Theory will tell you that all it needs to lose weight is a calorie deficit. This means that more calories are to be used for energy than the ones consumed in meals. Calories are basically units used to measure energy.

The problem is that practically getting rid of some pounds is not that simple. A much disciplined weight loss diet plan and program will be necessary.

Recently, detox diets have gained a lot of popularity. They are safer options compared to safflower oil capsules and like. Apparently, they can not only aid in weight loss but can also boost detox processes. Detox can be defined as the process of getting rid of toxins from the body.

But can homemade detox for weight loss program really work?

Benefits of homemade detox for weight loss and body detox

A homemade detox for weight loss program will only get rid of water weight. Once you are off the program, the weight will probably be gained back as fast as it was lost.

For any serious weight loss results to occur, a program must run for more than 3 weeks. As it happens, most detox plans last shorter than this period.

Below are the main benefits expected from a detox cleanse and weight loss plan:

Toxins removal
Colon and the liver are mainly targeted. In the colon, detox diets improve the rate at which fecal wastes are eradicated from the system. Liver detox recipes aim to improve liver detox functions.

Boosted immunity
Filled with anti-oxidants and vitamins, detox diets may succeed in promoting stronger immunity. Some ingredients used in such diets are known to fight viral and bacterial infections.

Boosts energy
The reason as to why most detox diets are associated with weight loss is because they boost body energy. In turn, this effect prevents from excess appetite and need for frequent meals. This is one of garcinia cambogia extract benefits.

Clears brain fog
Without enough energy and with toxins accumulated in the body, brain fog is almost inevitable. A detox program may be able to reverse this.

Homemade Detox drinks for weight loss

Detox drinks have been touted even by celebrities as the healthiest remedies to keep weight in check. Below are the main detox drinks you can choose from:

Lemon drink
It is perhaps the most popular when it comes to losing weight. It is mostly used in detox water diet. To make the best lemon drink, squeeze fresh lemons into a glass or a mug. Add some cayenne pepper and cinnamon into the mixture. If the lemon juice is too harsh, just slice the fruit into pieces and add them into a mug of water.

Tea detox
Green tea is most popular in this category. It has stimulating effects which increases metabolism. It also contains anti-oxidants known as catechins. Other teas such as ginger and dandelion can be chosen from.

Cabbage juice and broth
To make the juice, blend the vegetable with carrots and pears. For the case of broth, replace the pears with onions and simmer them together. Either is a classic liver detox.

Cucumber detox
Cucumber is another product you can use to make a drink to encourage losing weight. It requires blending with some juice from fresh lemon.

Cranberry drink
This is a classic in getting rid of toxins from cigarette smoke. It also encourages the conversion of fat cells into usable energy, ultimately leading to weight loss.

Salt water drink
1-2 tsp of salt water added to some water can be drunk every day for body detox and ultimately losing weight. Cold water may pose issues with getting the salt all dissolved.

Not one of these drinks will produce notable weight loss results if used alone. Here, a healthy diet and some fat burning exercises must come into play.

Ensure that the drinks are not overdone. You might find yourself adding more toxins into the body more than you are getting rid of them.

Homemade detox recipes you can try

Many homemade detox recipes have been developed. You can choose any of them to detox your body. The important thing to note is that not much should be expected from such recipes. What I mean is that you might not even realize a change even after making use of the recipes. As it happens, the body is quite capable of getting rid of toxins by itself. All it needs is healthier choices when it comes to overall diet plans.

Below are the some recipes you can try:

Lemon cleanse recipe
Lemon is a very popular detox food product. It can be mixed with several other products to come up with a body detox to clean up the colon.

To a glass of warm water, add some sea salt. To the solution, add lemon juice and apple juice. Some ginger can also help with flavor and also act as an appetite suppressant. Take this drink about three times a day.

Fruits body detox
You can use fresh fruits to come up with a detox juice. Just select a couple of fruits and blend them together.

Popular choices include apples, pineapples, berries and bananas. Some lemons can also improve the detox juice. Some people choose to exclusively survive on fruit juices for a couple of days. This is not very advisable however.

Fruits and vegetables detox
This is another popular option. Here, both fruits and selected vegetables are blended together for a final detox juice or smoothie.

The secret is in getting the ingredients right. For example, you can try some kale, celery, lemon, apples and some ice. Any one of those can be replaced with another ingredient that fits to a user’s preference much better.

Detox recipes are only aimed at helping you take full advantage of the many health benefits contained in fruits and vegetables. Instead of consuming mountains of these foods, they can be conveniently taken in a body detox juice.

How to make a homemade detox bath

A good bath is never disappointing. Whether before going to work or before retiring to bed, some minutes dedicated to a relaxing bath always prove well spent.
The good thing is that you can improve the experience by trying homemade detox bath. Below are some recipes you can try:

Salt detox bath

  • In a jar of warm water, add some sea and Epsom salts, each measuring 1/4 of a cup
  • Ensure that the salts are completely dissolved before adding the same amount of baking soda
  • In a hot tub filled with warm bathing water, add the solution and stir
  • Some essential oil can improve things a bit but not always necessary

Take your time in the bathtub. In fact, you can take the bath an hour before your normal sleep time. It has magical relaxation effects and will get rid toxins from your skin.

Hydrogen peroxide bath recipe
Add hydrogen peroxide and ginger into a bath tub and stir appropriately. Just as it is with the previous bath we discussed, take your time in the tub. The two products will heal any irritations and also ease any muscle pains. It will also unclog blocked sweat pores for better aeration.

Bentonite/Epsom bath
In this case, you will need to separately prepare a fine mixture or paste of bentonite clay and water. After that, add the mixture into a bath tub into which warm water is mixed with Epsom salt. Again, take your time soaked in the tub, twenty minutes at least.

In all these recipes, you can always add an essential oil such as coconut weight loss oil. they are known to have soothing effects and can also help with fighting some skin infections.

Which is the best homemade detox cleanse

As you can see, almost any form of a homemade detox cleanse can be considered depending on the desired effects.

When it comes to weight loss, ensure that you have gone for a recipe that is part of a larger weight loss program. Most extreme and short term weight loss detox diets won’t work.

In regards to body detox, the body rarely needs backup to get rid of toxins. However, you can consider avoiding too much sugar and junks in your diets. Also, drink a lot of fluids. They provide for the momentum needed to clean up the colon.

For baths, detox recipes can really help. In fact, you can try a mouthwash detox to improve on both breath and oral health.

Final thoughts
There are no serious weight loss effect to be benefited from detox diets and recipes. For such, options such as adipex online and Xenical among others will prove more effective.

Detox recipes can be used to maintain body health at home even without the need for a doctor. However, serious concerns such as chronic bloats and diarrhea should be addressed by a doctor.

If you are considering a detox diet, go for healthier choices. For example, choose a recipe that doesn’t need you to replace all your meals with a detox juice or detox water. Such recipes can be very harmful.