How do celebrities manage their enticing figures and body weights? How comes that their facial appearances are ever so glowing and forever young? Their top secret is in adopting effective weight loss programs, safe supplements, healthy diet plans and workout plans.

Melissa McCarthy weight loss

MELISSA MCCARTHY WEIGHT LOSSMost of us remember her from the movie ‘Spy’. Recently her incredible success brought the internet on fire. Well, she is an actress as well as a fashion designer. It is a small wonder that Melissa McCarthy weight loss has become a source of inspiration to many.
Melissa McCarthy weight loss was attributed to Garcinia Cambogia. It is a weight loss supplement sold under prescription. According to a live interview with the actress, this supplement was totally safe from her side. She said it helped her lose about 30 pounds off her weight. However, Mellissa adds that she still had to take light but scheduled jogs.

Khloe Kardashian weight loss

KHLOE KARDASHIAN WEIGHT LOSSKhloe is a famous figure in the reality TV industry. It was almost unbelievable when she announced to have lost 40 lbs. off her weight. With such success, millions of fans around the globe were on the lookout for the Khloe Kardashian weight loss program.
Khloe Kardashian weight loss program was majorly based on gym activities and a healthy diet plan. Optioning from strength sessions and boxing circuits, Khloe also maintained a healthy diet plan, a combination of which saw her achieve 40lbs. weight loss.

Rick Ross weight loss

RICK ROSS WEIGHT LOSSAnother celebrity weight loss success story is that on of rapper Rick Ross. Initially weighing 350 pounds and leading a busy life with few hours of sleep, it wasn’t long before the rapper suffered seizure attacks. Weight loss was the only safe option open for him. Rick Ross weight loss program is one of the most successful ones we have ever seen. As we speak, the rapper has lost about 75lbs. off his initial weight.
Rick Ross weight loss program was heavily invested in healthy diet plans. In fact, the rapper went to the extent of hiring a professional chef, one who developed the healthy diet plans for him.

Miranda Lambert weight loss

MIRANDA LAMBERT WEIGHT LOSSCelebrity weight loss stories cannot be told without including Miranda Lambert weight loss story. The best thing is that Miranda points out the countless advantages of losing weight the healthy way.

Miranda Lambert weight loss program was based on 4 main tricks:

  • Professional cardio
  • Quitting trending diets
  • Increasing her vegetables intake (especially broccoli, cheese, carrots)
  • Using Britney as her role model

By the end of her weight loss program, Miranda was able to shed 20 pounds off her weight.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss


Celebrity weight loss success stories never fail to catch us by surprise. Jenifer Hudson is another celebrity whose weight loss program achieved so much success that it is hard not to envy her.

Out of the expectations of many, Jennifer Hudson weight loss program did not dedicate much attention to physical exercises. It was all about healthy diets.
‘I watch what I eat’, the singer answered when asked about her 80 pounds weight loss program. Jennifer Hudson weight loss is solid evidence to the much weight loss diet plans can help one achieve.

Gucci Mane weight loss

GUCCI MANE WEIGHT LOSSA favorite rapper of many and a role model to a similar number; Gucci Mane was on the spot light of celebrity weight loss programs when his weight loss hit a 50 pound mark.
Gucci Mane weight loss program was mainly based on quitting poor vices. The rapper admits to have been heavily doing drugs before he got arrested. Again, Gucci mane weight loss program is a solid testimony of the much poor habits like drug abuse can inhibit effective weight loss.
Weight loss can be achieved through safe and heathy lifestyles and diet plans. As it is seen with most of the celebrities in this article, the secret to weight loss is professionality in planning diet and physical exercises. However, one or two types of safe supplements can help especially in jumpstarting a weight loss program.