Green Tea Weight LossTea is a common beverage but do you know that green tea is one of the healthiest beverages that there are in the planet? It brings about a relaxation feeling and a warm one in a cold afternoon. As tradition has taught us, tea is best taken at breaks and usually along with a snack. Scientifically though, tea is an effective ingredient of weight loss recipes.

Is green tea for weight loss beneficial to one’s health?

There are no proteins or carbohydrates in unsweetened tea. To cater for this deficit, green tea contains some rare and vital compounds known as antioxidants. In their deficiency, metabolic process becomes largely inhibited something that ultimately leads to chronic fatigue.
The most abundant antioxidant in green tea is known as Catechin. In fact, it is believed that enough of this antioxidant largely helps in prevention and repair of damaged body cells.

Which is the best green tea for weight loss?

The best green tea for weight loss is the one that has undergone the least processing. The more natural green tea is the better it is in terms of health. Although it is unlikely that green tea will have undergone much processing, it is good to note that in this context, sweeteners like processed sugar are seen as types of processing.

How does green tea weight loss remedies work?

BEST GREEN TEA FOR WEIGHT LOSSIt is the stimulant (caffeine) and the antioxidant (catechins) in green tea that make it effective in weight loss. Caffeine works by increasing the rate at which metabolic activities are carried out in the body. An increased metabolic rate results to more burned fat and as a result weight loss.
Catechin on the other hand works by keeping body cells in the right shape in regards to effectivity. To be more specific, it helps in the repair of damaged cells walls. In this way, weight gain to inflammation cannot occur.
Only about 20% of the world’s tea is green tea. The rest is black tea. However, green tea is considered the best tea in terms of weight loss. But even with the best tea for weight loss, diet plans and exercise plans need to be made use of for best results.

Weight loss tea; health benefits of white tea

  • White tea is believed to have vital anti-bacterial abilities. It is for this reason that some lotions, creams and soaps contain significant percentages of white tea extracts in them.
  • To people with blood sugar malfunctions (diabetes), white tea helps boost the secretion of insulin.
  • White tea is one of the various food products that prevent lung cancer. Research findings are still underway to shed more light on how this is achieved.
  • In the category of foods that help prevent cardiovascular disorders, white tea is a popular one.

Is the caffeine in weight loss tea pills harmful?

A good number of tea users do feel concerned about the harmfulness of the caffeine contained in weight loss tea pills. White tea contains the least caffeine amounts as compared to green tea and coffee. To be specific, there is about 28 mg of caffeine in a cup of white tea, 95 in green tea and an average of 150 mg in a cup of coffee.
Caffeine is not harmful in its little amounts. However, it ultimately leads to addiction.

What is green extract tea for weight loss?

GREEN EXTRACT TEA FOR WEIGHT LOSSGreen extract tea are forms in which green tea is made available. The main ingredient in extract tea is the antioxidant catechin and the stimulant caffeine.
In most of the findings published about weight loss tea, tea pills and extract tea is mostly used. It is easier to study the health benefits of tea when in these forms.

How to take weight loss tea and pills

Weight loss tea can be taken in form of tea pills or just as the drink new are used to. However, users should not be misguided into thinking that the more they take even the best green tea for weight loss the more they will lose weight fast.
The recommended limit for green tea weight loss is an average of 2 to 3 cups per day. Here, I am assuming that you are also under exercise and diet plans for weight loss.