Essential Oils for Weight LossIt is likely that essential oils are as old as herbal medicines, which on the other hand are as old as professional practice of medicine itself. Even in the earliest days of human civilization, it was known that there were healing factors in the different parts of plants like seeds, roots, barks and like. It is in such parts that essential oils for weight loss are extracted from. Natural sources include fish oils, nut oils and coconut oils.
It is on the basis of three techniques that essential oils for weight loss produce their effects:

  • Bringing about detoxification of the body
  • Suppressing excessive appetite; in this way, it is less likely that one will take large quantities or frequent meals.
  • Reduction or the management of stress; when aiming to lose some weight, it is important that the mind be in the right psychological state.

What essential oils are good for weight loss?

To the question on what essential oils are good for weight loss, no one answer can be provided. This is because very may essential oils for weight loss for weight loss can be accessed today.
The best thing is to go through them one by one and compare their pros and cons. This means that you will have to keep searching more on what essential oils are good for weight loss.

5 Top essential oils for weight loss

Below is a list of 5 top oils for weight loss. It doesn’t mean that they are the only ones in the market today however.

  • ESSENTIAL OILS FOR WEIGHT LOSSGrapefruit oil – It is hard to leave this essential oil out of the number one position. It brings about enhanced enzyme activation in the body. These mostly activated enzymes are the ones responsible for breaking down fats.
  • Lemon oil – There is a popular rumor; one that eating too much of lemon fruits will make you skinny. It is after all not entirely a rumor. Lemon essential oil is a powerful detoxifier, energy booster and source of vitamin C.
  • Ginger oil – Excess weight may be as a result of an inflammation of the intestines. There is no better remedy for that disease than ginger essential oil.
  • Peppermint Oil – It is one of the essential oils that work by boosting ones mood. This oil also helps much in suppressing excessive appetite.
  • Cinnamon Oil – It is recommendable for people with fluctuating blood sugar levels. It also reduces boy inflammation by a great extent.

How to use essential oils for weight loss

HOW TO USE ESSENTIAL OILSIt is likely that each essential oil will come along with special instructions on how to correctly make use of it. However, some instructions will apply across.
For some oils like lemon oil, coconut oil or even fish oil for weight loss, add one to three drops of the oil into your drinking water. It also is not out of bounds use more than one type of the oils at a go.
The most popular manner of using essential oils for weight loss is by applying them at different parts of the body. For example, in reflexology, essential oils are applied at different parts on a patient’s feet and at different parts of the body in massage therapies. The oils too can be applied on one’s palms, inhaled or through an oil burner.

Is fish oil for weight loss effective?

Fish oil for weight loss is effective but more recommended for brain enhancement rather than weight loss. However, it is a great source of protein and should be included in any weight loss diet plan.
Fish oil for weight loss can be classified in the same category with coconut and nut oils.

What is the cost of essential oils for weight loss?

COST OF ESSENTIAL OILS FOR WEIGHT LOSSThe cost of essential oils for weight loss range from as low as $6 to about $60. This depends on the type of essential oil you are purchasing as well as the volume of the oil.
It is advised that you take more than one essential oil at the same time. Therefore, it is better that you buy each of the oils in their lowest amounts, in which case the total cos will be shared across.