Overall body health is usually determined by the types of foods that we eat. In fact, the right combination of foods can prove a way more effective detox option than remedies such as forskolin extract and like.

Foods that detox the body can be used in meals or in specific detox recipes. The former option is much better, healthier and with long term benefits. Recipes focusing on a brutal approach, such as a detox period running for about 3 days may not be effective.

When detoxing with foods, you will mostly be boosting natural body mechanisms to get rid of body toxins. Unlike pills, foods do not manipulate how body processes take place.

In order to get full benefits, one must be up to date with more than one detox food list. In this article, we will go through several lists and food types that may be very helpful in regards to body detox.

Vegetables detox foods list

Here are the vegetables you can include in a detox diet recipe or in your meals:

  • Broccoli – it is one of the healthiest vegetables. It is also a popular ingredient of detox recipes. Apart from that, it can be purchased in most grocery stores.
  • Kales – the dark green ones are the best. It is the veggie you need to make a classic green food detox. Apart from that, it is loaded with the iron you need to make blood.
  • Cabbage – simmering cabbage with carrots and onions can make a perfect cabbage juice detox. Blending the same with pears and carrots can make one of the best detox broth. Besides, the vegetable is widely available.
  • Brussels – it is a natural medicine on its own. Including it in a detox recipe will see body functions improve drastically.
  • Celery – the stalks rather than the leaves are most beneficial when used for detox. It is known to reduce acidity in the body. Germs survive best in acidic environments.
  • Spinach – if you want your skin to look ever youthful, perhaps you should increase spinach amounts in meals. It is very rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants.
  • Tomatoes – the same lycopene that gives the tasteful look to watermelon is the same that produces the same effect on tomatoes. Lycopene is known to fight cancer and other health conditions.
  • Onions – together with garlic, they are known to reduce inflammations and also aid in blood sugar management. They also keep cancerous tumors from forming.
  • Sweet potatoes – if you are looking for a filling food product to cut on food cravings, sweet potatoes may be the best option. They will you keep within the required measure of calories to lose weight.
  • Cucumber – you definitely want to keep hydrated if toxins are to effectively get flushed out of the body. No other option is better than cucumber for this particular purpose.
  • Asparagus – for diabetic symptoms, this is the best vegetable you may want to add to your detox food list.
  • Pepper – they ensure that nutrients are absorbed in the blood system as effectively as it can get. They will also help with weight loss, way better than weight loss shakes.

Fruits best detox foods list

There is so much to be benefited from fruits. In fact, they are among the best detox foods you can find today. Always try to use them when fresh and free from pesticides.

  • Lemons – from smoothies, diets to foods and drinks, lemon is a common detox ingredient. It is not without a good reason. Other than carrying loads of vitamin C, it also boosts weight loss.
  • Berries – any type of berry is considerable. Black and strawberries are more popular however. They are very rich in anti-oxidants and will keep you cancer-free. They are responsible for raspberry ketones weight loss benefits.
  • Watermelon – the fruit is full of water. It also carries loads of anti-oxidants and other nutrients. This is not to mention its tastefulness.
  • Pineapple – this is the fruit to keep the skin healthy. There is so much of vitamin C in it. It also helps with body smell and can promote weight loss.
  • Apples – this is one of the fruits that can singlehandedly keep you going for a day or two without meals. It is also the fruit you need to keep cancer at bay.
  • Kiwi – need a tasteful and flavored detox diet? Just add kiwi into the list of foods that detox your body. It also carries potassium in loads and will keeping you from constipation.
  • Oranges – this is another fruit you consider to keep the skin smooth and healthy. It also carries the fiber needed to run things in the digestive tract.
  • Pears – they are great colon cleansers. Apart from that, they carry the compounds needed to eradicate free radicles from the body.
  • Papaya – one of the foods with vitamin K. it is also rich in elements required for different body processes such as magnesium.

Whole foods detox list

Whole foods detox recipes ensure that the body doesn’t run out of energy when flushing the toxins out. This is bearing in mind that useless calories that promote weight gain are not consumed. Although they are mostly taken in meals, whole foods juice can also be prepared.

  • Brown bread – it may be the way you want to start your day. Anyway, most of us are so used to bread in the morning that breaking the trend is almost impossible.
  • Brown rice – even though this food looks too starchy to carry any other nutrients, you might be surprised to learn that there are anti-oxidants in the brown rice.
  • Whole wheat flour – you may want to be careful with this if your body doesn’t respond well to gluten. It is one of the most nutritious whole foods.
  • Quinoa – if you are not friends with gluten, this might be the whole food for you. It is rich in plant proteins and fiber.
  • Buckwheat – a classic salad whole foods recipe should include this ingredient. It is not a grain and will still provide best detox benefits.

Legumes and nuts & seeds best detox foods

Best detox foods list must include legumes and nuts. The former are good sources of proteins that the body cannot naturally make. The latter are good sources of healthy fats.

  • Lentils – they take time to digest and will help suppress appetite. They also aid in reducing body acidity.
  • Black beans – perhaps the most recommendable source of plants proteins to include in a detox recipe. It keeps from constipation and checks cholesterol.
  • Almonds – one of the products you can use to create a classic salad whole foods detox recipe. It will keep you from constipation and also aid in cells and muscles production.
  • Walnuts – the fact that we have identified too many foods as having anti-oxidants should not keep you way from these nuts. They carry special anti-oxidation effects that will keep you from most cancers.
  • Brazil nuts – they are what you need to keep heavy metals from the body. Heavy metals are very common these days especially in canned foods.
  • Pumpkin seeds – search no further for best foods to detox liver. Together with grapefruit, olive oil, beets, carrots and garlic, these seeds will keep liver performance at its best.
  • Flax seeds – the same fatty acids that make fish oils so healthy are also contained in these seeds. They also bring along added benefits of fiber and other nutrients.
  • Sunflower seeds – include them in your diet and you will have no need of taking junks that will end up intoxicating the colon.

Spices, herbs, oils, fats, and optional detox food list

In this category, optional remedies that can be used to improve the flavor, taste or healthy benefits of foods that detox your body will be listed.

  • Cayenne pepper
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric
  • Coconut oil/milk
  • Almond milk
  • Olive oil

Tea whole foods detox list

Teas are also very popular detox remedies. You can consider tea whole foods or plain detox tea. Here is a list of such teas:

  • Green tea
  • Dandelion tea
  • Milk thistle tea
  • Ginger tea
  • Chicory tea
  • Garlic tea
  • Cayenne pepper tea
  • Red clover tea
  • Burdock tea

Foods to avoid in a detox food list

Below are the foods you should always keep out of a detox food list:

  • Sugar sources – any sweetened food or drink should be avoided as much as possible. They carry loads of calories and will also mess up with blood chemistry.
  • Processed products – anything in a package should not be in your detox recipe. They are notorious sources of heavy metals and other toxins.
  • Alcohol – the funny thing is that alcohol contains a lot of useless calories. Contradictorily, its long term side effects include malnutrition and emaciation.
  • Red meat – go for chicken, fish, turkey and such options
  • Dairy products
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Soy products

Final thoughts
Foods are great and perhaps the greatest detox remedies that can be taken advantage of. The best thing is that one or more options in every category are accessible even in local grocery stores.

You can always buy phentermine online and other weight loss or detox related pills. However, such pills will predispose you to many side effects and sometimes unknown long term health effects.

The best approach is to go through the lists of best foods for detox. From such lists, come up with several meal plans that you won’t struggle to find and maintain.

You can always ask for help from professionals. In fact, you can consider signing up for magazines and newsletters for health updates. They always prove important in one way or another. Just try to treat over the counter pills and supplements as a last option.