can use available materials that can easily be found in your home. Things you can include are pineapple detox water, which is a tasty way that you can cleanse your body. Here are some of the benefits of detoxing if you have a drinking problem.

  • The home remedies for detox can help you ease the discomfort that comes with the withdrawal of alcohol. If you use this treatment, you will be in the comfort of your home, which may help you feel better than you would in an unfamiliar facility.
  • When you use the at home cleansing method, you do not only benefit by curbing the withdrawal problem but at the same time, you also get a chance to cleanse the whole body which will result to better overall health.
  • The main purpose of this treatment is to get rid of toxins and impurities, but also increase the number of nutrients in the body. This will help you to have a better overall health.
  • This program offers a patient a smooth plan where they can go through this challenging period of going cold turkey. Many people have gone through this path can attest that becoming sober is one of the most difficult things to do.

When you stop drinking, you are going to experience withdrawal symptoms.

withdrawal symptoms to expect

Below are some of the major alcohol detox and withdrawal symptoms that you should expect when becoming sober.

  • One of the symptoms you should expect is depression after you stop using alcohol and you start your natural detox.
  • A serious symptom that can occur in the first 24 hours is hallucinations. Hallucinations can be visual or auditory, or both.
  • You can also start suffering from insomnia or a sleeping disorder. Insomnia is when you cannot sleep during the night, and as a result, you’ll fall asleep during the day.
  • A common symptom when going through withdrawal is feeling shakey, which can make it difficult to hold something firmly in their hand.
  • Blood pressure can be unstable after you stop drinking and your heart rate will fluctuate.
  • There is also a likelihood you can develop anxiety.
  • Another serious symptom is delirium tremens, which is when someone has vivid hallucinations and delirium, usually around 48-72 hours after the last drink.  Only a small percentage of people experience this, but this is a severe symptom.

If you think any symptoms are too severe and you cannot tolerate them, seek professional help immediately. When you are going through a detox program and experiencing these withdrawal symptoms, it is recommended that you have someone who can support you during this process to avoid temptations or relapse. After a few days, you will start feeling better, and your body will be accustomed to being alcohol-free. However, there are alcohol detox pills that you will be given to managing the symptoms that you experience.

What is the process for alcohol detox treatment?

When you want to start this treatment, you should be aware that the process will happen in three stages, which are described below.

three stages of alcohol detox

For those wondering how to detox in a rehab facility,  here is some information regarding the process for you to become sober.

  • The first stage includes an evaluation. This is where a health care professional collects information about the patient and his medical and substance abuse history. Several things are assessed to make sure that the patient is ready to go for this treatment.
  • Blood tests are done as part of the evaluation to check the amount of alcohol in the blood.
  • A social assessment to find out natural supports the individual has is part of the evaluation.
  • A mental health stability assessment to check for comorbid conditions.
  • An overall health assessment is done to make sure that the patient is healthy enough and qualified and the doctors are aware if there are other conditions they need to be mindful of.
  • A patient will also be monitored for withdrawal risks. The doctor will conduct a risk analysis to make sure the patient is safe to start with this treatment.
  • The second stage is what is known as stabilization. This is the stage where you may be given alcohol detox pills to help you through the withdrawal period and ease withdrawal symptoms. In addition to the pills, you can also follow a healthy diet, if you can eat. In this stage, you will become more aware of the challenges of recovery once sober.  You and your family will be told how to support you while you recover and how to help you avoid relapse. Drinking weight loss smoothies can help give your body nutrients to feel better during this challenging time.
  • The final stage is when you will start a formal treatment and begin therapy. This is the point when your body will have detoxed and you experience no more withdrawal symptoms.  When battling alcoholism, the first thing is to detox your body; the next is to help your mind, so you don’t relapse. Once your body is clean, you should seek support from formal therapy, a rehab clinic, Alcoholics Anonymous, or other support groups.

What are some of the best home remedies for detox?

Many people who have their detox treatment at the clinic have severe alcoholism and need a lot of support and need medical professionals to assist them. People who have had a heavy weekend of drinking can try detoxing at home. Some at home methods include making drinks that will keep you hydrated all the time. You can use green juice detox which is made from pure and raw vegetables and fruits. Once your body is detoxed, you can consider garcinia cambogia pills or use green coffee diet pills if you are also having an issue with your weight.

Garcinia cambogia pills will help you to lose weight healthily after you become sober. You can use diet pills for weight loss once your life is back on track. There are also detoxes that will help you lose weight and improve your organ functioning. So many people suffer from alcoholism, and often, it is difficult to find an affordable rehab facility to get treatment.  If you are lucky enough to have insurance, you can check that your insurance plan can cover rehab facilities for alcohol detox and you take advantage of it.

Tips for choosing a good insurance company for detox treatment

When searching for a good health insurance company make sure that you consider the following things:

  • Does the company offer detox treatment financial assistance? If it does, is it worth your money?
  • Make sure that the insurance company supports both outpatient and inpatient detox treatment for its client.
  • Also, it should cover the cost of medication which you will use for this treatment. However, it’s important that you know insurance covers do not ordinarily cover fat loss supplements for people who are practicing homemade detox for weight loss unless it is done in the hospital or any other recognized facility.

These are a few of the things you should keep in mind while looking for an insurance company. If you don’t ask such questions when buying insurance premiums, you may be surprised that the benefits do not include detoxification treatment.